List of cities in Japan

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Cities designated by government ordinance
Core cities
Special cities
Special wards Cities in Japan.png
  Cities designated by government ordinance
  Core cities
  Special cities
  Special wards

This is a list of cities in Japan sorted by prefecture and within prefecture by founding date. The list is also sortable by population, area, density and foundation date. Most large cities in Japan are cities designated by government ordinance. Some regionally important cities are designated as core cities. Tokyo is not included on this list, as the City of Tokyo ceased to exist on July 1, 1943. Tokyo now exists as a special metropolis prefecture (都 to), with 23 special wards (with the same status of city) making up the former boundaries of the former city in the eastern half of the prefecture.



TypeJapanese termQuantity
    City designated by government ordinance 政令指定都市20
    Core city 中核市62
    Former special city (category abolished 2015) 特例市23
    City 687
    Special ward 特別区23
City (Special Ward)JapanesePrefecturePopulationArea (km2)Density (per km2)FoundedWebsite
Nagoya 名古屋市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 2,327,557326.456,8601889-10-01
Toyohashi 豊橋市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 377,045261.351,4431906-08-01
Okazaki 岡崎市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 371,380387.249591916-07-01
Ichinomiya 一宮市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 375,939113.913,3001921-09-01
Seto 瀬戸市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 132,311111.611,1851929-10-01
Handa 半田市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 117,92747.242,4961937-10-01
Kasugai 春日井市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 300,71392.713,2441943-06-01
Toyokawa 豊川市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 161,595150.711,0721943-06-01
Tsushima 津島市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 65,64625.082,6171947-03-01
Hekinan 碧南市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 73,02435.862,0361948-04-05
Kariya 刈谷市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 145,11750.452,8761950-04-01
Toyota 豊田市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 420,286918.474581951-03-01
Anjō 安城市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 176,04686.012,0471952-05-05
Nishio 西尾市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 106,64375.781,4071953-12-15
Gamagōri 蒲郡市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 82,26456.811,4481954-04-01
Inuyama 犬山市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 75,30474.971,0041954-04-01
Tokoname 常滑市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 52,83755.639501954-04-01
Kōnan 江南市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 100,06430.173,3171954-06-01
Komaki 小牧市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 149,06062.822,3731955-01-01
Inazawa 稲沢市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 137,47579.301,7341958-11-01
Tōkai 東海市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 106,70843.362,4611969-04-01
Ōbu 大府市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 83,09733.682,4671970-09-01
Chita 知多市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 84,78245.431,8661970-09-01
Chiryū 知立市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 68,21616.344,1751970-12-01
Owariasahi 尾張旭市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 79,19721.033,7661970-12-01
Takahama 高浜市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 43,46713.003,3441970-12-01
Iwakura 岩倉市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 48,04210.494,5801971-12-01
Toyoake 豊明市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 69,12423.182,9821972-08-01
Nisshin 日進市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 80,92134.902,3191994-10-01
Tahara 田原市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 66,698188.813532003-08-20
Aisai 愛西市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 65,48166.639832005-04-01
Kiyosu 清須市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 56,63513.314,2552005-07-07
Shinshiro 新城市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 51,326499.001032005-10-01
Kitanagoya 北名古屋市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 80,11218.374,3612006-03-20
Yatomi 弥富市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 43,14548.928822006-04-01
Miyoshi みよし市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 62,00132.111,9302010-01-04
Ama あま市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 86,87627.593,1602010-03-22
Nagakute 長久手市Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg  Aichi 57,76421.552,6802012-01-04
Akita 秋田市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 329,287905.673641889-04-01
Ōdate 大館市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 80,587913.7088.21951-04-01
Kazuno 鹿角市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 35,543707.3450.21972-04-01
Daisen 大仙市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 91,143866.671052005-03-22
Katagami 潟上市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 35,46097.963622005-03-22
Kitaakita 北秋田市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 38,5431,152.5733.42005-03-22
Oga 男鹿市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 34,194240.801422005-03-22
Yurihonjō 由利本荘市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 87,5251,209.0472.42005-03-22
Yuzawa 湯沢市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 53,588790.7267.82005-03-22
Semboku 仙北市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 30,8851,093.6428.22005-09-20
Yokote 横手市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 101,234693.601462005-10-01
Nikaho にかほ市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 28,422240.611182005-10-01
Noshiro 能代市Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg  Akita 61,295426.741442006-03-21
Hachinohe 八戸市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 241,613305.177921929-05-01
Kuroishi 黒石市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 37,585216.961731954-07-01
Misawa 三沢市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 42,535119.973551958-09-01
Mutsu むつ市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 62,220863.7972.01959-09-01
Towada 十和田市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 66,834688.6097.12005-01-01
Tsugaru つがる市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 38,919253.851532005-02-11
Goshogawara 五所川原市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 60,788404.581502005-03-28
Aomori 青森市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 305,884824.523712005-04-01
Hirakawa 平川市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 34,638345.811002006-01-01
Hirosaki 弘前市Flag of Aomori Prefecture.svg  Aomori 185,865523.603552006-02-27
Chiba 千葉市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 979,768272.083,4501921-01-01
Chōshi 銚子市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 72,34883.918621933-02-11
Ichikawa 市川市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 470,14957.408,1911934-11-03
Funabashi 船橋市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 586,76285.646,8511937-04-01
Tateyama 館山市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 49,987110.214541939-11-03
Kisarazu 木更津市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 123,743138.738921942-11-03
Matsudo 松戸市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 477,60361.337,7871943-04-01
Noda 野田市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 153,422103.541,4821950-05-03
Mobara 茂原市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 93,032100.019301952-04-01
Narita 成田市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 124,773213.845831954-03-31
Sakura 佐倉市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 171,472103.591,6551954-03-31
Tōgane 東金市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 61,59189.346891954-04-01
Narashino 習志野市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 159,75820.997,6111954-08-01
Kashiwa 柏市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 389,036114.903,3861954-09-01
Katsuura 勝浦市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 21,41394.202271958-10-01
Ichihara 市原市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 279,591368.207591963-05-01
Nagareyama 流山市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 156,68635.284,4411967-01-01
Yachiyo 八千代市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 184,65551.273,6021967-01-01
Abiko 我孫子市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 133,53343.193,0921970-07-01
Kamagaya 鎌ヶ谷市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 104,56421.114,9531971-09-01
Kimitsu 君津市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 89,350318.832801971-09-01
Futtsu 富津市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 48,973205.352381971-09-01
Urayasu 浦安市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 159,31217.299,2141981-04-01
Yotsukaidō 四街道市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 85,73834.702,4711981-04-01
Sodegaura 袖ヶ浦市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 59,44394.926261991-04-01
Yachimata 八街市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 75,36974.871,0071992-04-01
Inzai 印西市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 60,28053.511,1271996-04-01
Shiroi 白井市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 57,15135.411,6142001-04-01
Tomisato 富里市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 51,59053.919572002-04-01
Kamogawa 鴨川市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 35,792191.301872005-02-11
Asahi 旭市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 69,971129.915392005-07-01
Isumi いすみ市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 41,605157.502642005-12-05
Sōsa 匝瑳市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 41,361101.784062006-01-23
Minamibōsō 南房総市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 43,553230.221892006-03-20
Katori 香取市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 85,193262.313252006-03-27
Sanmu 山武市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 57,806146.383952006-03-27
Oamishirasato 大網白里市Flag of Chiba.svg  Chiba 51,17658.068812013-01-01
Matsuyama 松山市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 515,068429.031,2011889-12-15
Niihama 新居浜市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 123,329234.305261937-11-03
Shikokuchūō 四国中央市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 91,688420.102182004-04-01
Seiyo 西予市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 43,476514.7984.52004-04-01
Tōon 東温市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 35,517211.451682004-09-21
Saijō 西条市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 112,543509.052212004-11-01
Ōzu 大洲市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 49,543432.201152005-01-11
Imabari 今治市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 170,986419.854072005-01-16
Yawatahama 八幡浜市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 40,010132.983012005-03-28
Iyo 伊予市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 38,890194.472002005-04-01
Uwajima 宇和島市Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg  Ehime 86,819469.521852005-08-01
Fukui 福井市Flag of Fukui Prefecture.svg  Fukui 268,574536.175011889-04-01[/]
Tsuruga 敦賀市Flag of Fukui Prefecture.svg  Fukui 68,188250.752721937-04-01
Obama 小浜市Flag of Fukui Prefecture.svg  Fukui 31,486232.861351951-03-30
Ōno 大野市Flag of Fukui Prefecture.svg  Fukui 36,763872.3042.11954-07-01
Katsuyama 勝山市Flag of Fukui Prefecture.svg  Fukui 26,333253.681041954-09-01
Sabae 鯖江市Flag of Fukui Prefecture.svg  Fukui 67,43084.757961955-01-15
Awara あわら市Flag of Fukui Prefecture.svg  Fukui 30,765116.992632004-03-01
Echizen 越前市Flag of Fukui Prefecture.svg  Fukui 87,116230.753782005-10-01
Sakai 坂井市Flag of Fukui Prefecture.svg  Fukui 92,420209.914402006-03-20
Fukuoka 福岡市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 1,588,924340.964,5151889-04-01
Kurume 久留米市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 305,147229.841,3281889-04-01
Ōmuta 大牟田市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 127,47481.551,5631917-03-01
Nōgata 直方市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 57,31961.789281931-01-01
Tagawa 田川市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 50,48454.529261943-11-03
Yanagawa 柳川市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 72,79876.909471952-04-01
Yame 八女市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 60,114482.441251954-04-01
Chikugo 筑後市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 48,28141.851,1541954-04-01
Ōkawa 大川市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 38,26633.611,1391954-04-01
Yukuhashi 行橋市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 70,06469.831,0031954-10-10
Buzen 豊前市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 27,578111.172481955-04-10
Nakagawa 那珂川市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 50,00474.956672018-10-01
Nakama 中間市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 45,54915.982,8501958-11-01
Kitakyushu 北九州市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 940,978487.712,0241963-02-10
Ogōri 小郡市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 58,46045.501,2851972-04-01
Chikushino 筑紫野市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 98,91487.781,1271972-04-01
Kasuga 春日市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 107,84514.157,6221972-04-01
Ōnojō 大野城市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 94,03726.883,4981972-04-01
Munakata 宗像市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 94,877119.667931981-04-01
Dazaifu 太宰府市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 68,56129.582,3181982-04-01
Koga 古賀市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 57,08442.111,3561997-10-01
Fukutsu 福津市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 55,12352.701,0462005-01-24
Ukiha うきは市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 32,277117.552752005-03-20
Miyawaka 宮若市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 30,793139.992202006-02-11
Asakura 朝倉市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 57,881246.732352006-03-20
Iizuka 飯塚市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 132,208214.136172006-03-26
Kama 嘉麻市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 44,431135.183292006-03-27
Miyama みやま市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 42,219105.124022007-01-29
Itoshima 糸島市Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg  Fukuoka 100,304216.12464.112010-01-01
Aizuwakamatsu 会津若松市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 129,388383.033381899-04-01
Fukushima 福島市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 289,355746.433881907-04-01
Kōriyama 郡山市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 339,395757.064481924-09-01
Sukagawa 須賀川市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 80,336279.552871954-03-31
Sōma 相馬市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 38,543197.671951954-03-31
Iwaki いわき市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 349,9471,231.342841966-10-01
Tamura 田村市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 42,221458.3092.12005-03-01
Shirakawa 白河市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 65,665305.302152005-11-07
Nihonmatsu 二本松市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 61,698344.651792005-12-01
Minamisōma 南相馬市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 71,761398.501802006-01-01
Date 伊達市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 67,487265.102552006-01-01
Kitakata 喜多方市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 54,684554.6798.62006-01-04
Motomiya 本宮市Flag of Fukushima.svg  Fukushima 31,73787.943612007-01-01
Gifu 岐阜市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 412,779202.892,0341889-07-01
Ōgaki 大垣市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 163,047206.527891918-04-01
Takayama 高山市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 94,8792,177.6743.61936-11-01
Tajimi 多治見市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 114,86691.241,2591940-08-01
Seki 関市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 92,896472.841961950-10-15
Nakatsugawa 中津川市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 83,116676.381231952-04-01
Mino 美濃市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 22,912117.051961954-04-01
Mizunami 瑞浪市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 41,556175.002371954-04-01
Hashima 羽島市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 67,16753.641,2521954-04-01
Minokamo 美濃加茂市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 53,98874.817221954-04-01
Toki 土岐市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 61,393116.015291955-02-01
Kakamigahara 各務原市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 145,12687.771,6531963-04-01
Kani 可児市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 99,31887.601,1341982-04-01
Yamagata 山県市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 29,857222.041342003-04-01
Mizuho 瑞穂市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 51,23028.181,8182003-05-01
Hida 飛騨市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 28,112792.3135.52004-02-01
Motosu 本巣市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 34,729374.5792.72004-02-01
Gujō 郡上市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 46,3381,030.7945.02004-03-01
Gero 下呂市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 37,455851.0644.02004-03-01
Ena 恵那市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 54,844504.191092004-10-25
Kaizu 海津市Flag of Gifu Prefecture.svg  Gifu 38,532112.313432005-03-28
Maebashi 前橋市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 318,058241.221,3191892-04-01
Takasaki 高崎市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 341,838401.018521900-04-01
Kiryū 桐生市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 124,892274.574551921-03-01
Isesaki 伊勢崎市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 204,240139.331,4661940-09-13
Ōta 太田市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 214,049176.491,2131948-05-03
Numata 沼田市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 52,319443.371181954-04-01
Tatebayashi 館林市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 79,02360.981,2961954-04-01
Fujioka 藤岡市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 68,710180.093821954-04-01
Shibukawa 渋川市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 86,134240.423582006-02-20
Annaka 安中市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 62,270276.342252006-03-18
Tomioka 富岡市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 53,332122.904342006-03-27
Midori みどり市Flag of Gunma Prefecture.svg  Gunma 51,964208.232502006-03-27
Hiroshima 広島市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 1,199,391905.131,2861889-04-01
Onomichi 尾道市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 148,085284.855201898-04-01
Kure 呉市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 246,118353.746961902-10-01
Fukuyama 福山市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 461,368518.078911916-07-01
Mihara 三原市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 103,209471.032191936-11-15
Fuchū 府中市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 44,212195.712261954-03-31
Miyoshi 三次市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 58,264778.1974.91954-03-31
Shōbara 庄原市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 41,7471,246.6033.51954-03-31
Ōtake 大竹市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 29,66578.553781954-09-01
Takehara 竹原市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 29,803118.302521958-11-03
Higashihiroshima 東広島市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 187,711635.322951974-04-20
Hatsukaichi 廿日市市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 115,184489.362351988-04-01
Akitakata 安芸高田市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 32,323537.7960.12004-03-01
Etajima 江田島市Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg  Hiroshima 28,601100.972832004-11-01
Sapporo 札幌市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 1,976,2571,121.261,7631922-08-01
Hakodate 函館市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 277,056677.894091922-08-01
Otaru 小樽市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 130,255243.305351922-08-01
Asahikawa 旭川市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 350,511747.604691922-08-01
Muroran 室蘭市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 93,07880.651,1541922-08-01
Obihiro 帯広市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 168,188618.942721933-04-01
Yūbari 夕張市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 7,205763.079.441943-04-01
Iwamizawa 岩見沢市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 89,023481.101851943-04-01
Abashiri 網走市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 38,548471.0081.81947-02-11
Rumoi 留萌市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 24,036297.4480.81947-10-01
Tomakomai 苫小牧市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 173,761561.493091948-04-01
Wakkanai 稚内市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 37,911760.8349.81949-04-01
Bibai 美唄市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 25,312277.6191.21950-04-01
Ashibetsu 芦別市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 12,542865.0414.51953-04-01
Ebetsu 江別市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 120,940187.576451954-07-01
Akabira 赤平市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 9,453129.8872.81954-07-01
Monbetsu 紋別市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 24,293830.7029.21954-07-01
Mikasa 三笠市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 8,029302.5226.51957-04-01
Nemuro 根室市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 28,923512.6356.41957-08-01
Chitose 千歳市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 94,124594.951581958-07-01
Takikawa 滝川市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 42,815115.823701958-07-01
Sunagawa 砂川市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 16,28378.682071958-07-01
Utashinai 歌志内市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 2,97155.9553.11958-07-01
Fukagawa 深川市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 23,215529.2343.91963-05-01
Furano 富良野市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 23,890600.9739.81966-05-01
Noboribetsu 登別市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 51,474212.112431970-08-01
Eniwa 恵庭市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 68,754294.872331970-11-01
Date 伊達市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 36,461444.2882.11972-04-01
Kitahiroshima 北広島市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 60,291118.545091996-09-01
Ishikari 石狩市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 60,616721.8684.01996-09-01
Shibetsu 士別市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 21,6401,119.2919.32005-09-01
Kushiro 釧路市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 182,2631,362.751342005-10-11
Hokuto 北斗市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 48,779397.301232006-02-01
Kitami 北見市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 124,2911,427.5687.12006-03-05
Nayoro 名寄市Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg  Hokkaido 29,869535.2355.82006-03-27
Kobe 神戸市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 1,524,601552.232,7721889-04-01
Himeji 姫路市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 536,170534.271,0041889-04-01
Amagasaki 尼崎市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 461,20249.779,2671916-04-01
Akashi 明石市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 292,16249.245,9331919-11-01
Nishinomiya 西宮市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 477,05699.964,7721925-04-01
Ashiya 芦屋市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 92,82818.475,0261940-11-10
Itami 伊丹市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 194,48824.977,7891940-11-10
Aioi 相生市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 31,97390.453531942-10-01
Toyooka 豊岡市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 87,555697.661251950-04-01
Kakogawa 加古川市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 267,631138.511,9321950-06-15
Akō 赤穂市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 51,277126.884041951-09-01
Takarazuka 宝塚市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 222,071101.802,1811954-04-01
Miki 三木市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 83,244176.584711954-06-01
Takasago 高砂市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 94,19834.402,7381954-07-01
Kawanishi 川西市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 157,46153.442,9471954-08-01
Ono 小野市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 49,66492.925341954-12-01
Sanda 三田市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 113,600210.225401958-07-01
Kasai 加西市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 48,435150.953211967-04-01
Tamba-Sasayama 丹波篠山市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 44,345377.611171999-04-01
Yabu 養父市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 27,428422.7864.92004-04-01
Tamba 丹波市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 69,233493.281402004-11-01
Minamiawaji 南あわじ市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 51,069229.182232005-01-11
Asago 朝来市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 34,084402.9884.62005-04-01
Awaji 淡路市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 47,849184.212602005-04-01
Shisō 宍粟市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 42,302658.6064.22005-04-01
Nishiwaki 西脇市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 43,126132.473262005-10-01
Tatsuno たつの市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 80,988210.933842005-10-01
Sumoto 洲本市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 48,631182.472672006-02-11
Katō 加東市Flag of Hyogo.svg  Hyōgo 39,935157.492542006-03-20
Mito 水戸市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 264,062217.431,2141889-04-01
Hitachi 日立市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 195,844225.558681939-09-01
Tsuchiura 土浦市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 143,986113.821,2651940-11-03
Yūki 結城市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 52,06565.847911954-03-15
Ryūgasaki 龍ヶ崎市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 79,29578.201,0141954-03-20
Shimotsuma 下妻市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 45,91880.885681954-06-01
Jōsō 常総市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 65,858123.525331954-07-10
Hitachiōta 常陸太田市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 58,461372.011571954-07-15
Takahagi 高萩市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 32,031193.651651954-11-23
Kitaibaraki 北茨城市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 48,437186.552601956-03-31
Toride 取手市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 109,95369.961,5721970-10-01
Ushiku 牛久市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 79,25458.881,3461986-06-01
Tsukuba つくば市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 207,314284.077301987-11-30
Hitachinaka ひたちなか市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 155,33899.041,5681994-11-01
Kashima 鹿嶋市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 65,19392.967011995-09-01
Itako 潮来市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 31,10362.674962001-04-01
Moriya 守谷市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 57,79335.631,6222002-02-02
Hitachiōmiya 常陸大宮市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 46,729348.381342004-10-16
Naka 那珂市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 54,61897.805582005-01-21
Bandō 坂東市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 57,128123.184642005-03-22
Inashiki 稲敷市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 48,125178.122702005-03-22
Chikusei 筑西市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 110,813205.355402005-03-28
Kasumigaura かすみがうら市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 44,450118.773742005-03-28
Kamisu 神栖市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 93,538147.246352005-08-01
Namegata 行方市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 39,117166.332352005-09-02
Koga 古河市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 144,392123.581,1682005-09-12
Ishioka 石岡市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 80,502213.383772005-10-01
Sakuragawa 桜川市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 47,480179.782642005-10-01
Hokota 鉾田市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 50,869203.902492005-10-11
Kasama 笠間市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 80,646240.273362006-03-19
Tsukubamirai つくばみらい市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 41,95779.145302006-03-27
Omitama 小美玉市Flag of Ibaraki.svg  Ibaraki 52,834140.213772006-03-27
Kanazawa 金沢市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 455,595467.779741889-04-01
Nonoichi 野々市市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 51,97613.563,8002011-11-11
Nanao 七尾市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 60,140317.961891939-07-20
Komatsu 小松市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 109,285371.132941940-12-01
Suzu 珠洲市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 13,472247.2054.51954-07-15
Hakui 羽咋市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 23,96381.962921958-07-01
Kahoku かほく市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 34,74764.765372004-03-01
Hakusan 白山市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 110,563755.171462005-02-01
Nomi 能美市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 48,10683.855742005-02-01
Kaga 加賀市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 73,745306.002412005-10-01
Wajima 輪島市Flag of Ishikawa.svg  Ishikawa 31,532426.2574.02006-02-01
Morioka 盛岡市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 299,746886.473381889-04-01
Kamaishi 釜石市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 41,348441.4293.71937-05-05
Ōfunato 大船渡市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 42,119323.281301952-04-01
Rikuzentakata 陸前高田市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 23,961232.291031955-01-01
Kitakami 北上市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 94,806437.552171991-04-01
Miyako 宮古市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 58,342696.8283.72005-06-06
Hachimantai 八幡平市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 29,993862.2534.82005-09-01
Ichinoseki 一関市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 123,1551,133.101092005-09-20
Tōno 遠野市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 30,587825.6237.02005-10-01
Hanamaki 花巻市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 103,718908.321142006-01-01
Ninohe 二戸市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 30,685420.3173.02006-01-01
Ōshū 奥州市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 128,273993.351292006-02-20
Kuji 久慈市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 37,824623.1460.72006-03-06
Takizawa 滝沢市Flag of Iwate.svg  Iwate 55,153182.323032014-01-01
Takamatsu 高松市Flag of Kagawa Prefecture.svg  Kagawa 418,557375.111,1161890-02-15
Marugame 丸亀市Flag of Kagawa Prefecture.svg  Kagawa 110,550111.799891899-04-01
Sakaide 坂出市Flag of Kagawa Prefecture.svg  Kagawa 56,50192.466111942-07-01
Zentsūji 善通寺市Flag of Kagawa Prefecture.svg  Kagawa 35,18039.888821954-03-31
Sanuki さぬき市Flag of Kagawa Prefecture.svg  Kagawa 54,832158.903452002-04-01
Higashikagawa 東かがわ市Flag of Kagawa Prefecture.svg  Kagawa 34,953153.352282003-04-01
Kan'onji 観音寺市Flag of Kagawa Prefecture.svg  Kagawa 64,020117.475452005-10-11
Mitoyo 三豊市Flag of Kagawa Prefecture.svg  Kagawa 69,997222.663142006-01-01
Kagoshima 鹿児島市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 605,196547.061,1061889-04-01
Kanoya 鹿屋市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 105,673448.332361941-05-27
Makurazaki 枕崎市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 24,40074.883261949-09-01
Akune 阿久根市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 24,166134.301801952-04-01
Izumi 出水市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 56,851330.061721954-04-01
Ibusuki 指宿市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 45,455149.013051954-04-01
Minamisatsuma 南さつま市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 40,386283.351431954-07-15
Nishinoomote 西之表市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 14,809205.6672.01958-10-01
Tarumizu 垂水市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 18,078162.011121958-10-01
Satsumasendai 薩摩川内市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 100,730683.501472004-10-12
Hioki 日置市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 51,472253.062032005-05-01
Soo 曽於市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 41,179390.391052005-07-01
Ichikikushikino いちき串木野市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 32,079112.042862005-10-11
Kirishima 霧島市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 127,726603.682122005-11-07
Shibushi 志布志市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 34,105289.931182006-01-01
Amami 奄美市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 48,116306.201572006-03-20
Minamikyūshū 南九州市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 40,891357.851142007-12-01
Isa 伊佐市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 30,070392.3676.642008-11-01
Aira 姶良市Flag of Kagoshima Prefecture.svg  Kagoshima 74,611231.323232010-03-23
Yokohama 横浜市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 3,732,616437.388,5001889-04-01
Yokosuka 横須賀市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 421,397100.684,1861907-02-15
Kawasaki 川崎市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 1,531,646142.709,6261924-07-01
Hiratsuka 平塚市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 260,41967.833,8391932-04-01
Kamakura 鎌倉市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 173,58839.604,3841939-11-03
Fujisawa 藤沢市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 402,62869.515,7921940-10-01
Odawara 小田原市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 198,841114.091,7431940-12-20
Chigasaki 茅ヶ崎市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 231,00535.716,4691947-10-01
Zushi 逗子市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 58,65417.343,3831954-04-15
Sagamihara 相模原市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 723,470328.842,1481954-11-20
Miura 三浦市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 49,37132.281,5291955-01-01
Hadano 秦野市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 169,201103.611,6331955-01-01
Atsugi 厚木市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 225,16393.832,4001955-02-01
Yamato 大和市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 223,12727.068,2461959-02-01
Isehara 伊勢原市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 100,77955.521,8151971-03-01
Ebina 海老名市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 126,03526.484,7601971-11-01
Zama 座間市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 127,58217.587,2571971-11-01
Minamiashigara 南足柄市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 44,28576.935761972-04-01
Ayase 綾瀬市Flag of Kanagawa.svg  Kanagawa 82,08322.283,6841978-11-01
Kōchi 高知市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 342,944309.221,1091889-04-01
Sukumo 宿毛市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 23,771286.1183.11954-03-31
Aki 安芸市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 20,555317.3464.81954-08-01
Tosashimizu 土佐清水市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 12,717266.3447.71954-08-01
Susaki 須崎市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 25,679135.461901954-10-01
Tosa 土佐市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 29,72691.593251959-01-01
Muroto 室戸市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 12,451248.2250.21959-03-01
Nankoku 南国市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 50,315125.354011959-10-01
Shimanto 四万十市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 37,182632.4258.82005-04-10
Kami 香美市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 29,144538.2254.12006-03-01
Kōnan 香南市Flag of Kochi.svg  Kōchi 34,084126.492692006-03-01
Kumamoto 熊本市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 738,907267.232,5091889-04-01
Yatsushiro 八代市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 134,491680.591981940-09-01
Hitoyoshi 人吉市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 36,556210.551741942-02-11
Arao 荒尾市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 55,50557.159711942-04-01
Minamata 水俣市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 28,123162.881731949-04-01
Tamana 玉名市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 70,747152.554641954-04-01
Yamaga 山鹿市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 56,741299.671891954-04-01
Kikuchi 菊池市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 51,471276.661861958-08-01
Uto 宇土市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 37,89774.195111958-10-01
Kami-Amakusa 上天草市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 31,051126.132462004-03-31
Uki 宇城市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 62,718188.563332005-01-15
Aso 阿蘇市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 29,149376.2577.52005-02-11
Kōshi 合志市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 53,49053.171,0062006-02-27
Amakusa 天草市Flag of Kumamoto.svg  Kumamoto 93,047683.171362006-03-27
Kyoto 京都市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 1,464,890827.901,8001889-04-01
Fukuchiyama 福知山市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 80,836552.571461937-04-01
Maizuru 舞鶴市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 90,461342.152641943-05-27
Ayabe 綾部市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 37,081347.111071950-08-01
Uji 宇治市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 191,29767.552,8321951-03-01
Miyazu 宮津市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 20,565169.321211954-06-01
Kameoka 亀岡市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 93,641224.904161955-01-01
Jōyō 城陽市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 80,79532.742,4681972-05-03
Mukō 向日市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 55,1377.677,1891972-10-01
Nagaokakyō 長岡京市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 79,03119.184,1201972-10-01
Yawata 八幡市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 73,82224.373,0291977-11-01
Kyōtanabe 京田辺市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 65,21142.941,5191997-04-01
Kyōtango 京丹後市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 60,980501.841222004-04-01
Nantan 南丹市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 35,937616.3158.32006-06-01
Kizugawa 木津川市Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg  Kyoto 66,78385.127852007-03-12
Yokkaichi 四日市市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 306,584205.531,4921897-08-01
Matsusaka 松阪市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 169,571623.822721933-02-01
Kuwana 桑名市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 140,816136.611,0311937-04-01
Suzuka 鈴鹿市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 197,437194.671,0141942-12-01
Nabari 名張市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 81,184129.766261954-03-31
Owase 尾鷲市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 21,272193.161101954-06-20
Kameyama 亀山市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 50,304190.912631954-10-01
Toba 鳥羽市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 22,286107.982061954-11-01
Inabe いなべ市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 46,676219.582132003-12-01
Shima 志摩市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 56,758179.703162004-10-01
Iga 伊賀市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 99,662558.171792004-11-01
Ise 伊勢市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 133,547208.536402005-11-01
Kumano 熊野市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 20,477373.6354.82005-11-01
Tsu 津市Flag of Mie prefecture.svg  Mie 289,215710.814072006-01-01
Sendai 仙台市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 1,091,407783.541,3141889-04-01
Ishinomaki 石巻市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 163,840555.772951933-04-01
Shiogama 塩竈市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 58,05717.863,2511941-11-23
Shiroishi 白石市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 38,629286.471351954-04-01
Natori 名取市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 69,610100.066961958-10-01
Kakuda 角田市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 32,559147.582211958-10-01
Tagajō 多賀城市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 63,20019.653,2161971-11-01
Iwanuma 岩沼市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 44,59560.727341971-11-01
Tome 登米市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 86,940536.381622005-04-01
Kurihara 栗原市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 77,862804.9396.72005-04-01
Higashimatsushima 東松島市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 43,238101.864242005-04-01
Kesennuma 気仙沼市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 64,578226.672852006-03-31
Ōsaki 大崎市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 137,164796.761722006-03-31
Tomiya 富谷市Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg  Miyagi 52,49149.131,0672016-10-10
Miyazaki 宮崎市Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture.svg  Miyazaki 369,473596.806191924-04-01
Miyakonojō 都城市Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture.svg  Miyazaki 169,384653.312591924-04-01
Nobeoka 延岡市Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture.svg  Miyazaki 132,480867.971531933-02-11
Nichinan 日南市Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture.svg  Miyazaki 43,264294.461471950-01-01
Kobayashi 小林市Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture.svg  Miyazaki 40,514474.2385.41950-04-01
Hyūga 日向市Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture.svg  Miyazaki 63,066336.291881951-04-01
Kushima 串間市Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture.svg  Miyazaki 21,386294.9672.51954-11-03
Saito 西都市Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture.svg  Miyazaki 33,290438.5675.91958-11-01
Ebino えびの市Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture.svg  Miyazaki 22,445283.0079.31970-12-01
Matsumoto 松本市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 238,776978.472441907-05-01
Okaya 岡谷市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 53,72285.146311936-04-01
Suwa 諏訪市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 52,671109.064831941-08-10
Suzaka 須坂市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 53,097149.843541954-04-01
Komoro 小諸市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 45,33398.664591954-04-01
Komagane 駒ヶ根市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 34,696165.922091954-07-01
Ōmachi 大町市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 31,276564.9955.41954-07-01
Iiyama 飯山市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 24,155202.321191954-08-01
Iida 飯田市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 107,129658.761631956-09-30
Chino 茅野市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 57,363266.412151958-08-01
Shiojiri 塩尻市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 67,781290.132341959-04-01
Nagano 長野市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 365,950834.814381966-10-16
Chikuma 千曲市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 63,305119.845282003-09-01
Tōmi 東御市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 31,211112.302782004-04-01
Nakano 中野市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 46,295112.064132005-04-01
Saku 佐久市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 100,077423.992362005-04-01
Azumino 安曇野市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 97,084331.822932005-10-01
Ueda 上田市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 161,887552.002932006-03-06
Ina 伊那市Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg  Nagano 71,937667.811082006-03-31
Nagasaki 長崎市Flag of Nagasaki Prefecture.svg  Nagasaki 448,792406.371,1041889-04-01
Sasebo 佐世保市Flag of Nagasaki Prefecture.svg  Nagasaki 254,650364.007001902-04-01
Shimabara 島原市Flag of Nagasaki Prefecture.svg  Nagasaki 48,95382.775911940-04-01
Ōmura 大村市Flag of Nagasaki Prefecture.svg  Nagasaki 89,650126.347101942-02-11
Tsushima 対馬市Flag of Nagasaki Prefecture.svg  Nagasaki 36,347708.8151.32004-03-01
Iki 壱岐市Flag of Nagasaki Prefecture.svg  Nagasaki 30,352138.502192004-03-01
Gotō 五島市Flag of Nagasaki Prefecture.svg  Nagasaki 42,447420.771012004-08-01
Isahaya 諫早市