List of industry trade groups in the United States

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This is a list of notable industry trade groups in the United States.



Advertising, business, marketing


Clothing, apparel, footwear, fashion


Entertainment and leisure

Financial, insurance




IT, communications and electronics


Medicine, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and environment

Tobacco, alcohol, law, politics, gambling and firearms

Transport and logistics

State and local



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National Electrical Manufacturers Association

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is the largest trade association of electrical equipment manufacturers in the United States. Founded in 1926, it advocates for the industry, and publishes standards for electrical products. Notably, the form of US household electrical outlets and plugs is specified by NEMA.

Electronic Industries Alliance 1924–2011 American standards and trade organization

The Electronic Industries Alliance was an American standards and trade organization composed as an alliance of trade associations for electronics manufacturers in the United States. They developed standards to ensure the equipment of different manufacturers was compatible and interchangeable. The EIA ceased operations on February 11, 2011, but the former sectors continue to serve the constituencies of EIA.

Ecolabel labeling systems for food and consumer products

Eco-labels and Green Stickers are labeling systems for food and consumer products. Ecolabels are voluntary, but green stickers are mandated by law; for example, in North America major appliances and automobiles use Energy Star. They are a form of sustainability measurement directed at consumers, intended to make it easy to take environmental concerns into account when shopping. Some labels quantify pollution or energy consumption by way of index scores or units of measurement, while others assert compliance with a set of practices or minimum requirements for sustainability or reduction of harm to the environment. Many ecolabels are focused on minimising the negative ecological impacts of primary production or resource extraction in a given sector or commodity through a set of good practices that are captured in a sustainability standard. Through a verification process, usually referred to as "certification", a farm, forest, fishery, or mine can show that it complies with a standard and earn the right to sell its products as certified through the supply chain, often resulting in a consumer-facing ecolabel.

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is Australia's largest and most representative business association, comprising state and territory chambers of commerce and national industry associations.

Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick

The Modern Records Centre (MRC) is the specialist archive service of the University of Warwick in Coventry, England, located adjacent to the Central Campus Library. It was established in October 1973 and holds the world's largest archive collection on British industrial relations, as well as archives relating to many other aspects of British social, political and economic history.

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) represents the marketing community in the United States. Its headquarters is in New York City and it has another office in Washington, D.C. ANA's membership includes over 600 companies with 25,000 brands that collectively spend over 400 billion dollars in marketing communications and advertising.

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association is an international trade association with more than 4,500 contributing contractor members in 103 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil. Its headquarters is in Chantilly, Virginia.

The National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC) is the former name for the Electrical Training Alliance, a nonprofit organization created in 1941 by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).


As the #1 event for electrical professionals, the NECA annual convention and trade show, National Electrical Contractors Association draws attendees and exhibitors involved in all aspects of the electrical construction and integrated building systems industries. The NECA Show is open to the entire industry, and it is held in conjunction with the NECA Convention, which is primarily for NECA member firms.

The International Electrical Testing Association is a trade association dedicated to improving electrical testing standards in the United States and sharing those standards internationally. NETA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute as a standards developing entity. It is guided by an active Board of Directors consisting of professionals within the electrical testing industry. The Board meets quarterly for official meetings. Board members also participate on various NETA committees, such as the Standards Review Council, Certification Exam, Membership, Finance, Association Development and Strategy, Promotions and Marketing, Nominations and Mission Based Programs.

The Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League or PEARL is an international professional organization and standards group based in Denver, Colorado. PEARL is focused on developing ethical business practices and technical standards related to inspecting, testing, and reconditioning circuit breakers, transformer, motor controls, switchgear, disconnect switches, protective relays, bus duct, motor starters and other electrical equipment and apparatus used in the electrical distribution systems of commercial, industrial, and utility facilities.

Promotional merchandise Products branded with a logo or slogan and distributed at little or no cost to promote a brand or event

Promotional merchandise are products branded with a logo or slogan and distributed at little or no cost to promote a brand, corporate identity, or event. Such products, which are often informally called promo products, swag, tchotchkes, or freebies, are used in marketing and sales. They are given away or sold at a loss to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event. They are often distributed as handouts at trade shows, at conferences, on sales calls, and as bonus items in shipped orders. They are often used in guerrilla marketing campaigns.

The Health Industry Business Communications Council is the primary standard-setting and educational organization for healthcare bar coding in the United States.

The Copyright Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(4) organization representing artistic creators across a broad range of copyright disciplines.

The Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM), Washington, D.C., is a trade association representing the manufacturers and distributors of generic prescription drugs, manufacturers and distributors of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, and suppliers of other goods and services to the U.S. generic drug industry. As the primary lobby for makers of generic drugs, AAM's stated mission is to advocate for public policies that facilitate timely access to lower-cost, FDA-approved generic and biosimilar medicines by consumers and patients. Over the 10-year period 2008 through 2018, the use of generic drugs generated $2 trillion in U.S. healthcare savings.