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Below is a list of Indonesia's 98 cities with their rank in 2020 and their population. Populations in 2010 and in 2020 are official data from the 2010 Census and the 2020 Census, as released by Badan Pusat Statistik or the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency. [1] Populations in 2015 are official data from the 2015 Inter-Census Survey, also as released by the Central Statistics Agency.


Cities proper by population

The Indonesian law defines a city (kota) as a second-level administrative subdivision of the country, similar to regency (kabupaten). The difference between a regency and a city lies in demography, size, and economy. Generally, a city has non-agricultural economic activities, while a regency comprises a rural area larger than a city. A city is headed by a mayor (walikota).

An administrative city is a city without its own local legislatures (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah). The mayor of an administrative city is directly appointed by the Governor. This type of city in Indonesia is only found in Jakarta Province, formerly a municipal city, which consisted of 5 administrative cities and 1 administrative regency. [2]

List of cities proper ranked by 2020 population
RankCities Province 2010 census
2015 census
[3] [4]
2020 census
1 East Jakarta Jakarta 2,693,8962,826,6513,037,139
2 Surabaya East Java 2,765,4872,847,4802,874,314
3 Bekasi West Java 2,334,8712,708,7212,543,676
4 Bandung West Java 2,394,8732,480,6152,444,160
5 Medan North Sumatra 2,097,6102,209,1392,435,252
6 West Jakarta Jakarta 2,281,9452,460,7392,434,511
7 South Jakarta Jakarta 2,062,2322,183,9052,226,812
8 Depok West Java 1,738,5702,099,9892,056,335
9 Tangerang Banten 1,798,6012,043,2131,895,486
10 North Jakarta Jakarta 1,645,6591,745,6971,778,981
11 Palembang South Sumatra 1,455,2841,578,5821,668,848
12 Semarang Central Java 1,555,9841,698,7771,653,524
13 Makassar South Sulawesi 1,338,6631,447,6771,423,877
14 South Tangerang Banten 1,290,3221,538,9701,354,350
15 Batam Riau Islands 944,2851,184,9781,196,396
16 Bandar Lampung Lampung 881,801977,6861,166,066
17 Central Jakarta Jakarta 902,973913,8711,056,896
18 Bogor West Java 950,3341,046,5791,043,070
19 Pekanbaru Riau 897,7671,035,834983,356
20 Padang West Sumatra 833,562901,305909,040
21 Malang East Java 820,243850,904843,810
22 Samarinda East Kalimantan 727,500811,314827,994
23 Denpasar Bali 788,589879,098725,314
24 Tasikmalaya West Java 635,464657,169716,155
25 Serang Banten 577,785642,205692,101
26 Balikpapan East Kalimantan 557,579614,663688,318
27 Pontianak West Kalimantan 554,764606,721658,685
28 Banjarmasin South Kalimantan 625,481674,739657,663
29 Jambi Jambi 531,857575,388606,200
30 Cimahi West Java 541,177585,931568,400
31 Surakarta Central Java 499,337512,056522,364
32 Manado North Sulawesi 410,481425,420451,916
33 Kupang East Nusa Tenggara 336,239390,026442,758
34 Cilegon Banten 374,559411,554434,896
35 Mataram West Nusa Tenggara 402,843449,438429,651
36 Jayapura Papua 256,705282,766398,478
37 Bengkulu Bengkulu 308,544350,535373,591
38 Yogyakarta Special Region of Yogyakarta 388,627412,347373,589
39 Palu Central Sulawesi 336,532367,600373,218
40 Ambon Maluku 331,254410,207347,288
41 Sukabumi West Java 298,681317,883346,325
42 Kendari Southeast Sulawesi 289,966346,500345,107
43 Cirebon West Java 296,389307,319333,303
44 Dumai Riau 253,803285,448316,782
45 Pekalongan Central Java 281,434296,168307,150
46 Palangka Raya Central Kalimantan 220,962259,205293,457
47 Binjai North Sumatra 246,154264,440291,842
48 Kediri East Java 268,507279,901286,796
49 Sorong West Papua 190,625225,022284,410
50 Tegal Central Java 239,599245,995273,825
51 Pematang Siantar North Sumatra 234,698247,219268,254
52 Banjarbaru South Kalimantan 199,627233,726253,442
53 Banda Aceh Aceh 223,446250,227252,899
54 Tarakan North Kalimantan 193,370234,867242,786
55 Probolinggo East Java 217,062228,834239,649
56 Singkawang West Kalimantan 186,462207,144235,064
57 Lubuklinggau South Sumatra 201,308219,180234,166
58 Tanjung Pinang Riau Islands 187,359201,992227,663
59 Bitung North Sulawesi 187,652205,379225,134
60 Padang Sidempuan North Sumatra 191,531209,550225,105
61 Pangkal Pinang Bangka Belitung 174,758195,776218,569
62 Batu East Java 190,184200,369213,046
63 Pasuruan East Java 186,262194,684208,006
64 Ternate North Maluku 185,705212,527205,001
65 Banjar West Java 175,157181,331200,973
66 Gorontalo Gorontalo 180,127201,858198,539
67 Madiun East Java 170,964174,953195,175
68 Prabumulih South Sumatra 161,984176,900193,196
69 Salatiga Central Java 170,332183,631192,322
70 Lhokseumawe Aceh 171,163191,104188,713
71 Langsa Aceh 148,945165,534185,971
72 Palopo South Sulawesi 147,932168,452184,681
73 Bontang East Kalimantan 143,683165,606178,917
74 Tanjungbalai North Sumatra 154,445166,782176,027
75 Tebing Tinggi North Sumatra 145,248156,619172,838
76 Metro Lampung 145,471158,215168,676
77 Baubau Southeast Sulawesi 136,991154,570159,248
78 Bima West Nusa Tenggara 142,579159,445155,140
79 Parepare South Sulawesi 129,262138,604151,454
80 Blitar East Java 131,968137,866149,149
81 Pagar Alam South Sumatra 126,181133,756143,844
82 Payakumbuh West Sumatra 116,825127,615139,576
83 Gunungsitoli North Sumatra 126,202135,868136,017
84 Mojokerto East Java 120,196125,657132,434
85 Kotamobagu North Sulawesi 107,459119,277123,722
86 Magelang Central Java 118,227120,769121,526
87 Bukittinggi West Sumatra 111,312122,395121,028
88 Tidore North Maluku 90,05596,910114,480
89 Tomohon North Sulawesi 91,553100,193100,587
90 Sungai Penuh Jambi 82,29387,03296,610
91 Pariaman West Sumatra 79,04384,59494,224
92 Subulussalam Aceh 67,44675,04490,751
93 Sibolga North Sumatra 84,48186,49989,584
94 Tual Maluku 58,08267,57988,280
95 Solok West Sumatra 59,39665,95173,438
96 Sawahlunto West Sumatra 56,86660,13665,138
97 Padang Panjang West Sumatra 47,00850,87556,311
98 Sabang Aceh 30,65333,05441,197

Top ten largest urban centres[ citation needed ]

The followings are the largest core cities in Indonesia (excluding satellite cities)[ citation needed ]:

RankingCityRegionPopulation 2020Image
1 Jakarta Jakarta 10,562,088 Jakarta Panorama.jpg
2 Surabaya East Java 2,874,314 Aerial of Central Surabaya, early 2018.jpg
3 Bandung West Java 2,444,160 Central Bandung from Dago.jpg
4 Medan North Sumatera 2,435,252 Medan20150219-1.jpg
5 Palembang South Sumatera 1,668,848 Ampera Bridge at Late Afternoon, Palembang.jpg
6 Semarang Central Java 1,653,524 Becak Tugu Muda Semarang Central Java.jpg
7 Makassar South Sulawesi 1,423,877 Tanjung Bunga.jpg
8 Batam Riau Islands 1,196,396 Baloi Batam.png
9 Bandar Lampung Lampung 1,166,066 Jalan Ikan Hiu Bandar Lampung.JPG
10 Pekanbaru Riau 983,356 Pekanbaru 2019.jpg

Built-up urban areas

The followings are the contiguous urban areas in Indonesia, with a population of over one half million, according to Demographia's "World Urban Areas" study. Demographia defines an urban area (urbanised area agglomeration or urban centre) as a continuously built up land mass of urban development that is within a labor market (metropolitan area), without regard for administrative boundaries (city). [5]

RankUrban areaArea
population [5]
1 Jakarta 3,54034,540,000
2 Bandung 4877,065,000
3 Surabaya 9116,499,000
4 Medan 4783,632,000
5 Semarang 2591,992,000
6 Makassar 1781,952,000
7 Palembang 2211,889,000
8 Yogyakarta 2301,568,000
9 Malang 2121,493,000
10 Denpasar 1771,389,000
11 Batam 2431,362,000
12 Pekanbaru 2391,118,000
13 Surakarta 4771,106,000
14 Cirebon 1051,017,000
15 Bandar Lampung 107978,000
16 Samarinda 102960,000
17 Padang 99796,000
18 Banjarmasin 65710,000
19 Tasikmalaya 62671,000
20 Pontianak 62660,000
21 Balikpapan 124645,000
22 Jambi city 78595,000
23 Serang 65585,000
24 Cilegon 122525,000

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Mataram (city) City and Capital of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Mataram is a city and the capital of the Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara. The city is surrounded on all the landward sides by West Lombok Regency and lies on the western side of the island of Lombok, Indonesia. It is also the largest city of the province, and had a population of 402,843 at the 2010 Census and 429,651 at the 2020 Census.

Karo Regency Regency in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Karo Regency is a landlocked regency of North Sumatra, Indonesia, situated in the Barisan Mountains. The regency covers an area of 2,127.25 square kilometres (821.34 sq mi) and according to the 2010 census it had a population of 350,479, increasing to 404,998 at the 2020 Census. 60.99% of the regency is forested. Its regency seat is Kabanjahe. The Batak Karo language is spoken in the regency, as well as the Indonesian language. It borders Southeast Aceh Regency in Aceh to the west, Deli Serdang Regency and Langkat Regency to the north, Dairi Regency and Toba Samosir Regency to the south, and Deli Serdang Regency and Simalungun Regency to the east.

Magetan Regency Regency in East Java, Indonesia

Magetan Regency is a regency (kabupaten) of East Java Province, Indonesia. It is an inland regency, and lies in the west of the province, adjoining Central Java Province. It covers an area of 668.84 km2 and had a population of 620,442 at the 2010 Census and 670,812 at the 2020 Census. The administrative headquarters is in the town of Magetan.

Purwakarta Regency Place in West Java, Indonesia

Purwakarta Regency is a landlocked regency (kabupaten) of West Java, Indonesia. The town of Purwakarta is its capital.

Pagar Alam City in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Pagar Alam, is a city in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Before established as a definitive city, Pagaralam was an administrative city in Lahat Regency. It has an area of 633.66 km² and a population of 126,181 at the 2010 Census and 143,844 at the 2020 Census.

Sukoharjo Regency Regency in Java, Indonesia

Sukoharjo Regency is a regency in the Central Java province in Indonesia. It covers an area of 466.77 km2 and had a population of 824,238 at the 2010 Census and 907,587 at the 2020 Census. Its capital is Sukoharjo, about 10 km south from Surakarta. This regency is bordered by the city of Surakarta in the north, Karanganyar Regency in the east, Wonogiri Regency and Yogyakarta in the south as well as Klaten Regency in the west. The regency is part of the metropolitan zone of Surakarta, which is known as Subosukawonosraten.

Rembang Regency

Rembang Regency is a regency on the extreme northeast coast of Central Java Province, on the island of Java in Indonesia. The regency covers an area of 1,035.70 km2 on Java. Its capital city is Rembang.

Aceh Singkil Regency Regency in Sumatra, Indonesia

Aceh Singkil Regency is a regency in the Aceh province of Indonesia. It is situated largely on the island of Sumatra, but also includes the offshore Banyak Islands, the largest of which is Tuangku, with the principal town of Alaban. Until 1999 it also included the large offshore island of Simeulue, but in that year the island was split off to create its own separate regency. The seat of the Aceh Singkil Regency government is at the port of Singkil on the Sumatra coast. The Regency covers an area of 1,857.88 km2, and had a population of 102,509 at the 2010 Census, rising to 114,326 at the 2015 Census and to 126,514 at the 2020 Census.

Aceh Tamiang Regency Regency in Sumatra, Indonesia

Aceh Tamiang Regency is a regency in the east of Aceh province of Indonesia, bordering on North Sumatra Province to the east. It is located on the island of Sumatra. The regency covers an area of 1,957.02 square kilometres and had a population of 251,914 people at the 2010 census and 294,356 at the 2020 Census. The seat of the regency government is at the town of Karang Baru.

Subulussalam City in Sumatra, Indonesia

Subulussalam is a city in the south of Aceh province of Indonesia. It is located inland on the island of Sumatra. On 2 January 2007, the provincial government of Aceh declared Subulussalam to be an independent city as a result of the administration being separated from that of Aceh Singkil Regency. of which it was formerly a part. It is located at 2°38′32″N98°00′15″E. It covers an area of 1,391 km2, and it had a population of 67,446 at the 2010 Census and of 90,751 at the 2020 Census.

Soppeng Regency Regency in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Soppeng Regency is a landlocked regency in South Sulawesi province of Indonesia. Soppeng Regency has its seat of government (capital) in the town of Watansoppeng, located 180 km from Makassar. The regency covers an area of 1,557 km2, and had a population of 223,826 at the 2010 Census and 235,167 at the 2020 Census.

Kediri Regency Regency in East Java, Indonesia

Kediri Regency is a regency (kabupaten) located in East Java province, Indonesia. It is one of two 'Daerah Tingkat II' that has the name 'Kediri'. It covers an area of 1,523.92 km2 and had a population of 1,499,768 as of the 2010 Census and 1,635,294 at the 2020 Census, comprising 825,867 males and 809,427 females.

Mojokerto Regency Regency in East Java, Indonesia

Mojokerto Regency is a regency in East Java Province of Indonesia. It is part of the Surabaya metropolitan area which comprises Gresik Regency, Bangkalan Regency, Mojokerto Regency, Mojokerto City, Surabaya City, Sidoarjo Regency, and Lamongan Regency. The Regency covers an area of 692.15 sq. km. The population of the Regency was 908,004 in 2000, but had risen to 1,025,443 at the 2010 Census and to 1,170,748 at the 2020 Census. Many of them earn their living as small farmers and craftsmen.

Seluma Regency Regency in Bengkulu, Indonesia

Seluma Regency is a regency of Bengkulu Province, Indonesia, on the island of Sumatra. The regency seat is at the town of Pasar Tais. It covers an area of 2,479.36 km2, and had a population of 173,507 at the 2010 Census and 207,877 at the 2020 Census.

Ogan Ilir Regency Regency in South Sumatra

Ogan Ilir Regency is a regency of South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. It takes its name from the main river which stream that area, Ogan River. And the name Ilir means downstream. Indralaya is the regency seat. The regency borders Palembang, and Muara Enim Regency to the north, Ogan Komering Ilir Regency to the east, Ogan Komering Ilir Regency, and East Ogan Komering Ulu Regency to the south, and Muara Enim Regency to the west.

Mempawah Regency Regency in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Mempawah Regency is a regency of West Kalimantan Province of Indonesia. Since 2007 it covers 1,276.90 km2, and had a population of 234,021 at the 2010 Census and 301,560 at the 2020 Census. The principal town lies at Mempawah.

Takalar Regency Regency in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Takalar Regency is a regency of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. It covers an area of 566.51 km2 and had a population of 269,603 at the 2010 Census and 300,853 at the 2020 Census. The entire regency lies within the official metropolitan area of the city of Makassar. The principal towns are at Galesong and Takalar, but the administrative centre is at Pattallassang.

Pasuruan Regency Regency in East Java, Indonesia

Pasuruan Regency is a regency in East Java, province of Indonesia. The capital of this regency is Bangil. It had a population of 1,512,468 at the 2010 Census and 1,605,969 at the 2020 Census. This total excludes the population of the city of Pasuruan, which lies geographically within this regency but is administratively separate from it. At present, there are moves under way to make Bangil the new administrative centre of Pasuruan Regency, with some offices being transferred from Pasuruan city to Bangil.

Malaka Regency Regency in Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

Malaka Regency is a regency in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The regency was established on 14 December 2012, comprising twelve districts which had formerly been the southern part of Belu Regency.

Banggai Laut Regency Regency in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Banggai Laut Regency is a regency in the province of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The regency was established on 14 December 2012, partitioned from the Banggai Islands Regency. It comprises the main island of Banggai itself, the islands of Labobo and Bangkurung to the west of Banggai Island, and the numerous small Bokan Islands to the southeast. It covers a land area of 725.67 km2, and had a population of 70,435 at the 2020 Census.


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