Torah Academy School, Johannesburg

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The Torah Academy
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South Africa
Type Independent, Single-sex educational, Day School
Religious affiliation(s) Jewish (Chabad Lubavitch)
DeanRabbi D. Hazdan

The Torah Academy is a Chabad Jewish day school in Johannesburg, South Africa. It comprises a Boys' High School, a Girls' High School (on a separate campus), a Primary School and a Nursery School. The Mission of the school is to "provide and promote the highest quality Jewish and general education to a diverse community of Jewish children... [and] to cultivate students to reach personal excellence, and to be responsible members of society." Although the school is Chassidic Orthodox, families of all levels of observance are welcomed.

The school provides a Kodesh (Jewish Studies) curriculum "combined with a strong secular studies program within a single framework." Kodesh studies comprise Torah ( Chumash , Navi , Mishna and Talmud ), Halacha (Jewish law), Hebrew language, and Jewish History; at the Boy's High School, studies are within a Mesivta environment. The secular program follows the national and provincial standards, and students are fully prepared for writing "Matric"; pass rate are generally very high, and students often achieve competitively in these exams.

The main campus, purchased in 1980, comprises a stone building with stained glass windows on approximately 11 acres (45,000 m2) of lawns and gardens, playing fields, including netball, basketball and soccer fields, recreational facilities, classrooms, a computer/media centre, science laboratory, and a pre-school department. On campus there is also "Lubavitch House", which contains the offices of the dean and administrator, with boardrooms, a printing room, and a dining room and kitchen. The Torah Academy Shul , serving the (Chabad) community in that area of Johannesburg, is also on campus.

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