Peninsula Building

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The Peninsula Building
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Alternative names City Park
General information
Status Complete
Type High rise
Location Manchester, England
Current tenants Peninsula Business Services
Construction started 2007
Completed September 2009 [1]
Cost £53 million [2]
Height 62.5 m
Technical details
Floor count 16
Floor area 23,774 sq m
Design and construction
Architect The Manser Practice
[3] [4]

The Peninsula Building is a commercial high-rise building in Manchester, England. The building is part of Manchester's Green Quarter, a regeneration project north-west of Manchester city centre.

Manchester City and metropolitan borough in England

Manchester is a city and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England, with a population of 545,500 as of 2017. It lies within the United Kingdom's second-most populous built-up area, with a population of 3.2 million. It is fringed by the Cheshire Plain to the south, the Pennines to the north and east, and an arc of towns with which it forms a continuous conurbation. The local authority is Manchester City Council.

Manchester city centre central business district of the City of Manchester, England

Manchester city centre is the central business district of Manchester, England, within the boundaries of Trinity Way, Great Ancoats Street and Whitworth Street. The City Centre ward had a population of 17,861 at the 2011 census.



Peninsula lies on the fringe of the city centre, opposite the Manchester Arena and Manchester Victoria station. Construction of the building began in 2007 and it opened in 2009. The Peninsula has a distinctive elliptical plan, and is clad in a glass and granite rainscreen. [5] The building has a BREEAM rating of 'very good' and has on-site parking for up to 200 cars. [6]

Manchester Arena Event arena in Manchester, England

The Manchester Arena is an indoor arena in Manchester, England, immediately north of the city centre and partly above Manchester Victoria station in air rights space.

Manchester Victoria station Manchester, Greater Manchester, M3

Manchester Victoria station in Manchester, England is a combined mainline railway station and Metrolink tram stop. Situated to the north of the city centre on Hunts Bank, close to Manchester Cathedral, it adjoins Manchester Arena which was constructed on part of the former station site in the 1990s. Opened in 1844 and part of the Manchester station group, Victoria is Manchester's third busiest railway station after Piccadilly and Oxford Road and the second busiest station managed by Northern after Oxford Road.

Rainscreen form of exterior wall cladding

A rainscreen is an exterior wall detail where the siding stands off from the moisture-resistant surface of an air barrier applied to the sheathing (sheeting) to create a capillary break and to allow drainage and evaporation. The rain screen is the siding itself but the term rainscreen implies a system of building. Ideally the rain screen prevents the wall air/moisture barrier on sheathing from getting wet. In some cases a rainscreen wall is called a pressure-equalized rainscreen wall where the ventilation openings are large enough for the air pressure to nearly equalize on both sides of the rain screen, but this name has been criticized as being redundant and is only useful to scientists and engineers.

The Peninsula is a commercial building, and is head office for Peninsula Business Services, who occupy the first six floors. [7] CDW occupy the eighth floor, [8] HRonline occupy the ninth floor (known as Cloud 9) [9] and occupy the top floors, employing 300 people at the building. [10]

Commercial building building designed and/or used for commercial use

Commercial buildings are buildings that are used for commercial purposes, and include office buildings, warehouses, and retail buildings. In urban locations, a commercial building may combine functions, such as offices on levels 2-10, with retail on floor 1. When space allocated to multiple functions is significant, these buildings can be called multi-use.

Peninsula Business Services Peninsula Canada, legally known as Peninsula Employment Services Ltd, is an Canadian-based company that provides human resource compliance and occupational health & safety services to employers and business owners in Ontario.

Peninsula Business Services, branded as Peninsula since 2016, is a multinational company that provides business support – such as human resources, employment law, health & safety and employee well being services – to employers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

CDW company

CDW Corporation, headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, is a provider of technology products and services for business, government and education. The company has a secondary division known as CDW-G, devoted solely to United States governmental entities, such as K-12 schools, universities, non-profit healthcare organizations, State & Local and the Federal government. CDW has a Technoliner from WCC.

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Manchester Civil Justice Centre is a governmental building in Manchester, England. Completed in 2007, it houses Manchester's county court and the Manchester District Registry of the High Court, the city's family proceedings court, the district probate registry, and the regional and area offices of the Court Service.

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Spirit Studios, formerly known as SSR and The School of Sound Recording, is a music and media training academy producing graduates within the music, television, film and radio industries. It is based in Manchester in northern England, and has offshoots in London and Jakarta.

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One Angel Square is an office building in Manchester, England. Construction work began in 2010 and was completed in February 2013. The landmark building is the head office of the Co-operative Group. Standing 72.5 metres tall, the building forms the centrepiece of the new £800 million NOMA development in the Angel Meadows area of Manchester city centre. The building cost at least £105 million to construct and was sold on leaseback terms in 2013 for £142 million.

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Coordinates: 53°29′22″N2°14′28″W / 53.4894°N 2.2412°W / 53.4894; -2.2412

Geographic coordinate system Coordinate system

A geographic coordinate system is a coordinate system that enables every location on Earth to be specified by a set of numbers, letters or symbols. The coordinates are often chosen such that one of the numbers represents a vertical position and two or three of the numbers represent a horizontal position; alternatively, a geographic position may be expressed in a combined three-dimensional Cartesian vector. A common choice of coordinates is latitude, longitude and elevation. To specify a location on a plane requires a map projection.