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Municipalities in Massachusetts
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  • 1620

Massachusetts is a state located in the Northeastern United States. Municipalities in the state are classified as either towns or cities, distinguished by their form of government under state law. Towns have an open town meeting or representative town meeting form of government; cities, on the other hand, use a mayor-council or council-manager form. Based on the form of government, there are 294 towns and 57 cities in Massachusetts. Some municipalities, however, still refer to themselves as "towns" even though they have a city form of government.


The Census Bureau classifies towns in Massachusetts as a type of "minor civil division" and cities as a type of "populated place". However, from the perspective of Massachusetts law, politics, and geography, cities and towns are the same type of municipal unit, differing only in their form of government.

There is no unincorporated land in Massachusetts; the land area of the state is completely divided up among the 351 municipalities.

List of municipalities

MunicipalityType [1] County [2] Form of government [1] Population
(2010) [2]
Total area
(sq mi)
Land area
(sq mi)
established [3]
Abington TownPlymouthOpen town meeting15,9859.99.71712
Acton TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting21,92420.320.01735
Acushnet TownBristolOpen town meeting10,30319.018.41860
Adams TownBerkshireRepresentative town meeting8,48523.022.91778
Agawam City [4] HampdenMayor-council28,43824.323.31855
Alford TownBerkshireOpen town meeting49411.511.51773
Amesbury CityEssexMayor-council16,28313.712.31668
Amherst City [4] [5] HampshireCouncil-manager37,81927.727.61775
Andover TownEssexOpen town meeting33,20132.131.01646
Aquinnah TownDukesOpen town meeting31140.85.41870
Arlington TownMiddlesexRepresentative town meeting42,8445.55.01807
Ashburnham TownWorcesterOpen town meeting6,08141.038.71765
Ashby TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting3,07424.223.81767
Ashfield TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,73740.340.01765
Ashland TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting16,59312.912.41846
Athol TownWorcesterOpen town meeting11,58433.432.61762
Attleboro CityBristolMayor-council43,59327.826.81694
Auburn TownWorcesterRepresentative town meeting16,18816.415.41778
Avon TownNorfolkOpen town meeting4,3564.64.41888
Ayer TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting7,4279.69.01871
Barnstable City [4] BarnstableCouncil-manager45,19376.559.31639
Barre TownWorcesterOpen town meeting5,39844.644.31774
Becket TownBerkshireOpen town meeting1,77947.846.11765
Bedford TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting13,32013.913.71729
Belchertown TownHampshireOpen town meeting14,64955.452.71761
Bellingham TownNorfolkOpen town meeting16,33219.018.51719
Belmont TownMiddlesexRepresentative town meeting24,7294.74.71859
Berkley TownBristolOpen town meeting6,41117.416.51735
Berlin TownWorcesterOpen town meeting2,86613.112.91812
Bernardston TownFranklinOpen town meeting2,12923.423.41762
Beverly CityEssexMayor-council39,50222.615.11668
Billerica TownMiddlesexRepresentative town meeting40,24326.425.91655
Blackstone TownWorcesterOpen town meeting9,02611.210.91845
Blandford TownHampdenOpen town meeting1,23353.451.61741
Bolton TownWorcesterOpen town meeting4,89720.019.91738
Boston CitySuffolkMayor-council617,66089.648.31630
Bourne TownBarnstableOpen town meeting19,75452.940.71884
Boxborough TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting4,99610.410.41835
Boxford TownEssexOpen town meeting7,96524.423.61685
Boylston TownWorcesterOpen town meeting4,35519.716.01785
Braintree City [4] NorfolkMayor-council35,74414.613.81640
Brewster TownBarnstableOpen town meeting9,82025.422.91803
Bridgewater City [4] PlymouthCouncil-manager26,56328.227.51656
Brimfield TownHampdenOpen town meeting3,60935.234.71731
Brockton CityPlymouthMayor-council93,81021.521.31821
Brookfield TownWorcesterOpen town meeting3,39016.615.51718
Brookline TownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting58,7326.86.81705
Buckland TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,90219.919.71779
Burlington TownMiddlesexRepresentative town meeting24,49811.911.81799
Cambridge CityMiddlesexMayor-manager-council105,1627.16.41636
Canton TownNorfolkOpen town meeting21,56119.618.91797
Carlisle TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting4,85215.615.41780
Carver TownPlymouthOpen town meeting11,50939.737.41790
Charlemont TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,26626.425.91765
Charlton TownWorcesterOpen town meeting12,98143.842.51755 [6]
Chatham TownBarnstableOpen town meeting6,12524.416.31712
Chelmsford TownMiddlesexRepresentative town meeting33,80223.222.71655
Chelsea CitySuffolkCouncil-manager35,1772.52.21739
Cheshire TownBerkshireOpen town meeting3,23527.526.81793
Chester TownHampdenOpen town meeting1,33737.236.61765
Chesterfield TownHampshireOpen town meeting1,22231.230.81762
Chicopee CityHampdenMayor-council55,29823.922.91848
Chilmark TownDukesOpen town meeting866100.4191714
Clarksburg TownBerkshireOpen town meeting1,70212.812.81798
Clinton TownWorcesterOpen town meeting13,6067.35.71850
Cohasset TownNorfolkOpen town meeting7,54231.49.81775
Colrain TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,67143.443.11761
Concord TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting17,66825.924.91635
Conway TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,89737.937.71775
Cummington TownHampshireOpen town meeting87223.122.91779
Dalton TownBerkshireOpen town meeting6,75621.921.81784
Danvers TownEssexRepresentative town meeting26,49314.113.31775
Dartmouth TownBristolRepresentative town meeting34,03297.560.91664
Dedham TownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting24,72910.610.51636
Deerfield TownFranklinOpen town meeting5,12533.432.41677
Dennis TownBarnstableOpen town meeting14,20722.320.51793
Dighton TownBristolOpen town meeting7,08622.622.01712
Douglas TownWorcesterOpen town meeting8,47137.736.41775
Dover TownNorfolkOpen town meeting5,58915.415.31836
Dracut TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting29,45721.420.91701
Dudley TownWorcesterOpen town meeting11,39022.121.11732
Dunstable TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting3,17916.716.61673
Duxbury TownPlymouthOpen town meeting15,05937.623.81637
East Bridgewater TownPlymouthOpen town meeting13,79417.517.21823
East Brookfield TownWorcesterOpen town meeting2,18310.49.81920
East Longmeadow CityHampdenManager-Council15,72013.013.01894
Eastham TownBarnstableOpen town meeting4,95625.714.01646
Easthampton CityHampshireMayor-council16,05313.613.31809
Easton TownBristolOpen town meeting23,11229.228.41725
Edgartown TownDukesOpen town meeting4,067122.7271671
Egremont TownBerkshireOpen town meeting1,22518.918.71775
Erving TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,80014.413.91838
Essex TownEssexOpen town meeting3,50415.9141819
Everett CityMiddlesexMayor-council41,6673.73.41870
Fairhaven TownBristolRepresentative town meeting15,87314.112.41812
Fall River CityBristolMayor-council88,85740.233.11803
Falmouth TownBarnstableRepresentative town meeting31,53154.444.11686
Fitchburg CityWorcesterMayor-council40,31828.127.81764
Florida TownBerkshireOpen town meeting75224.624.41805
Foxborough TownNorfolkOpen town meeting16,86520.920.11778
Framingham CityMiddlesexMayor-council68,31826.525.01700
Franklin City [4] NorfolkCouncil-administrator31,63527.026.61778
Freetown TownBristolOpen town meeting8,87038.336.61683
Gardner CityWorcesterMayor-council20,22823.022.11785
Georgetown TownEssexOpen town meeting8,18313.212.91838
Gill TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,50014.813.71793
Gloucester CityEssexMayor-council28,78941.526.21623
Goshen TownHampshireOpen town meeting1,05417.717.41781
Gosnold TownDukesOpen town meeting75140.213.21864
Grafton TownWorcesterOpen town meeting17,76523.322.71735
Granby TownHampshireOpen town meeting6,24028.127.81768
Granville TownHampdenOpen town meeting1,56643.042.21775
Great Barrington TownBerkshireOpen town meeting7,10445.844.81761
Greenfield City [4] FranklinMayor-council17,45621.921.41775
Groton TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting10,64633.732.81655
Groveland TownEssexOpen town meeting6,4599.49.01850
Hadley TownHampshireOpen town meeting5,25024.623.11661
Halifax TownPlymouthOpen town meeting7,51817.316.21734
Hamilton TownEssexOpen town meeting7,76414.914.21793
Hampden TownHampdenOpen town meeting5,13919.719.61878
Hancock TownBerkshireOpen town meeting71735.835.71776
Hanover TownPlymouthOpen town meeting13,87915.715.61727
Hanson TownPlymouthOpen town meeting10,20915.715.01820
Hardwick TownWorcesterOpen town meeting2,99040.838.61739
Harvard TownWorcesterOpen town meeting6,52027.026.41732
Harwich TownBarnstableOpen town meeting12,24333.120.91694
Hatfield TownHampshireOpen town meeting3,27916.815.91670
Haverhill CityEssexMayor-council60,87935.733.01641
Hawley TownFranklinOpen town meeting33730.930.91792
Heath TownFranklinOpen town meeting70624.924.91785
Hingham TownPlymouthOpen town meeting22,15726.322.21635
Hinsdale TownBerkshireOpen town meeting2,03221.720.71804
Holbrook TownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting10,7917.47.41872
Holden TownWorcesterOpen town meeting17,34636.235.01741
Holland TownHampdenOpen town meeting2,48113.112.31835
Holliston TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting13,54719.018.71724
Holyoke CityHampdenMayor-council39,88022.821.21850
Hopedale TownWorcesterOpen town meeting5,9115.35.21886
Hopkinton TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting14,92528.226.61715
Hubbardston TownWorcesterOpen town meeting4,38242.041.01775
Hudson TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting19,06311.811.51866
Hull TownPlymouthOpen town meeting10,29326.92.81644
Huntington TownHampshireOpen town meeting2,18026.826.31775
Ipswich TownEssexOpen town meeting13,17542.532.11634
Kingston TownPlymouthOpen town meeting12,62920.518.61726
Lakeville TownPlymouthOpen town meeting10,60236.129.61853
Lancaster TownWorcesterOpen town meeting8,05528.227.71653
Lanesborough TownBerkshireOpen town meeting3,09129.628.81765
Lawrence CityEssexMayor-council76,3777.46.91847
Lee TownBerkshireRepresentative town meeting5,94327.026.11777
Leicester TownWorcesterOpen town meeting10,97024.723.41714
Lenox TownBerkshireOpen town meeting5,02521.721.21775
Leominster CityWorcesterMayor-council40,75929.728.91740
Leverett TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,85123.022.91774
Lexington TownMiddlesexRepresentative town meeting31,39416.516.41713
Leyden TownFranklinOpen town meeting71118.017.91809
Lincoln TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting6,36215.014.41754
Littleton TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting8,92417.616.61715
Longmeadow TownHampdenOpen town meeting15,7849.79.11783
Lowell CityMiddlesexMayor-manager-council106,51914.513.61826
Ludlow TownHampdenRepresentative town meeting21,10328.227.21775
Lunenburg TownWorcesterOpen town meeting10,08627.726.41728
Lynn CityEssexMayor-council90,32913.510.71629
Lynnfield TownEssexOpen town meeting11,59610.59.91814
Malden CityMiddlesexMayor-council59,4505.15.01649
Manchester-by-the-Sea TownEssexOpen town meeting5,13618.39.21645
Mansfield TownBristolOpen town meeting23,18420.720.51775
Marblehead TownEssexOpen town meeting19,80819.64.41629
Marion TownPlymouthOpen town meeting4,90726.112.11852
Marlborough CityMiddlesexMayor-council38,49922.120.91660
Marshfield TownPlymouthOpen town meeting25,13231.728.51640
Mashpee TownBarnstableOpen town meeting14,00627.223.41870
Mattapoisett TownPlymouthOpen town meeting6,04524.217.41857
Maynard TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting10,1065.45.21871
Medfield TownNorfolkOpen town meeting12,02414.614.51651
Medford CityMiddlesexMayor-council56,1738.78.11630
Medway TownNorfolkOpen town meeting12,75211.511.51713
Melrose CityMiddlesexMayor-council26,9834.84.71850
Mendon TownWorcesterOpen town meeting5,83918.318.11667
Merrimac TownEssexOpen town meeting6,3388.88.51876
Methuen City [4] EssexMayor-council47,25523.022.21725
Middleborough TownPlymouthOpen town meeting23,11672.269.11669
Middlefield TownHampshireOpen town meeting52124.224.21783
Middleton TownEssexOpen town meeting8,98714.514.01728
Milford TownWorcesterRepresentative town meeting27,99914.914.61780
Millbury TownWorcesterOpen town meeting13,26116.315.71813
Millis TownNorfolkOpen town meeting7,89112.312.21885
Millville TownWorcesterOpen town meeting3,1905.04.91916
Milton TownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting27,00313.313.01662
Monroe TownFranklinOpen town meeting12110.810.71822
Monson TownHampdenOpen town meeting8,56044.844.11775
Montague TownFranklinRepresentative town meeting8,43731.530.21775
Monterey TownBerkshireOpen town meeting96127.426.41847
Montgomery TownHampdenOpen town meeting83815.215.11780
Mount Washington TownBerkshireOpen town meeting16722.422.21779
Nahant TownEssexOpen town meeting3,41015.51.01853
Nantucket TownNantucketOpen town meeting10,172105.347.81671
Natick TownMiddlesexRepresentative town meeting33,00616.115.11781
Needham TownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting28,88612.712.61711
New Ashford TownBerkshireOpen town meeting22813.513.41835
New Bedford CityBristolMayor-council95,07224.120.01787
New Braintree TownWorcesterOpen town meeting99920.920.71775
New Marlborough TownBerkshireOpen town meeting1,50947.946.91775
New Salem TownFranklinOpen town meeting99058.644.81775
Newbury TownEssexOpen town meeting6,66626.323.41635
Newburyport CityEssexMayor-council17,41610.78.31764
Newton CityMiddlesexMayor-council [7] 85,14618.217.81688
Norfolk TownNorfolkOpen town meeting11,22715.214.81870
North Adams CityBerkshireMayor-council13,70820.620.41878
North Andover TownEssexOpen town meeting28,35227.826.31855
North Attleborough CityBristolManager-council28,71219.118.61887
North Brookfield TownWorcesterOpen town meeting4,68021.721.11812
North Reading TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting14,89213.513.31853
Northampton CityHampshireMayor-council28,54935.834.21656
Northborough TownWorcesterOpen town meeting14,15518.818.51775
Northbridge TownWorcesterOpen town meeting15,70718.117.21775
Northfield TownFranklinOpen town meeting3,03235.434.31723
Norton TownBristolOpen town meeting19,03129.828.71711
Norwell TownPlymouthOpen town meeting10,50621.220.91849
Norwood TownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting28,60210.610.51872
Oak Bluffs TownDukesOpen town meeting4,52726.07.41880
Oakham TownWorcesterOpen town meeting1,90221.521.11775
Orange TownFranklinOpen town meeting7,83936.035.11810
Orleans TownBarnstableOpen town meeting5,89022.714.11797
Otis TownBerkshireOpen town meeting1,61238.035.61773
Oxford TownWorcesterOpen town meeting13,70927.526.61713
Palmer City [4] HampdenCouncil-manager12,14032.031.61775
Paxton TownWorcesterOpen town meeting4,80615.514.71775
Peabody CityEssexMayor-council51,25116.816.21868
Pelham TownHampshireOpen town meeting1,32126.525.11743
Pembroke TownPlymouthOpen town meeting17,83723.521.81712
Pepperell TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting11,49723.222.61775
Peru TownBerkshireOpen town meeting84726.025.91771
Petersham TownWorcesterOpen town meeting1,23468.354.21754
Phillipston TownWorcesterOpen town meeting1,68224.624.31786
Pittsfield CityBerkshireMayor-council44,73742.540.51761
Plainfield TownHampshireOpen town meeting64821.321.11807
Plainville TownNorfolkOpen town meeting8,26411.511.01905
Plymouth TownPlymouthRepresentative town meeting56,468134.096.51620
Plympton TownPlymouthOpen town meeting2,82015.114.81707
Princeton TownWorcesterOpen town meeting3,41335.835.41771
Provincetown TownBarnstableOpen town meeting2,94217.59.71727
Quincy CityNorfolkMayor-council92,27126.916.61792
Randolph City [4] NorfolkCouncil-manager32,11210.510.11793
Raynham TownBristolOpen town meeting13,38320.920.51731
Reading TownMiddlesexRepresentative town meeting24,7479.99.91644
Rehoboth TownBristolOpen town meeting11,60846.846.51645
Revere CitySuffolkMayor-council51,75510.15.71846
Richmond TownBerkshireOpen town meeting1,47519.018.71765
Rochester TownPlymouthOpen town meeting5,23236.433.91686
Rockland TownPlymouthOpen town meeting17,48910.110.01874
Rockport TownEssexOpen town meeting6,95217.57.01840
Rowe TownFranklinOpen town meeting39324.023.41785
Rowley TownEssexOpen town meeting5,85620.318.21639
Royalston TownWorcesterOpen town meeting1,25842.541.91765
Russell TownHampdenOpen town meeting1,77517.817.31792
Rutland TownWorcesterOpen town meeting7,97336.435.31713
Salem CityEssexMayor-council41,34018.38.31626
Salisbury TownEssexOpen town meeting8,28317.915.41639
Sandisfield TownBerkshireOpen town meeting91553.051.81762
Sandwich TownBarnstableOpen town meeting20,67544.242.71638
Saugus TownEssexRepresentative town meeting26,62811.810.81815
Savoy TownBerkshireOpen town meeting69236.035.81797
Scituate TownPlymouthOpen town meeting18,13331.817.61636
Seekonk TownBristolOpen town meeting13,72218.318.21812
Sharon TownNorfolkOpen town meeting17,61224.223.31775
Sheffield TownBerkshireOpen town meeting3,25748.647.51733
Shelburne TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,89323.423.21775
Sherborn TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting4,11916.216.01674
Shirley TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting7,21115.915.81775
Shrewsbury TownWorcesterRepresentative town meeting35,60821.720.71727
Shutesbury TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,77127.226.61761
Somerset TownBristolOpen town meeting18,16512.08.11790
Somerville CityMiddlesexMayor-council75,7544.24.11842
South Hadley TownHampshireRepresentative town meeting17,51418.417.71775
Southampton TownHampshireOpen town meeting5,79229.128.21775
Southborough TownWorcesterOpen town meeting9,76715.714.21727
Southbridge City [4] WorcesterCouncil-manager16,71920.920.21816
Southwick TownHampdenOpen town meeting9,50231.730.81775
Spencer TownWorcesterOpen town meeting11,68834.132.91775
Springfield CityHampdenMayor-council153,06033.131.91636
Sterling TownWorcesterOpen town meeting7,80831.630.51781
Stockbridge TownBerkshireOpen town meeting1,94723.722.71739
Stoneham TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting21,4376.76.21725
Stoughton TownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting26,96216.316.01726
Stow TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting6,59018.117.61683
Sturbridge TownWorcesterOpen town meeting9,26839.037.41738
Sudbury TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting17,65924.624.41639
Sunderland TownFranklinOpen town meeting3,68414.714.21714
Sutton TownWorcesterOpen town meeting8,96333.932.41714
Swampscott TownEssexRepresentative town meeting13,7876.73.11852
Swansea TownBristolOpen town meeting15,86525.523.11667
Taunton CityBristolMayor-council55,87448.446.71639
Templeton TownWorcesterOpen town meeting8,01332.432.01762
Tewksbury TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting28,96121.120.71734
Tisbury TownDukesOpen town meeting3,94919.16.51671
Tolland TownHampdenOpen town meeting48532.831.51810
Topsfield TownEssexOpen town meeting6,08512.811.91650
Townsend TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting8,92633.132.91732
Truro TownBarnstableOpen town meeting2,00326.321.11709
Tyngsborough TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting11,29218.116.91809
Tyringham TownBerkshireOpen town meeting32718.918.61762
Upton TownWorcesterOpen town meeting7,54221.721.51735
Uxbridge TownWorcesterOpen town meeting13,45730.429.51727
Wakefield TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting24,9327.97.51812
Wales TownHampdenOpen town meeting1,83815.915.71762
Walpole TownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting24,07021.020.51724
Waltham CityMiddlesexMayor-council60,63213.812.71738
Ware TownHampshireOpen town meeting9,87240.034.41775
Wareham TownPlymouthOpen town meeting21,82246.335.81739
Warren TownWorcesterOpen town meeting5,13527.627.51742
Warwick TownFranklinOpen town meeting78037.637.31763
Washington TownBerkshireOpen town meeting53838.8381777
Watertown City [4] MiddlesexCouncil-manager31,9154.14.01630
Wayland TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting12,99415.915.21780
Webster TownWorcesterOpen town meeting16,76714.512.51832
Wellesley TownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting27,98210.510.21881
Wellfleet TownBarnstableOpen town meeting2,75035.419.81775
Wendell TownFranklinOpen town meeting84832.231.91781
Wenham TownEssexOpen town meeting4,8758.17.61643
West Boylston TownWorcesterOpen town meeting7,66913.812.91808
West Bridgewater TownPlymouthOpen town meeting6,91615.715.31822
West Brookfield TownWorcesterOpen town meeting3,70121.120.51848
West Newbury TownEssexOpen town meeting4,23514.713.41819
West Springfield City [4] HampdenMayor-council28,39117.516.71774
West Stockbridge TownBerkshireOpen town meeting1,30618.718.51775
West Tisbury TownDukesOpen town meeting2,74041.825.01892
Westborough TownWorcesterOpen town meeting18,27221.620.51717
Westfield CityHampdenMayor-council41,09447.346.31669
Westford TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting21,95131.330.61729
Westhampton TownHampshireOpen town meeting1,60727.427.21778
Westminster TownWorcesterOpen town meeting7,27737.335.31770
Weston TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting11,26117.317.01713
Westport TownBristolOpen town meeting15,53264.450.11787
Westwood TownNorfolkOpen town meeting14,61811.111.01897
Weymouth City [4] NorfolkMayor-council53,74321.616.81635
Whately TownFranklinOpen town meeting1,49620.720.21771
Whitman TownPlymouthOpen town meeting14,4897.17.01875
Wilbraham TownHampdenOpen town meeting14,21922.422.21763
Williamsburg TownHampshireOpen town meeting2,48225.725.61775
Williamstown TownBerkshireOpen town meeting7,75446.946.81765
Wilmington TownMiddlesexOpen town meeting22,32517.217.11730
Winchendon TownWorcesterOpen town meeting10,30044.143.31764
Winchester TownMiddlesexRepresentative town meeting21,3746.36.01850
Windsor TownBerkshireOpen town meeting89935.235.01771
Winthrop City [4] SuffolkCouncil-manager17,4978.32.01852
Woburn CityMiddlesexMayor-aldermen38,12012.912.71642
Worcester CityWorcesterMayor-manager-council181,04538.537.41684
Worthington TownHampshireOpen town meeting1,15632.131.91768
Wrentham TownNorfolkOpen town meeting10,95522.922.21673
Yarmouth TownBarnstableOpen town meeting23,79328.224.11639

List of cities by official name

The following tabular list shows the 57 government divisions of the Commonwealth which have been officially granted the right to use the city form of government along with the official name in use by each municipality. [Note 1]

MunicipalityOfficial nameWeb reference
AgawamTown of Agawam
AmesburyCity of Amesbury
AmherstTown of Amherst
AttleboroCity of Attleboro
BarnstableTown of Barnstable
BeverlyCity of Beverly
BostonCity of Boston
BraintreeTown of Braintree
BridgewaterTown of Bridgewater
BrocktonCity of Brockton
CambridgeCity of Cambridge
ChelseaCity of Chelsea
ChicopeeCity of Chicopee
EasthamptonCity of Easthampton
EverettCity of Everett
Fall RiverCity of Fall River
FitchburgCity of Fitchburg
FraminghamCity of Framingham
FranklinTown of Franklin
GardnerCity of Gardner
GloucesterCity of Gloucester
GreenfieldCity of Greenfield
HaverhillCity of Haverhill
HolyokeCity of Holyoke
LawrenceCity of Lawrence
LeominsterCity of Leominster
LowellCity of Lowell
LynnCity of Lynn
MaldenCity of Malden
MarlboroughCity of Marlborough
MedfordCity of Medford
MelroseCity of Melrose
MethuenCity of Methuen
New BedfordCity of New Bedford
NewburyportCity of Newburyport
NewtonCity of Newton
North AdamsCity of North Adams
NorthamptonCity of Northampton
PalmerTown of Palmer
PeabodyCity of Peabody
PittsfieldCity of Pittsfield
QuincyCity of Quincy
Randolph [8] Town of Randolph
RevereCity of Revere
SalemCity of Salem
SomervilleCity of Somerville
SouthbridgeTown of Southbridge
SpringfieldCity of Springfield
TauntonCity of Taunton
WalthamCity of Waltham
WatertownTown of Watertown
WestfieldCity of Westfield
West SpringfieldTown of West Springfield
WeymouthTown of Weymouth
WinthropTown of Winthrop
WoburnCity of Woburn
WorcesterCity of Worcester

Geography of towns at formation

Formation of Massachusetts cities and towns, 1620-1870 Formation of Massachusetts towns.svg
Formation of Massachusetts cities and towns, 1620–1870

This map shows towns colored by the date they were incorporated in Massachusetts since the founding of Plimoth Plantation in 1620. Many of the towns and future cities shown covering the area of their original incorporation have since been divided into two, three or in some cases several smaller municipalities. For example, Dorchester was incorporated in 1630 and originally included all of the current Dorchester, now the largest neighborhood of Boston, plus the Boston neighborhood of Mattapan, and all of present-day Quincy, Milton, Braintree, Randolph, Holbrook, Canton, Sharon, Stoughton, Avon and the northeast portion of Foxboro. Nearly all of Massachusetts territory had been incorporated by 1815, with the final three areas of Erving (1838), Gay Head (now Aquinnah) and Mashpee (both 1870) being incorporated from previously Native American land.

Former municipalities

Some towns and cities were annexed to others; disincorporated; or ceded to another state in their entirety. This list does not include territory changes affecting only part of a municipality; see History of Massachusetts.


The following formerly independent municipalities have been annexed to Boston:

The town of Bradford was annexed to Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1897.


The following towns were disincorporated in 1938 due to the construction of the Quabbin Reservoir; all their territory was absorbed into surrounding towns:


The following towns were ceded to the Rhode Island colony in 1747 as part of a border dispute:

The following towns joined the Connecticut Colony in late 1749 after separating from Springfield or just joining Connecticut.[ citation needed ]

Due to general lack of colonial government there, all four towns in colonial New Hampshire chose to become part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1641. They were ceded to the re-formed Province of New Hampshire in 1680, under a newly-issued royal charter.

Numerous towns were ceded to New Hampshire after the Northern boundary of Massachusetts was defined by royal decree in 1741.

Those towns were later disincorporated and reincorporated under New Hampshire laws on the same day in 1746.

All settlements in the District of Maine were ceded when the state of Maine gained its independence from Massachusetts in 1820 as part of the Missouri Compromise.

Archaic names

Many municipalities have changed names. [9]

Old nameModern nameCountyNotes
Acushena Dartmouth Bristol
Agawam Dartmouth BristolDifferent from Agawam in Hampden County
Agawam Plantation Springfield HampdenAn Agawam separated from Springfield via West Springfield
Andrewstown Chesterfield Hampshire
Apponegansett Dartmouth Bristol
Ashuelot Equivalent Dalton Berkshire
Attleborough Attleboro BristolThe -ugh was dropped when the city was re-incorporated in 1914
Barnardstone's Grant Florida Berkshire
Basse River Beverly Essex
Belcher's Town Belchertown Hampshire
Berkshire Equivalent Florida Berkshire
Billirikey Billerica Middlesex
Blue Hill Lands Braintree Norfolk
Boggestow Sherborn Middlesex
Boston Township Number One Charlemont Franklin
Boston Township Number Two Colrain Franklin
Bullock's Grant Florida Berkshire
Bullocks Grant Clarksburg Berkshire
Cabotville Chicopee Hampden
Cambridge Farms Lexington Middlesex
Cambridge South Parish Brighton Suffolk
Cape Ann Gloucester EssexDifferent from the modern definition of Cape Ann, which includes Gloucester, Essex, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Rockport
Chabakongomum Dudley Worcester
Chabanagungamug Dudley Worcester
Chappequiddick Edgartown Dukes
Charley Mount Charlemont Franklin
Charlton Charlestown Suffolk
Chebacco Essex Essex
Chequocket Barnstable Barnstable
Chuckomug Barnstable Barnstable
Coa Barnstable Barnstable
Cochickawick Andover Essex
Cochituit Andover Essex
Cokachoise Barnstable Barnstable
Cold Spring Belchertown Hampshire
Colechester Salisbury Essex
Conahasset Cohasset Norfolk
Concord Village Acton Middlesex
Contentment Dedham Norfolk
Cotachesett Barnstable Barnstable
Cottage City Oak Bluffs Dukes
Danforth's Farms Framingham Middlesex
District of Carlisle Carlisle Middlesex
Dorchester Village Canton Norfolk
Dorchester-Canada Plantation Ashburnham Worcester
Ducksburrow Duxbury Plymouth
Duxburrow Plantation Bridgewater Plymouth
East Chelmsford Lowell Middlesex
East Hoosuck Plantation Adams Berkshire
East Sudbury Wayland Middlesex
Edgar Towne Edgartown Dukes
Emesbury Amesbury Essex
Erving's Grant Enfield Hampshire
Fair Haven Village Fairhaven Bristol
Falls Fight Bernardston Franklin
Falltown Plantation Bernardston Franklin
Five Pound Island Gloucester Essex
Foords Farm Bridgewater Plymouth
Fort Massachusetts Adams Berkshire
Freeman's Purchase Fall River Bristol
Freemens Land Freetown Bristol
Gageborough Windsor Berkshire
Gay Head Aquinnah Dukes
Gay Head Indian District Aquinnah Dukes
Gerry Phillipston Worcester
Glasgow Blandford Hampden
Gloscester Gloucester Essex
Great Harbour Edgartown Dukes
Green Harbor Duxbury Plymouth
Greenwich Enfield Hampshire
Hack's Grant Enfield Hampshire
Hawthorn Danvers Essex
Hadley Third Precinct Amherst Hampshire
Hockamock Easton Bristol
Hockomock Bridgewater Plymouth
Housatonic Township Number Four Becket Berkshire
Huntstown Plantation Ashfield Franklin
Hutchinson Barre Worcester
Ipswich Eighth Parish Essex Essex
Ireland Holyoke Hampden
Iron Work Farm Acton Middlesex
Ketiticut Bridgewater Plymouth
Kokachoise Barnstable Barnstable
Litchfield Dunstable Middlesex
Little Cambridge Brighton Suffolk
Little Salisbury Amesbury Essex
Lyttleton Littleton Middlesex
Manamoiet Chatham Barnstable
Manamoit Village Chatham Barnstable
Manamooskeagin Abington Plymouth
Manchaug Sutton Worcester
Manor of Tisbury Chilmark Dukes
Mattakeeset Barnstable Barnstable
Mattakeeset Duxbury Plymouth
Mattapan Dorchester SuffolkSection of Boston
Mennems Moone Dorchester Suffolk
Menotomy Arlington Middlesex
Merry Mount Merrymount NorfolkNeighborhood of Quincy
Middlesex Gore Dudley Worcester
Mile & Half of Land Attleboro Bristol
Minnechaug Hampden Hampden
Minot's Grant Cummington Hampshire
Mishawum Charlestown Suffolk
Mistic Barnstable Barnstable
Mohootset Carver Plymouth
Monatiquot Braintree Norfolk
Monomoy Chatham Barnstable
Monument Village Bourne Barnstable
Moskeehtucketqut Barnstable Barnstable
Mount Dagan Braintree Norfolk
Mount Wollaston Merrymount NorfolkNeighborhood of Quincy
Muddy River Brookline Norfolk
Murrayfield Chester Hampden
Murrayfield Grant Cummington Hampshire
Musketequid Concord Middlesex
Namassakeesett Duxbury Plymouth
Nashowakemmuck Chilmark Dukes
Nawsett Eastham Barnstable
New Glasgow Blandford Hampden
New Grant Acton Middlesex
New Hingham Plantation Chesterfield Hampshire
New Providence Cheshire Berkshire
New Providence Hill Cheshire Berkshire
New Providence Plantation Adams Berkshire
New Providence Purchase Cheshire Berkshire
New Rowley Georgetown Essex
New Sherburn Douglas Worcester
Newe Towne Cambridge MiddlesexIncluded modern Newton
Newtown Cambridge MiddlesexIncluded modern Newton
No Town Plantation Buckland Franklin
Nobscusset Dennis Barnstable
Noman's Land Chilmark Dukes
Noddle's Island Boston Suffolk
North Bridgewater Brockton Plymouth
North Purchase Attleboro Bristol
North Sandwich Bourne Barnstable
North Wrentham Norfolk Norfolk
Nossett Eastham Barnstable
Noticock Dunstable Middlesex
Nottingham Dunstable Middlesex
Number Thirteen Chelsea Suffolk
Nunketest Bridgewater Plymouth
Nunnepog Edgartown Dukes
Passacomuck Easthampton Hampshire
Pawtucket Chelmsford Middlesex
Pawtucket Dracut Middlesex
Payquage Plantation Athol Worcester
Peymechit Barnstable Barnstable
Plantation Chickleystown Charlemont Franklin
Plantation Number Five (1762 Township) Cummington Hampshire
Plantation Number Four Becket Berkshire
Plantation Number Nine (1762 Township) Chester Hampden
Plantation Number One (Western Township of 1762) Chesterfield Hampshire
Plantation Number One Adams Berkshire
Pocomtuck Deerfield Franklin
Podunke Alford Berkshire
Podunkville Alford Berkshire
Poguaige Athol Worcester
Pompositicut Stow Middlesex
Provincetown on Mills River Athol Worcester
Pullen Poynte Chelsea Suffolk
Pullin Point Chelsea Suffolk
Punkapoag Canton Norfolk
Quabaug Territory Brookfield Worcester
Quabaug Territory East Brookfield Worcester
Quaboag Brookfield Worcester
Quequechan Region Fall River Bristol
Quichickichick Andover Essex
Quinsigamond Worcester Worcester
Quobauge Brookfield Worcester
Rowley Village Boxford Essex
Rumney Marsh Chelsea Suffolk
Rutland District Barre Worcester
Sacconeesett Falmouth Barnstable
Salem Farms Danvers Essex
Salem Middle Parish Danvers Essex
Salem Village Parish Danvers Essex
Salisbury-new-toune Amesbury Essex
Santuite Barnstable Barnstable
Satucket Brewster Barnstable
Satuite Barnstable Barnstable
Sawkatucket Brewster Barnstable
Scipuiszet Falmouth Barnstable
Sconticut Fairhaven Bristol
Seipuiszet Falmouth Barnstable
Sepoese Barnstable Barnstable
Sepuit Barnstable Barnstable
Sesuet Dennis Barnstable
Shawanon Egremont Berkshire
Shawanon Purchase Alford Berkshire
Shawmut Boston Suffolk
Shawshinnock Billerica Middlesex
Shawsin Billerica Middlesex
Sipnesset Barnstable Barnstable
Skonkonet Barnstable Barnstable
Skunkamug Barnstable Barnstable
Slacksville Plainville Norfolk
South Malden Everett Middlesex
South Parish Enfield Hampshire
South Purchase Dighton Bristol
South Reading Wakefield Middlesex
South Redding Wakefield Middlesex
South Wilbraham Hampden Hampden
Springfield Parish Dover Norfolk
Squantums Neck Quincy NorfolkAnnexed to Dorchester 1641, annexed to Quincy 1792 [10]
Suckanesset Falmouth Barnstable
Sudbury Wayland Middlesex
Suffield Equivalent Lands Blandford Hampden
Tamahappaseeacon Barnstable Barnstable
Taunton Dighton BristolDifferent from modern Taunton
Taunton North Purchase Easton Bristol
Tiverton Freetown BristolDifferent from modern Tiverton, Rhode Island
Tragabigzanda Gloucester Essex
Tremont Boston Suffolk
Trimountaine Boston Suffolk
Troy Fall River Bristol
Turkey Hill Fitchburg Worcester
Unquityquesset Milton Norfolk
Vinson's Cove Gloucester Essex
Wameset Chelmsford Middlesex
Waqua Edgartown Dukes
Ward Auburn Worcester
Washqua Edgartown Dukes
Waskotussoo Barnstable Barnstable
Watatick Hill Ashburnham Worcester
Wattuppa Freetown Bristol
Weguasset Chatham Barnstable
Wellington Dighton Bristol
Wequaquet Barnstable Barnstable
Wessagusset Colony Weymouth NorfolkFounded by Thomas Weston in 1622, 2nd oldest European settlement in Massachusetts. Incorporated as Weymouth in 1635 by settlers from the Dorset, England town of the same name.
West Cambridge Arlington Middlesex
West Hoosuck Williamstown Berkshire
West Sandwich Bourne Barnstable
Weymouth Canada Ashfield Franklin
Willard's Farm Acton Middlesex
Winnissimet Chelsea Suffolk
Wood End Reading Middlesex
Wyngaersheek Gloucester Essex
Yanno's Land Barnstable Barnstable
York Egremont Berkshire

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  1. The main source for the table is the Massachusetts Municipal Association 2009-2010 Municipal Directory Archived 2013-06-15 at the Wayback Machine . The MMA Directory is not an official state document, but is more up to date and specific than the official list from the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth's office, which is dated 03-11-2008 and does not include Palmer, Randolph and Winthrop, which have since adopted the city form of government.

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Massachusetts shares with the five other New England states a governmental structure known as the New England town. Only the southeastern third of the state has functioning county governments; in western, central, and northeastern Massachusetts, traditional county-level government was eliminated in the late 1990s. Generally speaking, there are four kinds of public school districts in Massachusetts: local schools, regional schools, vocational/technical schools, and charter schools.

Neighborhoods in Boston

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New England town Basic unit of local government in the six New England states of the United States

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Southeastern Massachusetts Region of Massachusetts in the United States

Southeastern Massachusetts consists of those portions of Massachusetts located along Buzzards Bay, including the cities of New Bedford and Fall River and their respective suburbs. Despite the location of Cape Cod and the islands to its south, which are the southeasternmost parts of the state, they are not always grouped in this designation. At its broadest definition, it includes all of Massachusetts south of Boston and southeast of Worcester.

Municipal annexation is a process by which a municipality expands its boundaries into adjacent areas not already incorporated into the municipality. This has been a common response of cities to urbanization in neighboring areas. It may be done because the neighboring urban areas seek municipal services or because a city seeks control over its suburbs or neighboring unincorporated areas.

John Eliot Square District United States historic place

John Eliot Square District is a historic district located in the northern Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. It is formed by the intersection of Dudley, Bartlett, Centre, Roxbury and Highland Streets. Named after local missionary to the Indians, John Eliot, the square was the site of the Roxbury town center after its founding in 1630. Roxbury was annexed to Boston in 1868, and John Eliot Square was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. The square is the nucleus of Roxbury Heritage State Park, a history-themed heritage park.

Local government in New Hampshire consists of county, school district, and municipal governments.

Roxbury Heritage State Park

Roxbury Heritage State Park is a history-themed heritage park in the oldest part of Roxbury, a former town annexed in 1868 by Boston, Massachusetts. It is anchored by the Dillaway–Thomas House, a large colonial structure built in 1750 and thought to be the oldest surviving house in Roxbury. The location includes an adjacent 1-acre (0.40 ha) landscaped park with views of the Boston skyline, and is part of the Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston.

A Vermont municipality is a particular type of New England municipality. It is the basic unit of local government.

Southbridge, Massachusetts Town in Massachusetts, United States

Southbridge is a city in Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 16,719 at the 2010 census. Although Southbridge has a city form of government, it is legally known as the Town of Southbridge.


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