Alasay District

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Country Afghanistan
RegionKapisa Province

The Alasay District (Alah Say) is situated in the eastern part of Kapisa Province, Afghanistan. It borders Tagab District (Kapisa Province) to the south and east, Nejrab District to the north and Laghman Province to the east. The population is 38,642 (2015). The district center is Alasay, located in its southwestern part.


Security and operations

From approximately 2006 until March 2009 the area was considered insurgent controlled. In March, however, French forces from GTIA Kapisa and Chasseurs Alpins 27e Battalion, along with a battalion of Afghan troops were able to successfully drive them out and establish two Afghan National Army bases in the valley. [1]


Most of the Alasay district is mountainous, and many of its villages are inaccessible by vehicles. The Alasay District contains three large valleys:

There are approximately 70 villages in the district.


Alasay currently has 13 schools:

Currently, the high schools and Madrassa in the district are boys' schools.


The Alasay district is poor, with only a small amount of land usable for agriculture. Other sources of income include animal husbandry and labor.

Health care

Currently, the Alasay district only contains four health facilities, located in the villages of Alasay, Ashpai, Koti, and Eskin.

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Dawlat Shah District is located approximately 74 km from Mehterlam, the provincial centre of Laghman Province in Afghanistan. It is a mountainous district and borders Nuristan Province to the North and North-East, Alingar District to the East, Alishing District to the South and Kapisa and Parwan provinces to the West. The population is 36,950 (2019) - 50% Tajik, 40% Pashai and 10% Pashtun. It has 60 villages. The district center is the village of Dawlat Shah, located on 34.9528°N 70.07°E at 1583 m altitude in the Hindukush mountains in the valley of the Alishing river.

Alasay Place in Kapisa Province, Afghanistan

The village of Alasay is the center of Alasay District in Kapisa Province, Afghanistan. It is located on 34.8958°N 69.7208°E at 1672 m altitude.

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Nijrāb District,, also called Nijrāw, is situated in the central part of Kapisa Province, Afghanistan. It is located in a valley about 120 km northeast of Kabul. It borders Mahmud Raqi and Koh Band districts to the west, Parwan Province to the north, Laghman Province and Alasay District to the east and Tagab District to the south. The district center is Nijrab, located in the southern part of the district. The population of Nijrab District is 99,600 (2006), making it the most populous district of Kapisa.

Nijrab Place in Kapisa Province, Afghanistan

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Afghan National Army Commando Corps

The Afghan National Army Commando Corps is a commando force of Afghan National Army. The Commando Corps was formed from existing Infantry battalions. The program was established in early 2007 with the intent of taking one conventional infantry kandak (battalion) from each of the regional ANA corps, giving them special training and equipment, and reorganizing based on the United States Army Rangers. Each battalion is assigned to one of the six regional corps. The commandos comprise 7% of the Afghan National Security Forces but conduct 70% to 80% of the fighting.

Helmand province campaign

The Helmand province campaign was a series of military operations conducted by the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) forces against Taliban insurgents in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Their objective was to control a province that was known to be a Taliban stronghold, and a center of opium production.

Battle of Alasay

The Battle of Alasay, codenamed Operation Dinner Out, was a military operation carried out by French troops of the Chasseurs Alpins's 27e Battalion and the Afghan National Army (ANA) 1st Kandak (battalion) between 14 and 23 March 2009. Marine Embedded Training Team 6-4 as well as other US units provided air support, both with attack helicopters and A-10 and F-15E strike aircraft. The operation enabled the construction of two bases for the Afghan Army in the Alasay valley, which had been guerrilla control since 2006.

201st Corps (Afghanistan)

The 201st 'Selab' (Flood) Corps of the Afghan National Army is a corps-sized formation created from 2004. The establishment of the corps started when the first commander and some of his staff were appointed on 1 September 2004. The corps is responsible for the east of the country. The corps is now led by Major General Mohammad Zaman Waziri.

Groupement tactique interarmes de Kapisa French Army unit

The Groupement tactique interarmes de Kapisa, also called Task Force Korrigan, is a battalion-sized unit of the French Army, based in Kapisa Province, in Afghanistan. It operates in the framework of the French forces in Afghanistan.

Operation Cobra's Anger was a US-led offensive in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. About 1,000 Marines 150 Afghan troops were involved, as well as a Danish armor attachment. The operation began in the early hours of December 4th, 2009. The goal of the operation was to disrupt Taliban supply and communications lines in the strategic Now Zad valley of Helmand province. Also, to reopen the strategic coalition supply lines, leading into FOB Cafferetta, a USMC/ANA outpost, which was under siege by the Taliban, and could only be accessed by air.

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Operation Dragon Strike was a NATO counter-insurgent mission in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, against Taliban forces, which started on September 15, 2010.

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Operation Halmazag

Operation Halmazag was an offensive operation by ISAF German-led troops in close cooperation with the Afghan security forces in the province of Kunduz, from 31 October to 4 November 2010, with the aim of building a permanent outpost near the village of Quatliam in the Char Dara district, south-west of Kunduz. The operation was the first German military ground offensive since World War II.


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