Will Rogers State Beach

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Will Rogers State Beach
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Location Pacific Palisades, California
Coordinates 34°2′23″N118°33′37″W / 34.03972°N 118.56028°W / 34.03972; -118.56028 Coordinates: 34°2′23″N118°33′37″W / 34.03972°N 118.56028°W / 34.03972; -118.56028
Governing body California Department of Parks and Recreation

Will Rogers State Beach is a beach park on the Santa Monica Bay, at the Pacific coast of Southern California. Located in Pacific Palisades, the beach is owned by the California Department of Parks and Recreation; however, it is managed and maintained by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors. A section just south of the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Entrada Drive ( 34°01′34″N118°31′08″W / 34.026053°N 118.518824°W / 34.026053; -118.518824 (Los Angeles Gay Beach) ) is popular within the LGBT community [1] and is therefore considered Los Angeles' unofficial gay beach; [ citation needed ] this section is often referred to as Ginger Rogers Beach. [ citation needed ]



The beach extends one and three quarters miles along the coast. It has many facilities, including volleyball courts, gymnastic equipment, restrooms, a playground, and a bike path. The bike path is part of the South Bay Bicycle Trail and extends 19.1 miles (30.7 km) along the shore to Torrance, California. [2] The beach is also a popular surf spot.

Many films and television shows have been filmed at the beach, including Creature from the Black Lagoon , The Kiss , La Belle dame sans merci , Summer Children , Holidays with Heather , and Hangman . [3] Also, the television show Baywatch was shot at the beach before it moved to Hawaii. [4] [5]

In the sea near Will Rogers State Beach at Sunset Blvd., there is the grounding electrode of the Pacific DC Intertie. [6]


The beach is named after actor Will Rogers. In the 1920s, Rogers bought the land and developed a ranch along the coast. He owned 186 acres (0.75 km2) along the coast in what is now Pacific Palisades. Rogers died in a plane crash in 1935. Then when his widow, Betty, died in 1944, the ranch became a state park. [7]

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