Qurghan District

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Location within Afghanistan [1]
Coordinates: 37°02′N64°56′E / 37.04°N 64.94°E / 37.04; 64.94
CountryFlag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan
Province Faryab Province
District Qurghan
  Total797 km2 (308 sq mi)

Qurghan is a district in Faryab Province, Afghanistan. [2] It was created in 2005 from the western part of Andkhoy District. The district center Qurghan is very close to Andkhoy at 317 m altitude.


The district covers 797 square kilometres (308 sq mi) and has 13 villages. As of 2003, the population is 27,116. [3]


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Khairullah Anosh was the former Governor of Samangan Province, Afghanistan. He is the former district governor of Andkhoy District of Faryab Province.

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Mohammad Shakir Kargar

Mohammad Shaker Kargar - is an Afghan politician, who is serving as the Chief of Staff to President Ashraf Ghani of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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Aqina is a border checkpoint and border crossing in northern Faryab Province of Afghanistan. It is also a train station, serving as the second rail service between Afghanistan and neighboring Turkmenistan. Aqina is located in the northern part of Khani Chahar Bagh district, directly adjacent to the border with Turkmenistan. The nearest Afghan town from Aqina is Andkhoy.

Andkhoy may refer to:

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The Shirin Tagab River is a river in Afghanistan, and travels 320 kilometres (200 mi) before ending in an inland delta around Andkhoi. The river's watershed has 504 settlements with a population of 605972, and covers the majority of Faryab Province. Downstream, the river is brackish/saltwater. In addition, the river is a source of water-borne diseases.