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Chishti Sharif

چشت شریف
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Chishti Sharif
Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°21′12″N63°44′28″E / 34.3533°N 63.7411°E / 34.3533; 63.7411
Country Flag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan
Province Herat Province
 (2012) [1]

Chishti Sharif District is the most easterly district in Herat Province, Afghanistan, situated along the Hari River and one of its northern tributaries. It borders with Obe District to the west, Badghis Province to the north and Ghor Province to the east and south. The population was estimated at 23,100 in 2012. [1] The district administrative center is the village of Chishti Sharif.



The district contains 170 km of gravel roads. [2]

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Herat City in Afghanistan

Herāt is the third-largest city of Afghanistan. In 2020, it had an estimated population of 574,276, and serves as the capital of Herat Province, situated in the fertile valley of the Hari River in the western part of the country. It is linked with Kandahar, Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif via Highway 1 or the ring road. It is further linked to the city of Mashhad in neighboring Iran through the border town of Islam Qala, and to Mary in Turkmenistan to the north through the border town of Torghundi.

Transport in Afghanistan

Transport in Afghanistan has steadily improved in the last decade. Much of the nation's road network was built during the 1960s but left to ruin during the 1980s and 90s wars. New national highways, roads, and bridges have been rebuilt in the last decade to help increase travel as well as trade with neighboring countries. In 2008, there were about 700,000 vehicles registered in Kabul.

Hari (Afghanistan) River flowing from Afghanistan to Turkmenistan

The Hari River or Herat River is a river flowing 1,100 kilometres (680 mi) from the mountains of central Afghanistan to Turkmenistan, where it forms the Tejend oasis and disappears in the Karakum Desert.

Chishti Order Sufi order in Islam

The Chishtī Order is a Sunni Sufi order within the mystic Sufi tradition of Islam. It began in Chisht, a small town near Herat, Afghanistan, about 930 CE. The Chishti Order is known for its emphasis on love, tolerance, and openness. Chishti Sharif is name of village in Afghanistan near Iran border.

Herat Province Province of Afghanistan

Herat is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the western part of the country. Together with Badghis, Farah, and Ghor provinces, it makes up the north-western region of Afghanistan. Its primary city and administrative capital is Herat City. The province of Herat is divided into about 17 districts and contains over 1,000 villages. It has a population of about 1,780,000, making it the second most populated province in Afghanistan behind Kabul Province. The population is multi-ethnic but largely Persian-speaking.

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Maymana is the capital city of Faryab Province in northwestern Afghanistan, near the Turkmenistan border. It is approximately 400 km (250 mi) northwest of the country's capital Kabul, and is located on the Maymana River, which is a tributary of the Murghab River. The population of Maymana was 149,040 in 2015, making it one of the largest cities of northwestern Afghanistan.

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Sheberghān or Shaburghān, also spelled Shebirghan and Shibarghan, is the capital city of the Jowzjan Province in northern Afghanistan.

Adraskan District District in Herat Province, Afghanistan

Adraskan is a district in the central part of Herat Province in Afghanistan. It is bordered to the west by Iran, to the north by Ghoryan District, Zinda Jan District, Guzara District, Pashtun Zarghun District and Obe District, to the east by Farsi District and to the south by Shindand District.

Ghurian District District in Herat Province, Afghanistan

The Ghurian District is an Afghan administrative district (Wuleswali) in far western Afghanistan in western Herat Province. The district is bordered by Iran to the west and northwest. It is then bordered by other districts of Herat, Kohsan District in the north, Zendeh Jan District to the east, and Adraskan District to the south. The Hari River flows through the northeastern end of the district. The border with Iranian is marshy. The population is 85,900 and the district center is the city of Ghurian.

Kohsan District District in Herat Province, Afghanistan

Kohsan is a district of Herat province in northwestern Afghanistan. It borders the nation of Iran to the west, Gulran District to the north, and Ghurian District to the south and east. The population of Kosan District is 52,900, which includes the following ethnic groups: 59.4% Pashtun, 35.3% Tajik, 5.1% Balouch, and 0.2% Turkmen.

Kushki Kuhna District District in Herat Province, Afghanistan

Kushki Kuhna is a district of Herat province in northwestern Afghanistan. It is situated in the northern part of the province. It borders Kushk District to the west, the nation of Turkmenistan to the north, Badghis Province to the east, and Karukh District to the south. The population Kushki Kuhna is 44,400, which includes the following ethnic groups: 55% Tajik, 40% Pashtun and 5% Hazara.

Obe District District in Herat Province, Afghanistan

Obe is a district in the northeast of Herat Province, Afghanistan. It borders on the north with Badghis Province, on the east with Chishti sharif District, on the southeast with Farsi District, on the south with Adraskan District, and on the west with Pashtun Zarghun and Karukh districts.

Shindand District District in Herat Province, Afghanistan

Shīnḍanḍ District is one of the 16 districts of Herat Province, in western Afghanistan, and is situated in the southern part of that province. It borders Adraskan District to the north, Ghor Province to the east and Farah Province to the south and west. The population was 173,800. The district center is the town of Shindand, which has a very active market area. Shindand Air Base is located near the town. The main Herat-Kandahar road passes through the district. The Zerkoh Valley is in the district.

Shibirghan District (Sheberghan) is situated in the southern part of Jowzjan Province in Afghanistan. It borders Faryab Province to the west, Khwaja du koh District to the north, Aqcha District to the east and Sar-e Pol Province. The population is 188,808 (2019). The center is the provincial capital Sheberghan. There are main roads from the district center towards Herat, Kabul, Andkhoy and Mazari Sharif. Sheberghan airfield is situated between Sheberghan and Aqchah.

Wali Kirani Muslim saint

Wali Kirani was a Muslim saint. His date of birth and date of death are not known, but is believed to have lived around the time of Sultan Hussain Mirza's rule in Herat around 1470.

Shaal Pir Baba

Shaal Pir Baba was a Sufi saint who was also a leader of the Moudodi Syed's in Balochistan and Sindh, today's Pakistan.

Badghis Province Province of Afghanistan

Bādghīs is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the northwest of the country, on the border with Turkmenistan. It is considered to be one of the country's most underdeveloped provinces. The capital is Qala i Naw, while the most populous city and district is Bala Murghab. The ruins of the medieval city of Marw al-Rudh, the historical capital of the medieval region of Gharjistan, are located in the province near the modern city of Bala Murghab.

Afghan-India Friendship Dam Dam in Chishti Sharif District, Herat Province

Afghan-India Friendship Dam (AIFD), formerly Salma Dam, is a hydroelectric and irrigation dam project located on the Hari River in Chishti Sharif District of Herat Province in western Afghanistan. Since this project is funded and constructed by the Government of India as a part of the Indian aid project, the Afghan cabinet renamed the Salma Dam to the Afghan-India Friendship Dam in a gesture of gratitude to strengthen relations between the two countries.

Chishti Sharif District in Herat Province, Afghanistan

Chishti Sharif is a town situated on the northern bank of the Hari River in Herat Province, Afghanistan. It is the administrative center of Chishti Sharif District.


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