List of cities and towns in Russia by population

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Federal subjects of Russia by population density

This is a list of cities and towns in Russia with a population of over 50,000 as of the 2010 Census. These numbers are the population within the limits of the city/town proper, not the urban area or metropolitan area figures.


The list excludes the city of Sevastopol and locations within the Republic of Crimea, since those were not subject to the 2010 Census as constituent parts of Ukraine. The city of Zelenograd (a part of the federal city of Moscow) and the municipal cities/towns of the federal city of St. Petersburg are also excluded, as they are not enumerated in the 2010 Census as stand-alone localities. Note that the sixteen largest cities have a total population of 35,798,844, or roughly 24.4% of the country's total population.

Cities and towns

Cities in bold symbolize the capital city of its respective federal subject. Three capitals are too small to make the list: Naryan-Mar (pop. 25,536), Anadyr (pop. 15,240), and Magas (pop. 13,601). Pyatigorsk is the administrative centre of North Caucasian Federal District but not of any federal subject.

RankCity/town Russian Federal subject Federal district Population
2021 estimate [1] (2010

Census) [2]

1 Moscow МоскваFlag of Moscow, Russia.svg  Moscow (federal city) [3] Central 12,455,68211,503,501+8.28%
2 Saint Petersburg Санкт-ПетербургFlag of Saint Petersburg.svg  Saint Petersburg (federal city) [4] Northwest 5,384,3424,879,566+10.34%
3 Novosibirsk НовосибирскFlag of Novosibirsk oblast.svg  Novosibirsk Oblast Siberia 1,620,1621,473,754+9.93%
4 Yekaterinburg ЕкатеринбургFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg  Sverdlovsk Oblast Ural 1,495,0661,349,772+10.76%
5 Kazan КазаньFlag of Tatarstan.svg  Republic of Tatarstan Volga 1,257,3411,143,535+9.95%
6 Nizhny Novgorod Нижний НовгородFlag of Nizhny Novgorod Region.svg  Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Volga1,244,2541,250,619−0.51%
7 Chelyabinsk ЧелябинскFlag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.svg  Chelyabinsk Oblast Ural1,187,9601,130,132+5.12%
8 Samara СамараFlag of Samara Oblast.svg  Samara Oblast Volga1,144,7591,164,685−1.71%
9 Omsk ОмскFlag of Omsk Oblast.svg  Omsk Oblast Siberia1,139,8971,154,116−1.23%
10 Rostov-on-Don Ростов-на-ДонуFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg  Rostov Oblast South [5] 1,137,7041,089,261+4.45%
11 Ufa УфаFlag of Bashkortostan.svg  Republic of Bashkortostan Volga1,125,9331,062,319+5.99%
12 Krasnoyarsk КрасноярскFlag of Krasnoyarsk Krai.svg  Krasnoyarsk Krai Siberia1,092,851973,826+12.22%
13 Voronezh ВоронежFlag of Voronezh Oblast.svg  Voronezh Oblast Central1,050,602889,680+18.09%
14 Perm ПермьFlag of Perm Krai.svg  Perm Krai Volga1,049,199991,162+5.86%
15 Volgograd ВолгоградFlag of Volgograd Oblast.svg  Volgograd Oblast South1,004,7631,021,215−1.61%
16 Krasnodar КраснодарFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg  Krasnodar Krai South948,827744,995+27.36%
17 Saratov СаратовFlag of Saratov Oblast.svg  Saratov Oblast Volga830,155837,900−0.92%
18 Tyumen ТюменьFlag of Tyumen Oblast.svg  Tyumen Oblast Ural816,700581,907+40.35%
19 Tolyatti ТольяттиFlag of Samara Oblast.svg Samara OblastVolga693,072719,632−3.69%
20 Izhevsk ИжевскFlag of Udmurtia.svg  Udmurt Republic Volga646,468627,734+2.98%
21 Barnaul БарнаулFlag of Altai Krai.svg  Altai Krai Siberia631,124612,401+3.06%
22 Ulyanovsk УльяновскFlag Ul'ianovskoi oblasti (2013).svg  Ulyanovsk Oblast Volga625,462614,786+1.74%
23 Irkutsk ИркутскFlag of Irkutsk Oblast.svg  Irkutsk Oblast Siberia617,515587,891+5.04%
24 Khabarovsk ХабаровскFlag of Khabarovsk Krai.svg  Khabarovsk Krai Far East 610,305577,441+5.69%
25 Makhachkala МахачкалаFlag of Dagestan.svg  Republic of Dagestan North Caucasus 604,266572,076+5.63%
26 Yaroslavl ЯрославльFlag of Yaroslavl Oblast.svg  Yaroslavl Oblast Central601,403591,486+1.68%
27 Vladivostok ВладивостокFlag of Primorsky Krai.svg  Primorsky Krai Far East600,871592,034+1.49%
28 Orenburg ОренбургFlag of Orenburg Oblast.svg  Orenburg Oblast Volga572,819548,331+4.47%
29 Tomsk ТомскFlag of Tomsk Oblast.svg  Tomsk Oblast Siberia568,508524,669+8.36%
30 Kemerovo КемеровоFlag of Kemerovo oblast.svg  Kemerovo Oblast Siberia552,546532,981+3.67%
31 Novokuznetsk НовокузнецкFlag of Kemerovo oblast.svg Kemerovo OblastSiberia544,583547,904−0.61%
32 Ryazan РязаньFlag of Ryazan Oblast.svg  Ryazan Oblast Central534,801524,927+1.88%
33 Naberezhnye Chelny Набережные ЧелныFlag of Tatarstan.svg Republic of TatarstanVolga532,074513,193+3.68%
34 Astrakhan АстраханьFlag of Astrakhan Oblast.svg  Astrakhan Oblast South524,371520,339+0.77%
35 Kirov КировFlag of Kirov Oblast.svg  Kirov Oblast Volga521,091473,695+10.01%
36 Penza ПензаFlag of Penza Oblast.svg  Penza Oblast Volga516,450517,311−0.17%
37 Balashikha БалашихаFlag of Moscow oblast.svg  Moscow Oblast Central507,307215,494+135.42%
38 Lipetsk ЛипецкFlag of Lipetsk Oblast.svg  Lipetsk Oblast Central503,216508,887−1.11%
39 Cheboksary ЧебоксарыFlag of Chuvashia.svg  Chuvash Republic Volga495,810453,721+9.28%
40 Kaliningrad КалининградFlag of Kaliningrad Oblast.svg  Kaliningrad Oblast Northwest493,256431,902+14.21%
41 Tula ТулаFlag of Tula Oblast.svg  Tula Oblast Central467,955501,169−6.63%
Sevastopol СевастопольFlag of Sevastopol.svg  Sevastopol (federal city) [lower-alpha 1] South464,349342,451+35.60% [lower-alpha 2]
42 Stavropol СтавропольFlag of Stavropol Krai.svg  Stavropol Krai North Caucasus454,488398,539+14.04%
43 Kursk КурскFlag of Kursk Oblast.svg  Kursk Oblast Central450,977415,159+8.63%
44 Ulan-Ude Улан-УдэFlag of Buryatia.svg  Republic of Buryatia Far East437,514404,426+8.18%
45 Sochi СочиFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth432,322343,334+25.92%
46 Tver ТверьFlag of Tver Oblast.svg  Tver Oblast Central424,969403,606+5.29%
47 Magnitogorsk МагнитогорскFlag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.svg Chelyabinsk OblastUral413,251407,775+1.34%
48 Ivanovo ИвановоFlag of Ivanovo Oblast.svg  Ivanovo Oblast Central401,505408,330−1.67%
49 Bryansk БрянскFlag of Bryansk Oblast.svg  Bryansk Oblast Central399,579415,721−3.88%
50 Belgorod БелгородFlag of Belgorod Oblast.svg  Belgorod Oblast Central391,702356,402+9.90%
51 Surgut СургутFlag of Yugra.svg  Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra Ural387,235306,675+26.27%
52 Vladimir ВладимирFlag of Vladimirskaya Oblast.svg  Vladimir Oblast Central352,347345,373+2.02%
53 Chita ЧитаFlag of Zabaykalsky Krai.svg  Zabaykalsky Krai Far East350,861324,444+8.14%
54 Arkhangelsk АрхангельскFlag of Arkhangelsk Oblast.svg  Arkhangelsk Oblast Northwest344,927348,783−1.11%
55 Nizhny Tagil Нижний ТагилFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral344,656361,811−4.74%
Simferopol СимферопoльFlag of Crimea.svg  Republic of Crimea [lower-alpha 1] South336,212343,644−2.16% [lower-alpha 2]
56 Kaluga КалугаFlag of Kaluga Oblast.svg  Kaluga Oblast Central331,842324,698+2.20%
57 Yakutsk ЯкутскFlag of Sakha.svg  Sakha (Yakutia) Republic Far East330,615269,601+22.63%
58 Grozny ГрозныйFlag of the Chechen Republic.svg  Chechen Republic North Caucasus324,602271,573+19.53%
59 Volzhsky ВолжскийFlag of Volgograd Oblast.svg Volgograd OblastSouth323,853314,255+3.05%
60 Smolensk СмоленскFlag of Smolensk oblast.svg  Smolensk Oblast Central320,170326,861−2.05%
61 Saransk СаранскFlag of Mordovia.svg  Republic of Mordovia Volga317,432297,415+6.73%
62 Cherepovets ЧереповецFlag of Vologda oblast.svg  Vologda Oblast Northwest312,091312,310−0.07%
63 Kurgan КурганFlag of Kurgan Oblast.svg  Kurgan Oblast Ural309,285333,606−7.29%
64 Podolsk ПодольскFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral309,250187,961+64.53%
65 Vologda ВологдаFlag of Vologda oblast.svg Vologda OblastNorthwest308,530301,755+2.25%
66 Oryol ОрёлFlag of Oryol Oblast.svg  Oryol Oblast Central303,696317,747−4.42%
67 Vladikavkaz ВладикавказFlag of North Ossetia.svg  Republic of North Ossetia-Alania North Caucasus301,543311,693−3.26%
68 Tambov ТамбовFlag of Tambov Oblast.svg  Tambov Oblast Central289,701280,161+3.41%
69 Murmansk МурманскFlag of Murmansk Oblast.svg  Murmansk Oblast Northwest282,851307,257−7.94%
70 Petrozavodsk ПетрозаводскFlag of Karelia.svg  Republic of Karelia Northwest280,711261,987+7.15%
71 Nizhnevartovsk НижневартовскFlag of Yugra.svg Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-YugraUral278,725251,694+10.74%
72 Kostroma КостромаFlag of Kostroma Oblast.svg  Kostroma Oblast Central277,393268,742+3.22%
73 Yoshkar-Ola Йошкар-ОлаFlag of Mari El.svg  Mari El Republic Volga276,155248,782+11.00%
74 Novorossiysk НовороссийскFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth275,795241,952+13.99%
75 Sterlitamak СтерлитамакFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga274,134273,486+0.24%
76 Khimki ХимкиFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral257,757207,425+24.27%
77 Taganrog ТаганрогFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth248,269257,681−3.65%
78 Mytishchi МытищиFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral245,643173,160+41.86%
79 Syktyvkar СыктывкарFlag of Komi.svg  Komi Republic Northwest243,926235,006+3.80%
80 Komsomolsk-on-Amur Комсомольск-на-АмуреFlag of Khabarovsk Krai.svg Khabarovsk KraiFar East241,072263,906−8.65%
81 Nizhnekamsk НижнекамскFlag of Tatarstan.svg Republic of TatarstanVolga240,097234,044+2.59%
82 Nalchik НальчикFlag of Kabardino-Balkaria.svg  Kabardino-Balkar Republic North Caucasus239,054240,203−0.48%
83 Shakhty ШахтыFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth228,816239,987−4.65%
84 Dzerzhinsk ДзержинскFlag of Nizhny Novgorod Region.svg Nizhny Novgorod OblastVolga227,326240,742−5.57%
85 Engels ЭнгельсFlag of Saratov Oblast.svg Saratov OblastVolga226,143202,419+11.72%
86 Blagoveshchensk БлаговещенскFlag of Amur Oblast.svg  Amur Oblast Far East225,757214,390+5.30%
87 Korolyov КоролёвFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral225,299183,402+22.84%
88 Bratsk БратскFlag of Irkutsk Oblast.svg Irkutsk OblastSiberia225,037246,319−8.64%
89 Veliky Novgorod Великий НовгородFlag of Novgorod Oblast.svg  Novgorod Oblast Northwest225,019218,717+2.88%
90 Orsk ОрскFlag of Orenburg Oblast.svg Orenburg OblastVolga224,814239,800−6.25%
91 Stary Oskol Старый ОсколFlag of Belgorod Oblast.svg Belgorod OblastCentral223,711221,085+1.19%
92 Angarsk АнгарскFlag of Irkutsk Oblast.svg Irkutsk OblastSiberia222,855233,567−4.59%
93 Pskov ПсковFlag of Pskov Oblast.svg  Pskov Oblast Northwest209,426203,279+3.02%
94 Lyubertsy ЛюберцыFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral208,397172,525+20.79%
95 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Южно-СахалинскFlag of Sakhalin Oblast.svg  Sakhalin Oblast Far East200,235181,728+10.18%
96 Biysk БийскFlag of Altai Krai.svg Altai KraiSiberia198,433210,115−5.56%
97 Prokopyevsk ПрокопьевскFlag of Kemerovo oblast.svg Kemerovo OblastSiberia187,877210,130−10.59%
98 Abakan АбаканFlag of Khakassia.svg  Republic of Khakassia Siberia187,239165,214+13.33%
99 Armavir АрмавирFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth187,215188,832−0.86%
100 Balakovo БалаковоFlag of Saratov Oblast.svg Saratov OblastVolga186,012199,690−6.85%
101 Norilsk НорильскFlag of Krasnoyarsk Krai.svg Krasnoyarsk KraiSiberia182,701175,365+4.18%
102 Rybinsk РыбинскFlag of Yaroslavl Oblast.svg Yaroslavl OblastCentral182,383200,771−9.16%
103 Severodvinsk СеверодвинскFlag of Arkhangelsk Oblast.svg Arkhangelsk OblastNorthwest180,806192,353−6.00%
104 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Петропавловск-КамчатскийFlag of Kamchatka Krai.svg  Kamchatka Krai Far East179,367179,780−0.23%
105 Krasnogorsk КрасногорскFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral175,812116,896+50.40%
106 Ussuriysk УссурийскFlag of Primorsky Krai.svg Primorsky KraiFar East172,942158,004+9.45%
107 Volgodonsk ВолгодонскFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth169,953170,841−0.52%
108 Novocherkassk НовочеркасскFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth166,312168,746−1.44%
109 Syzran СызраньFlag of Samara Oblast.svg Samara OblastVolga165,199178,750−7.58%
110 Kamensk-Uralsky Каменск-УральскийFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral163,990174,689−6.12%
111 Zlatoust ЗлатоустFlag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.svg Chelyabinsk OblastUral162,148174,962−7.32%
112 Almetyevsk АльметьевскFlag of Tatarstan.svg Republic of TatarstanVolga158,019146,393+7.94%
113 Elektrostal ЭлектростальFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral152,607155,196−1.67%
Kerch КерчьFlag of Crimea.svg Republic of Crimea [lower-alpha 1] South151,996157,007−3.19% [lower-alpha 2]
114 Miass МиассFlag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.svg Chelyabinsk OblastUral150,914151,751−0.55%
115 Salavat СалаватFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga148,947156,095−4.58%
116 Khasavyurt ХасавюртFlag of Dagestan.svg Republic of DagestanNorth Caucasus146,394131,187+11.59%
117 Pyatigorsk ПятигорскFlag of Stavropol Krai.svg Stavropol KraiNorth Caucasus146,267142,511+2.64%
118 Kopeysk КопейскFlag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.svg Chelyabinsk OblastUral145,961137,601+6.08%
119 Nakhodka НаходкаFlag of Primorsky Krai.svg Primorsky KraiFar East142,673159,719−10.67%
120 Rubtsovsk РубцовскFlag of Altai Krai.svg Altai KraiSiberia139,565147,002−5.06%
121 Maykop МайкопFlag of Adygea.svg  Republic of Adygea South139,084144,249−3.58%
122 Kolomna КоломнаFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral138,693144,589−4.08%
123 Berezniki БерезникиFlag of Perm Krai.svg Perm KraiVolga137,091156,466−12.38%
124 Odintsovo ОдинцовоFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral135,867138,930−2.20%
125 Domodedovo ДомодедовоFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral135,07096,145+40.49%
126 Kovrov КовровFlag of Vladimirskaya Oblast.svg Vladimir OblastCentral134,074145,214−7.67%
127 Neftekamsk НефтекамскFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga131,945121,733+8.39%
128 Kaspiysk КаспийскFlag of Dagestan.svg Republic of DagestanNorth Caucasus128,663100,129+28.50%
129 Nefteyugansk НефтеюганскFlag of Yugra.svg Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-YugraUral128,159122,855+4.32%
130 Kislovodsk КисловодскFlag of Stavropol Krai.svg Stavropol KraiNorth Caucasus127,919128,553−0.49%
131 Novocheboksarsk НовочебоксарскFlag of Chuvashia.svg Chuvash RepublicVolga127,586124,097+2.81%
132 Bataysk БатайскFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth127,444111,843+13.95%
133 Shchyolkovo ЩёлковоFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral127,292110,411+15.29%
134 Derbent ДербентFlag of Dagestan.svg Republic of DagestanNorth Caucasus126,606119,200+6.21%
135 Serpukhov СерпуховFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral125,473127,041−1.23%
136 Nazran НазраньFlag of Ingushetia.svg  Republic of Ingushetia North Caucasus124,16993,335+33.04%
137 Ramenskoye РаменскоеFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral123,59096,317+28.32%
138 Cherkessk ЧеркесскFlag of Karachay-Cherkessia.svg  Karachay-Cherkess Republic North Caucasus123,148129,069−4.59%
139 Novomoskovsk НовомосковскFlag of Tula Oblast.svg Tula OblastCentral121,674131,386−7.39%
140 Kyzyl КызылFlag of Tuva.svg  Tuva Republic Siberia120,067109,918+9.23%
141 Pervouralsk ПервоуральскFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral119,365124,528−4.15%
142 Novy Urengoy Новый УренгойFlag of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.svg  Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Ural118,115104,107+13.46%
143 Orekhovo-Zuyevo Орехово-ЗуевоFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral117,966120,670−2.24%
144 Dolgoprudny ДолгопрудныйFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral117,77890,956+29.49%
145 Obninsk ОбнинскFlag of Kaluga Oblast.svg Kaluga OblastCentral116,179104,739+10.92%
146 Nevinnomyssk НевинномысскFlag of Stavropol Krai.svg Stavropol KraiNorth Caucasus115,627118,360−2.31%
147 Yessentuki ЕссентукиFlag of Stavropol Krai.svg Stavropol KraiNorth Caucasus114,824100,996+13.69%
148 Oktyabrsky ОктябрьскийFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga113,737109,474+3.89%
149 Dimitrovgrad ДимитровградFlag Ul'ianovskoi oblasti (2013).svg Ulyanovsk OblastVolga112,388122,580−8.31%
150 Pushkino ПушкиноFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral108,741102,874+5.70%
151 Kamyshin КамышинFlag of Volgograd Oblast.svg Volgograd OblastSouth108,665119,565−9.12%
152 Noyabrsk НоябрьскFlag of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.svg Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous OkrugUral108,376110,620−2.03%
Yevpatoria ЕвпаторияFlag of Crimea.svg Republic of Crimea [lower-alpha 1] South108,149105,915+2.11% [lower-alpha 2]
153 Reutov РеутовFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral108,00087,314+23.69%
154 Zhukovsky ЖуковскийFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral107,558104,736+2.69%
155 Seversk СеверскFlag of Tomsk Oblast.svg Tomsk OblastSiberia105,858108,590−2.52%
156 Murom МуромFlag of Vladimirskaya Oblast.svg Vladimir OblastCentral105,572116,075−9.05%
157 Novoshakhtinsk НовошахтинскFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth105,038111,075−5.44%
158 Artyom АртёмFlag of Primorsky Krai.svg Primorsky KraiFar East104,926102,603+2.26%
159 Achinsk АчинскFlag of Krasnoyarsk Krai.svg Krasnoyarsk KraiSiberia104,850109,155−3.94%
160 Berdsk БердскFlag of Novosibirsk oblast.svg Novosibirsk OblastSiberia103,56197,296+6.44%
161 Elista ЭлистаFlag of Kalmykia.svg  Republic of Kalmykia South103,535103,749−0.21%
162 Arzamas АрзамасFlag of Nizhny Novgorod Region.svg Nizhny Novgorod OblastVolga103,396106,362−2.79%
163 Khanty-Mansiysk Ханты-МансийскFlag of Yugra.svg Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-YugraUral103,11780,151+28.65%
164 Noginsk НогинскFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral103,063100,072+2.99%
165 Yelets ЕлецFlag of Lipetsk Oblast.svg Lipetsk OblastCentral101,306108,404−6.55%
166 Zheleznogorsk ЖелезногорскFlag of Kursk Oblast.svg Kursk OblastCentral100,55495,049+5.79%
167 Zelenodolsk ЗеленодольскFlag of Tatarstan.svg Republic of TatarstanVolga100,00997,674+2.39%
168 Novokuybyshevsk НовокуйбышевскFlag of Samara Oblast.svg Samara OblastVolga99,469108,438−8.27%
169 Sergiyev Posad Сергиев ПосадFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral98,784111,179−11.15%
170 Tobolsk ТобольскFlag of Tyumen Oblast.svg Tyumen OblastUral98,77299,694−0.92%
171 Votkinsk ВоткинскFlag of Udmurtia.svg Udmurt RepublicVolga96,86199,022−2.18%
172 Sarov СаровFlag of Nizhny Novgorod Region.svg Nizhny Novgorod OblastVolga96,47992,047+4.81%
173 Mezhdurechensk МеждуреченскFlag of Kemerovo oblast.svg Kemerovo OblastSiberia96,088101,678−5.50%
174 Mikhaylovsk МихайловскFlag of Stavropol Krai.svg Stavropol KraiNorth Caucasus95,52570,981+34.58%
175 Serov СеровFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral95,14199,373−4.26%
176 Sarapul СарапулFlag of Udmurtia.svg Udmurt RepublicVolga94,554101,381−6.73%
177 Anapa АнапаFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth94,34058,990+59.93%
178 Leninsk-Kuznetsky Ленинск-КузнецкийFlag of Kemerovo oblast.svg Kemerovo OblastSiberia93,288101,666−8.24%
179 Ukhta УхтаFlag of Komi.svg Komi RepublicNorthwest92,47999,591−7.14%
180 Voskresensk ВоскресенскFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral92,19691,464+0.80%
181 Solikamsk СоликамскFlag of Perm Krai.svg Perm KraiVolga91,95997,384−5.57%
182 Glazov ГлазовFlag of Udmurtia.svg Udmurt RepublicVolga91,92195,854−4.10%
183 Magadan МагаданFlag of Magadan Oblast.svg  Magadan Oblast Far East91,79795,982−4.36%
184 Velikiye Luki Великие ЛукиFlag of Pskov Oblast.svg Pskov OblastNorthwest90,48598,778−8.40%
185 Michurinsk МичуринскFlag of Tambov Oblast.svg Tambov OblastCentral89,87698,758−8.99%
186 Lobnya ЛобняFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral89,52274,252+20.57%
187 Gatchina ГатчинаFlag of Leningrad Oblast.svg  Leningrad Oblast Northwest89,31192,937−3.90%
188 Kansk КанскFlag of Krasnoyarsk Krai.svg Krasnoyarsk KraiSiberia88,36294,226−6.22%
189 Kamensk-Shakhtinsky Каменск-ШахтинскийFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth87,11395,296−8.59%
190 Gubkin ГубкинFlag of Belgorod Oblast.svg Belgorod OblastCentral86,07388,560−2.81%
191 Buzuluk БузулукFlag of Orenburg Oblast.svg Orenburg OblastVolga86,04282,904+3.79%
192 Kiselyovsk КиселёвскFlag of Kemerovo oblast.svg Kemerovo OblastSiberia85,33998,365−13.24%
193 Yeysk ЕйскFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth83,12787,769−5.29%
194 Ivanteyevka ИвантеевкаFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral82,77958,626+41.20%
195 Novotroitsk НовотроицкFlag of Orenburg Oblast.svg Orenburg OblastVolga82,46398,173−16.00%
196 Chaykovsky ЧайковскийFlag of Perm Krai.svg Perm KraiVolga81,85582,895−1.25%
197 Bugulma БугульмаFlag of Tatarstan.svg Republic of TatarstanVolga81,67889,204−8.44%
198 Zheleznogorsk ЖелезногорскFlag of Krasnoyarsk Krai.svg Krasnoyarsk KraiSiberia81,61984,795−3.75%
199 Yurga ЮргаFlag of Kemerovo oblast.svg Kemerovo OblastSiberia80,36781,533−1.43%
200 Kineshma КинешмаFlag of Ivanovo Oblast.svg Ivanovo OblastCentral79,93688,164−9.33%
201 Azov АзовFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth79,85782,937−3.71%
202 Kuznetsk КузнецкFlag of Penza Oblast.svg Penza OblastVolga79,80088,839−10.17%
203 Ust-Ilimsk Усть-ИлимскFlag of Irkutsk Oblast.svg Irkutsk OblastSiberia79,74686,610−7.93%
204 Novouralsk НовоуральскFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral79,63885,522−6.88%
205 Klin КлинFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral79,63580,585−1.18%
206 Vidnoye ВидноеFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral78,63556,752+38.56%
207 Murino МуриноFlag of Leningrad Oblast.svg Leningrad OblastNorthwest78,1847,949+883.57%
Yalta ЯлтаFlag of Crimea.svg Republic of Crimea [lower-alpha 1] South78,17181,654−4.27% [lower-alpha 2]
208 Ozyorsk ОзёрскFlag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.svg Chelyabinsk OblastUral78,12882,164−4.91%
209 Kropotkin КропоткинFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth77,07480,765−4.57%
210 Bor БорFlag of Nizhny Novgorod Region.svg Nizhny Novgorod OblastVolga76,73278,058−1.70%
211 Vsevolozhsk ВсеволожскFlag of Leningrad Oblast.svg Leningrad OblastNorthwest75,66059,704+26.73%
212 Gelendzhik ГеленджикFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth75,50454,980+37.33%
213 Chernogorsk ЧерногорскFlag of Khakassia.svg Republic of KhakassiaSiberia75,34872,147+4.44%
214 Usolye-Sibirskoye Усолье-СибирскоеFlag of Irkutsk Oblast.svg Irkutsk OblastSiberia75,06283,327−9.92%
215 Balashov БалашовFlag of Saratov Oblast.svg Saratov OblastVolga74,98182,227−8.81%
216 Novoaltaysk НовоалтайскFlag of Altai Krai.svg Altai KraiSiberia74,58670,437+5.89%
217 Dubna ДубнаFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral74,49970,663+5.43%
218 Shadrinsk ШадринскFlag of Kurgan Oblast.svg Kurgan OblastUral74,40077,756−4.32%
219 Verkhnyaya Pyshma Верхняя ПышмаFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral74,26259,749+24.29%
220 Vyborg ВыборгFlag of Leningrad Oblast.svg Leningrad OblastNorthwest74,05479,962−7.39%
221 Yelabuga ЕлабугаFlag of Tatarstan.svg Republic of TatarstanVolga73,86670,728+4.44%
222 Mineralnye Vody Минеральные ВодыFlag of Stavropol Krai.svg Stavropol KraiNorth Caucasus73,18376,728−4.62%
223 Yegoryevsk ЕгорьевскFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral73,04670,081+4.23%
224 Troitsk ТроицкFlag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.svg Chelyabinsk OblastUral72,72378,372−7.21%
225 Chekhov ЧеховFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral71,07760,720+17.06%
226 Chapayevsk ЧапаевскFlag of Samara Oblast.svg Samara OblastVolga70,94472,692−2.40%
227 Belovo БеловоFlag of Kemerovo oblast.svg Kemerovo OblastSiberia70,61176,764−8.02%
228 Birobidzhan БиробиджанFlag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.svg  Jewish Autonomous Oblast Far East70,43375,413−6.60%
229 Kogalym КогалымFlag of Yugra.svg Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-YugraUral68,70058,181+18.08%
230 Kirovo-Chepetsk Кирово-ЧепецкFlag of Kirov Oblast.svg Kirov OblastVolga68,58880,921−15.24%
231 Dmitrov ДмитровFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral68,39761,305+11.57%
232 Tuymazy ТуймазыFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga68,10866,836+1.90%
233 Slavyansk-na-Kubani Славянск-на-КубаниFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth67,77763,842+6.16%
Feodosia ФеодосияFlag of Crimea.svg Republic of Crimea [lower-alpha 1] South67,75074,669−9.27% [lower-alpha 2]
234 Minusinsk МинусинскFlag of Krasnoyarsk Krai.svg Krasnoyarsk KraiSiberia67,23471,170−5.53%
235 Sosnovy Bor Сосновый БорFlag of Leningrad Oblast.svg Leningrad OblastNorthwest67,05465,788+1.92%
236 Naro-Fominsk Наро-ФоминскFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral67,00964,665+3.62%
237 Anzhero-Sudzhensk Анжеро-СудженскFlag of Kemerovo oblast.svg Kemerovo OblastSiberia66,93376,646−12.67%
238 Kstovo КстовоFlag of Nizhny Novgorod Region.svg Nizhny Novgorod OblastVolga66,92866,657+0.41%
239 Sunzha СунжаFlag of Ingushetia.svg Republic of IngushetiaNorth Caucasus66,80761,598+8.46%
240 Buynaksk БуйнакскFlag of Dagestan.svg Republic of DagestanNorth Caucasus66,42262,623+6.07%
241 Stupino СтупиноFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral65,66066,816−1.73%
242 Georgiyevsk ГеоргиевскFlag of Stavropol Krai.svg Stavropol KraiNorth Caucasus65,63372,153−9.04%
243 Zarechny ЗаречныйFlag of Penza Oblast.svg Penza OblastVolga65,49363,601+2.97%
244 Gorno-Altaysk Горно-АлтайскFlag of Altai Republic.svg  Altai Republic Siberia64,50456,933+13.30%
245 Belogorsk БелогорскFlag of Amur Oblast.svg Amur OblastFar East64,50268,249−5.49%
246 Beloretsk БелорецкFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga64,47968,806−6.29%
247 Kungur КунгурFlag of Perm Krai.svg Perm KraiVolga64,25966,074−2.75%
248 Ishim ИшимFlag of Tyumen Oblast.svg Tyumen OblastUral64,01065,243−1.89%
249 Urus-Martan Урус-МартанFlag of the Chechen Republic.svg Chechen RepublicNorth Caucasus63,95549,070+30.33%
250 Ishimbay ИшимбайFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga63,84966,259−3.64%
251 Pavlovsky Posad Павловский ПосадFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral62,71863,711−1.56%
252 Klintsy КлинцыFlag of Bryansk Oblast.svg Bryansk OblastCentral62,70462,510+0.31%
253 Gukovo ГуковоFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth62,65867,278−6.87%
254 Rossosh РоссошьFlag of Voronezh Oblast.svg Voronezh OblastCentral62,29062,865−0.91%
255 Asbest АсбестFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral62,28568,893−9.59%
256 Kotlas КотласFlag of Arkhangelsk Oblast.svg Arkhangelsk OblastNorthwest62,28460,562+2.84%
257 Zelenogorsk ЗеленогорскFlag of Krasnoyarsk Krai.svg Krasnoyarsk KraiSiberia61,82166,056−6.41%
258 Donskoy ДонскойFlag of Tula Oblast.svg Tula OblastCentral61,47764,552−4.76%
259 Leninogorsk ЛениногорскFlag of Tatarstan.svg Republic of TatarstanVolga61,32164,127−4.38%
260 Izberbash ИзбербашFlag of Dagestan.svg Republic of DagestanNorth Caucasus61,29655,646+10.15%
261 Tuapse ТуапсеFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth60,98763,292−3.64%
262 Volsk ВольскFlag of Saratov Oblast.svg Saratov OblastVolga60,94866,508−8.36%
263 Revda РевдаFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral60,76161,875−1.80%
264 Budyonnovsk БудённовскFlag of Stavropol Krai.svg Stavropol KraiNorth Caucasus60,50464,624−6.38%
265 Beryozovsky БерёзовскийFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral60,33451,651+16.81%
266 Sibay СибайFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga60,01762,763−4.38%
267 Polevskoy ПолевскойFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral60,01264,220−6.55%
268 Lytkarino ЛыткариноFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral59,93755,237+8.51%
269 Lysva ЛысьваFlag of Perm Krai.svg Perm KraiVolga59,61065,918−9.57%
270 Kumertau КумертауFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga59,12962,851−5.92%
271 Belebey БелебейFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga59,09360,188−1.82%
272 Neryungri НерюнгриFlag of Sakha.svg Sakha (Yakutia) RepublicFar East58,96961,747−4.50%
273 Lesosibirsk ЛесосибирскFlag of Krasnoyarsk Krai.svg Krasnoyarsk KraiSiberia58,94961,139−3.58%
274 Fryazino ФрязиноFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral58,93855,369+6.45%
275 Sertolovo СертоловоFlag of Leningrad Oblast.svg Leningrad OblastNorthwest58,80247,457+23.91%
276 Chistopol ЧистопольFlag of Tatarstan.svg Republic of TatarstanVolga58,77160,755−3.27%
277 Prokhladny ПрохладныйFlag of Kabardino-Balkaria.svg Kabardino-Balkar RepublicNorth Caucasus58,74759,601−1.43%
278 Borisoglebsk БорисоглебскFlag of Voronezh Oblast.svg Voronezh OblastCentral58,74265,585−10.43%
279 Nyagan НяганьFlag of Yugra.svg Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-YugraUral58,73354,890+7.00%
280 Labinsk ЛабинскFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth58,49862,864−6.95%
281 Krymsk КрымскFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth58,05157,382+1.17%
282 Tikhvin ТихвинFlag of Leningrad Oblast.svg Leningrad OblastNorthwest57,32758,459−1.94%
283 Gudermes ГудермесFlag of the Chechen Republic.svg Chechen RepublicNorth Caucasus57,17945,631+25.31%
284 Aleksin АлексинFlag of Tula Oblast.svg Tula OblastCentral57,10261,732−7.50%
285 Alexandrov АлександровFlag of Vladimirskaya Oblast.svg Vladimir OblastCentral57,07361,551−7.28%
286 Mikhaylovka МихайловкаFlag of Volgograd Oblast.svg Volgograd OblastSouth56,98159,132−3.64%
287 Rzhev РжевFlag of Tver Oblast.svg Tver OblastCentral56,39961,982−9.01%
288 Shchyokino ЩёкиноFlag of Tula Oblast.svg Tula OblastCentral56,26358,139−3.23%
289 Tikhoretsk ТихорецкFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth56,26261,823−9.00%
290 Salsk СальскFlag of Rostov Oblast.svg Rostov OblastSouth56,24761,316−8.27%
291 Shali ШалиFlag of the Chechen Republic.svg Chechen RepublicNorth Caucasus56,22647,708+17.85%
292 Pavlovo ПавловоFlag of Nizhny Novgorod Region.svg Nizhny Novgorod OblastVolga56,12960,698−7.53%
293 Shuya ШуяFlag of Ivanovo Oblast.svg Ivanovo OblastCentral56,04158,486−4.18%
294 Meleuz МелеузFlag of Bashkortostan.svg Republic of BashkortostanVolga56,03661,390−8.72%
295 Krasnoturyinsk КраснотурьинскFlag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk OblastUral55,91059,633−6.24%
296 Iskitim ИскитимFlag of Novosibirsk oblast.svg Novosibirsk OblastSiberia55,43360,078−7.73%
297 Severomorsk СевероморскFlag of Murmansk Oblast.svg Murmansk OblastNorthwest54,47350,060+8.82%
298 Apatity АпатитыFlag of Murmansk Oblast.svg Murmansk OblastNorthwest53,84759,672−9.76%
299 Svobodny СвободныйFlag of Amur Oblast.svg Amur OblastFar East52,91858,778−9.97%
300 Vyksa ВыксаFlag of Nizhny Novgorod Region.svg Nizhny Novgorod OblastVolga52,89256,201−5.89%
301 Liski ЛискиFlag of Voronezh Oblast.svg Voronezh OblastCentral52,82355,864−5.44%
302 Dzerzhinsky ДзержинскийFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral52,79747,163+11.95%
303 Volzhsk ВолжскFlag of Mari El.svg Mari El RepublicVolga52,70355,659−5.31%
304 Vyazma ВязьмаFlag of Smolensk oblast.svg Smolensk OblastCentral52,43457,101−8.17%
305 Vorkuta ВоркутаFlag of Komi.svg Komi RepublicNorthwest52,29270,548−25.88%
306 Gus-Khrustalny Гусь-ХрустальныйFlag of Vladimirskaya Oblast.svg Vladimir OblastCentral51,99860,784−14.45%
307 Snezhinsk СнежинскFlag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.svg Chelyabinsk OblastUral51,92148,810+6.37%
308 Krasnokamsk КраснокамскFlag of Perm Krai.svg Perm KraiVolga51,81551,916−0.19%
309 Arsenyev АрсеньевFlag of Primorsky Krai.svg Primorsky KraiFar East52,72356,750−7.10%
310 Krasnokamensk КраснокаменскFlag of Zabaykalsky Krai.svg Zabaykalsky KraiFar East51,45155,666−7.57%
311 Belorechensk БелореченскFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth51,40553,892−4.61%
312 Salekhard СалехардFlag of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.svg Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous OkrugUral51,18642,544+20.31%
313 Zhigulyovsk ЖигулёвскFlag of Samara Oblast.svg Samara OblastVolga50,78255,565−8.61%
314 Kotelniki КотельникиFlag of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow OblastCentral50,72332,338+56.85%
315 Timashyovsk ТимашёвскFlag of Krasnodar Krai.svg Krasnodar KraiSouth50,56653,924−6.23%
316 Kirishi КиришиFlag of Leningrad Oblast.svg Leningrad OblastNorthwest50,07952,309−4.26%

Location of most populous cities in Russia

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  1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Annexed by Russia in 2014; recognized as a part of Ukraine by most of the international community.
  2. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Census figure is from 2001 Ukrainian Census

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Oblasts of Russia Administrative division of Russia

An oblast is a type of federal subject of the Russian Federation.

Economic regions of Russia subnational divisions

Russia is divided into twelve economic regions —groups of federal subjects sharing the following characteristics:

AiRUnion was a Russian airline alliance. It was the first airline alliance ever established in Russia. Member airlines and their affiliates enjoyed a high degree of co-operation in scheduling, ticketing, code sharing, flight transfer operations, frequent flyer program benefits, shared airport lounges, reducing costs, and sharing best practices. The airline and member carriers have since gone bankrupt in 2008. With government sponsorship, the alliance was planned to be resurrected as Rossiya as of 2008. However, this never took place.

Geographically, Siberia includes the Russian Urals, Siberian, and Far Eastern Federal Districts.

Flags of the federal subjects of Russia

This gallery of flags of federal subjects of Russia shows the flags of the 85 federal subjects of Russia.

Russia, the largest country in the world, has international borders with 16 sovereign states, including two maritime boundaries with the United States and Japan, as well as the borders with the partially recognized states of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The country has a land border running 20,241 kilometres (12,577 mi) in total, and has the second-longest land border of any country in the world, after China. The present borders of the Russia have been drawn since 1956, and had remained the same after the dissolution of the Soviet Union; until in 2014, when Crimea was annexed by Russia from Ukraine.


Sibirjak was a passenger train which linked Berlin to some of main routes and cities of Russia. The train passed through Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, partly traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railway. With 5,130 km from Berlin to Novosibirsk it was the longest route of any that depart from a station within the European Union. The train service was discontinued with effect from 14 December 2013, due to lack of demand. The line was not actively promoted to potential customers by the Deutsche Bahn, but it was available in their search engine.

Russian federal highways

Russian federal highways are the most important highways in Russia that are federal property. The following motorways are designated as federal.

Orenburzhie is a commercial airline headquartered in Orenburg, Russia, on the ground of Orenburg Airport. It serves as regular and charter passenger airline out of Orenburg and Izhevsk Airport.

The 2016–17 Russian Cup was the 25th season of the Russian football knockout tournament since the dissolution of Soviet Union.

2017–18 Russian Cup football tournament season

The 2017–18 Russian Cup was the 26th season of the Russian football knockout tournament since the dissolution of Soviet Union.

The 2006–07 Russian Cup was the 15th edition of the Russian football knockout tournament since the dissolution of Soviet Union. The competition started on 13 April 2006 and finished on 27 May 2007, with the final played at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, where Lokomotiv Moscow beat FC Moscow 1–0 at extra time.

The 2019–20 Russian Cup is the 27th season of the Russian football knockout tournament since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The 2020–21 Russian Cup was the 28th season of the Russian football knockout tournament since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The competition started on 5 August 2020 and concluded on 12 May 2021.


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  3. The city of Moscow, though a separate entity from the surrounding Moscow Oblast, also serves as its capital
  4. The city of Saint Petersburg, though a separate entity from the surrounding Leningrad Oblast, also serves as its capital
  5. Includes Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014; recognized as a part of Ukraine by most of the international community.