List of closed railway stations in Britain: D-F

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The list of closed railway stations in Britain includes the following: Year of closure is given if known. Stations reopened as heritage railways continue to be included in this list and some have been linked. Some stations have been reopened to passenger traffic. Some lines remain in use for freight and mineral traffic.




(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Dacre NER 1951
Daggons Road L&SWR 1964
Dailly G&SWR 1965
Dailuiane Halt L&NER 1965
Daimler Halt L&NWR 1965
Dairsie NBR 1954
Daisy Bank and Bradley GWR 1962
Daisyfield L&YR 1958
Dalbeallie Great North of Scotland Railway 1965
Dalbeattie G&SWR 1965
Dalchonzie Halt Caledonian 1951
Dalcross Highland Railway 1965
Dale Bank Ashover Light Railway 1936
Dalegarth (Cottages) Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway 1927
Dalguise Highland 1965
Dalhousie NBR 1908
Dalkeith NBR 1942
Dallam Lane (Warrington) Warrington and Newton Railway 1837
Dalmellington G&SWR 1964
Dalmuir Riverside Caledonian Railway 1964
Dalnaspidal Highland Railway 1965
Dalry Junction G&SWR 1860
Dalry Road Caledonian Railway 1962
Dalrymple G&SWR 1954
Dalrymple Junction G&SWR 1859
Dalserf Caledonian Railway 1951
Dalston Junction North London Railway 1986 reopened 2010
Dalston Kingsland North London Railway 1865 reopened 1983
Dalvey GNSR 1858
Dalvey Farm Halt British Railways 1965
Danby Wiske NER 1958
Dandaleith GNSR 1962
Danygraig Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway 1933
Danygraig Halt GWR 1936
Darby End Halt GWR 1964
Darcy Lever Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1951
Daresbury Birkenhead Joint Railway 1952
Darfield MR 1901
Darlaston L&NWR 1887
Darlaston James Bridge L&NWR 1965
Darley NER 1951
Darley Dale MR 1967
Darran and Deri Rhymney Railway 1962
Darras Hall NER 1929
Darvel G&SWR 1964
Daubhill Bolton and Leigh Railway 1885
Dauntsey GWR 1965
Dava Highland Railway 1965
Daventry L&NWR 1958
Davidson's Mains Caledonian Railway 1951
Davies Dyke Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway 1848
Daviot Highland Railway 1965
Dawley and Stirchley L&NWR 1952
Dawsholm Caledonian Railway 1908
Daybrook GNR 1960


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Deadwater North British Railway 1956
Deanside Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway 1905
Dearham Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1935
Dearham Bridge Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1950
Dechmont NBR 1921
Dechmont Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway 1861
Dee Street Halt British Railways 1966
Deepcar Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester Railway 1959
Deepcut Military railway circa 1930s
Deepdale Fleetwood, Preston and West Riding Junction Railway 1930
Deepdale Street Preston and Longridge Railway 1856
Deepfields and Coseley LNWR 1902
Defford MR 1965
Defiance Platform GWR 1930
Deighton L&NWR 1930
Delabole L&SWR 1966
Delny Highland Railway 1960
Delph L&NWR 1955
Denaby and Conisbrough Hull and Barnsley Railway 1903
Denaby Halt Dearne Valley Railway 1949
Denbigh L&NWR 1962
Denbigh Hall London and Birmingham Railway 1838
Denby MR 1930
Denhead Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1929
Denholme GNR 1955
Denny Caledonian Railway 1930
Dennyloanhead Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway 1935
Denstone North Staffordshire Railway 1965
Dent MR 1970 reopened 1986
Denton Halt SE&CR 1961
Denver GER 1930
Derby Friargate Great Northern Railway 1964
Derby Nottingham Road Midland Railway 1967
Derby Racecourse Great Northern Railway circa 1938
Dereham East Anglian Railway 1850
Dereham GER 1969 reopened 1997
Derry Ormond GWR 1965
Dersingham GER 1969
Derwent Bridge (Derby) Midland Counties Railway 1840
Derwenthaugh Newcastle and Carlisle Railway 1868
Derwydd Road GWR 1954
Desborough and Rothwell MR 1968
Desford MR 1848
Dess GNoSR 1966
Detton Ford Halt Cleobury Mortimer and Ditton Priors Light Railway 1938
Devizes WSWR and GWR 1966
Devonport Kings Road LSWR 1964
Devonshire Street Eastern Counties Railway 1840
Devynock and Sennybridge Neath and Brecon Railway 1962
Dewsbury Central GNR 1964
Dewsbury Market Place Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1930


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Dicconson Lane and Aspull L&YR 1954
Didsbury MR 1967
Digby Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway 1961
Diggle L&NWR 1968
Dillwyn and Brynteg Halt Neath and Brecon Railway 1962
Dinas Ffestiniog Railway 1870
Dinas Junction L&NWR 1951 new station for Welsh Highland Rly opened 1997
Dinas Junction NWNGR/WHR 1936 new station opened 1997
Dinas Mawddwy Mawddwy Railway 1931
Dingestow GWR 1955
Dingle Liverpool Overhead Railway 1956
Dinmore Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway 1958
Dinnet GNoSR 1966
Dinnington and Laughton South Yorkshire Joint Railway 1929
Dinton L&SWR 1966
Dinwoodie Caledonian Railway 1960
Dirleton NBR 1954
Distington Cleator and Workington Junction Railway/Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway 1931
Ditcham Park (or Woodcroft) Halt Southern Railway 1945
Ditchford L&NWR 1924
Ditchingham GER 1953
Ditton L&NWR 1994
Ditton Priors Cleobury Mortimer and Ditton Priors Light Railway 1938
Dixon Fold L&YR 1931
Dixter Halt KESR 1983


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Dobcross L&NWR 1955
Docking GER 1952
Doddington and Harby LD&ECR 1955
Dodworth Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway 1959 reopened 1989
Doe Hill MR 1960
Dog Lane Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway 1847
Dogdyke GNR 1963
Dolarddyn Crossing Cambrian Railways 1931
Dolcoath Halt GWR 1908
Doldderwen Crossing Corris Railway 1931
Doldowlod Cambrian Railways 1962
Dolgellau GWR 1965
Dollar NBR 1964
Dolphinton Caledonian Railway 1945
Dolphinton NBR 1933
Dolserau Halt GWR 1951
Dolwen Cambrian Railways 1962
Dolygaer Brecon and Merthyr Railway 1962
Dolyhir GWR 1951
Dolywern Glyn Valley Tramway 1933
Don Street (Aberdeen) GNoSR 1937
Doncaster (Cherry Tree Lane) South Yorkshire Railway 1852
Doncaster (St.James' Bridge) London and North Eastern Railway 1946?
Donibristle Halt London and North Eastern Railway 1959
Donington Road Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway 1961
Donington-on-Bain GNR 1951
Donisthorpe Ashby and Nuneaton Railway 1931
Donnington L&NWR 1964
Donyatt Halt GWR 1962
Dornoch Highland Railway 1960
Dorrington Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway 1958
Dorstone Golden Valley Railway 1941
Dorton Halt GWR 1963
Doseley Halt GWR 1962
Doublebois GWR 1964
Douglas West Caledonian Railway 1964
Doune Caledonian Railway 1965
Dousland GWR 1956
Dove Bank, Uttoxeter North Staffordshire Railway 1881
Dovecliffe South Yorkshire Railway 1953
Dovenby Lodge Maryport & Carlisle Railway 1935
Dover Admiralty Pier South Eastern Railway 1914
Dover Harbour London, Chatham and Dover Railway 1927
Dover Town South Eastern Railway 1914
Dover Marine (later renamed "Dover Western Docks") SECR 1994
Dowlais Taff Vale Railway 1854
Dowlais Cae Harris Taff Bargoed Railway 1964
Dowlais Central Brecon and Merthyr Railway 1960
Dowlais High Street LNWR 1958
Dowlais Junction Taff Vale Railway 1854
Dowlais Top LNWR 1885
Dowlais Top Brecon and Merthyr Railway 1962
Dowlow Halt LNWR 1954
Downfield Crossing Halt GWR 1964
Down Street Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway 1932
Downholland Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1938
Downton L&SWR 1964


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Drax Abbey Hull and Barnsley Railway 1932
Drax Hales NER 1964
Draycott (Somerset) GWR (Cheddar Valley Railway)1963
Draycott and Breaston (Derbyshire) MR 1966
Drayton (Norfolk) Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway 1959
Drayton (West Sussex) LBSCR 1930
Dreghorn Glasgow and South Western Railway 1964
Drighlington and Adwalton GNR 1962
Droitwich Road MR 1855
Drongan G&SWR 1951
Dronley Caledonian Railway 1955
Droxford LSWR 1955
Droylsden (or "Droylesden") L&YR 1968
Drum Great North of Scotland Railway 1951
Drumburgh North British Railway 1955
Drumclog Caledonian Railway 1939
Drumgelloch (old station) British Rail 2010
Drumlemble Halt Campbeltown and Machrihanish Light Railway 1932
Drumlithie Caledonian Railway 1956
Drummuir Great North of Scotland Railway 1968
Drumpark LMS 1964
Drumshoreland North British Railway 1951
Drws-y-Nant GWR 1965
Drybridge G&SWR 1969
Drybridge Platform Highland Railway 1915
Drybrook Halt GWR 1930
Drybrook Road Severn and Wye Railway 1929
Drymen North British Railway 1934
Dryslwyn LNWR 1963


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Dubton Caledonian Railway 1952
Ducie Bridge Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1884
Dudbridge Midland Railway 1947
Dudding Hill Midland Railway 1902
Duddingston and Craigmillar North British Railway 1962
Dudley GWR 1964
Dudley Hill GNR 1952
Dudley Port Low Level LNWR 1964
Duffield Gate NER 1890
Duffryn Crossing Halt GWR 1917
Duffryn Rhondda Halt Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway 1962
Dufftown GNoSR 1968
Duffws Festiniog and Blaenau Railway 1883
Duffws Festiniog Railway 1931
Dukeries Junction GNR 1950
Dukinfield and Ashton LNWR 1950
Dukinfield Central GCR 1959
Dullatur North British Railway 1967
Dulverton GWR 1966
Dumfries House GSWR 1949
Dumgoyne North British Railway 1951
Dunball Halt GWR 1964
Dunchurch LNWR 1959
Dundee East Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1959
Dundee Esplanade North British Railway 1939
Dundee Trades Lane Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1857
Dundee Ward Road Dundee and Newtyle Railway 1861
Dundee West Caledonian Railway 1965
Dunfermline, Comely Park North British Railway 1890
Dunfermline Upper North British Railway 1968
Dunford Bridge Sheffield, Ashton-Under-Lyne and Manchester Railway 1970
Dungeness SER 1937
Dunham (Cheshire) Warrington and Stockport Railway 1855
Dunham (Norfolk) GER 1968
Dunham Hill Birkenhead Railway 1952
Dunham Massey LNWR 1962
Dunhampstead Midland Railway 1855
Dunkerton GWR 1925
Dunkerton Colliery Halt GWR 1925
Dunmere Halt LSWR 1967
Dunmow GER 1952
Dunnerholme Halt Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway ?
Dunning Caledonian Railway 1956
Dunnington for Kexby Derwent Valley Light Railway 1926
Dunnington Halt Derwent Valley Light Railway 1926
Dunphail Highland Railway 1965
Dunragit Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway 1965
Duns North British Railway 1951
Dunsbear Halt SR 1965
Dunscore GSWR 1943
Dunsford Halt GWR 1958
Dunsland Cross LSWR 1966
Dunstable North L&NWR 1965
Dunstable Town GNR 1965
Dunstall Park GWR 1968
Dunston-on-Tyne NER 1926 reopened 1984
Dunsyre Caledonian Railway 1945
Dunure G&SWR 1930
Dunvant L&NWR 1964
Durham Elvet North Eastern Railway 1931
Durham Gilesgate North Eastern Railway 1857
Durham Turnpike North Eastern Railway 1869
Durley Halt L&SWR 1933
Duror Caledonian 1966
Dursley MR 1962
Durston Bristol and Exeter Railway 1964


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Dymock GWR 1959
Dynea Halt Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railway 1956
Dysart NBR 1969
Dyserth L&NWR 1930


Ea – Eg

(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Earby MR 1970
Eardington Halt GWR 1963 and 1982
Eardisley MR 1962
Earith Bridge GER 1931
Earls Colne Colne Valley and Halstead Railway 1962
Earlsheaton GNR 1953
Earlston NBR 1948
Earlyvale Gate Peebles Railway 1857
Earsham GER 1953
Earswick York and North Midland Railway 1965
Easington NER 1964
Easingwold Easingwold Railway 1948
Eassie Newtyle, Eassie and Glamiss Railway 1956
East Anstey GWR 1966
East Barkwith GNR 1951
East Brixton LB&SCR 1976
East Budleigh L&SWR 1967
East Fortune North British Railway 1964
East Garston GWR 1960
East Grange NBR 1958
East Halton Halt GCR 1963
East Langton MR 1968
East Leake GCR 1969
East Linton NBR 1964
East Minster Sheppey Light Railway 1950
East Norton GNR/L&NWR Joint Railway 1953
East Pilton LM&SR 1962
East Rudham M&GNJR 1959
East Southsea L&SWR/LB&SCR Joint Railway 1914
East Street (Bridport) GWR 1930
East Ville GNR 1961
East Winch GER 1968
Eastbank Street (Southport) Liverpool, Crosby and Southport Railway 1851
Eastbury Halt GWR 1960
Eastchurch Sheppey Light Railway 1950
Eastern Entrance to Immingham Dock Grimsby and Immingham Tramway 1920
Easter Road NBR 1947
Easter Road Park Halt British Railways 1967
Eastgate NER 1953
Easthaven Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1967
Easthope Halt GWR 1951
Eastoft Isle of Axholme Joint Railway 1933
Easton GWR/L&SWR Joint Railway 1952
Easton Court Tenbury & Bewdley Railway 1961
Easton Lodge GER 1952
Eastrea GER 1866
Eastriggs G&SWR 1965
Eastry East Kent Light Railway 1948
Eastry South East Kent Light Railway 1948
Eastwood Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1951
Eastwood and Langley Mill GNR 1963
Eaton Bishop's Castle Railway 1935
Ebberston NER 1950
Ebbsfleet and Cliffsend Halt SE&CR 1933
Ebbw Vale (High Level) L&NWR 1951
Ebbw Vale (Low Level) GWR 1962
Ebchester NER 1953
Ebdon Lane Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway 1940
Ebley Crossing Halt GWR 1964
Ecclefechan Caledonian 1960
Ecclesfield East South Yorkshire Railway 1856 and 1953
Ecclesfield West MR 1967
Eccleshill GNR 1931
Eckington Birmingham and Gloucester Railway 1965
Eckington and Renishaw MR 1951
Ecton North Staffordshire Railway 1934
Edderton Highland Railway 1960
Eddleston NBR 1962
Edenham Edenham and Little Bytham Railway 1871
Edge Lane L&NWR 1948
Edgebold Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales Railway/Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway 1933
Edgerley Halt Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales Railway/Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway 1933
Edgware GNR 1939
Edinburgh Canal Street North British Railway 1868
Edinburgh Princes Street Caledonian Railway 1965
Edinburgh St Leonards Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway 1860
Edinburgh Scotland Street North British Railway 1868
Edington Burtle Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway 1966
Edington and Bratton GWR 1952
Edlingham NER 1930
Edlington Dearne Valley Railway 1951
Edmondthorpe and Wymondham MR 1959
Edrom NBR 1951
Edwalton MR 1941
Edwinstowe LD&ECR 1955
Edzell Caledonian 1938
Efail Isaf Barry Railway 1962
Egginton North Staffordshire Railway 1878
Egginton Junction GNR/North Staffs Joint Railway 1962
Eglinton Street (Glasgow) Caledonian Railway 1965
Egloskerry L&SWR 1966
Egremont Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway 1947 public services
1969 special services

El – Er

(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Elburton Cross GWR 1947
Elderslie G&SWR 1966
Elford MR 1952
Elgin East GNSR 1968
Elham SER 1940
Elie NBR 1965
Elland Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1962
Ellenbrook L&NWR 1961
Ellerby-first station Hull and Hornsea Railway 1902
Ellerby-second station opened as "Marton"; renamed as "Burton Constable" Hull and Hornsea Railway 1964
Ellerdine Halt GWR 1963
Ellesmere Cambrian Railways 1965
Ellingham GER 1953
Elliot Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1929
Elliot Junction Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1967
Elliot Pit Colliery Halt Great Western Railway 1962
Ellon GNoSR 1965
Elmbridge GER 1928
Elmesthorpe L&NWR 1968
Elmore Halt L&SWR 1930
Elms Bridge Halt GWR 1955
Elmton and Creswell MR 1964
Elrington Halt NER 1930
Elsham Great Central Railway 1993
Elslack MR 1952
Elson Halt GWR 1962
Elsted L&SWR 1955
Elswick NER 1967
Eltham Park SE&CR 1985
Eltham Well Hall SE&CR 1985
Elton L&NWR 1953
Elvanfoot Caledonian Railway 1965
Elvington (Kent) East Kent Railway 1948
Elvington (North Yorkshire) Derwent Valley Light Railway 1926
Ely Main Line GWR 1962
Embleton Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway 1958
Embo Highland Railway 1960
Embsay Midland Railway 1965 reopened 1981
Emneth GER 1968
Endon North Staffordshire Railway 1956
Enfield Great Northern Railway 1910
English Bridge GWR/L&NWR Joint Railway 1898
Enthorpe NER 1954
Enzie Highland Railway 1915
Epsom Town LB&SCR 1929
Epworth Isle of Axholme Joint Railway 1933
Errol North British Railway 1985
Erwood Cambrian Railways 1962
Eryholme NER 1911

Es – Ey

(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Escrick NER 1953
Esgairgeiliog (or Escairgeiliog) Corris Railway 1931
Esholt MR 1940
Eskbank and Dalkeith NBR 1969
Esk Bridge NBR 1930
Eskett Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Junction Railway 1872
Eskmeals Furness Railway 1959
Essendine GNR 1959
Esslemont GNSR 1952
Eston NER 1929
Etherley NER 1965
Etruria North Staffordshire Railway 2005
Ettingshall Road and Bilston L&NWR 1964
Ettington East and West Junction Railway 1952
Etwall GNR 1939
Euston Road (Morecambe) L&NWR 1958
Euxton (L&NW) L&NWR 1895
Euxton (L&Y) L&YR 1917
Evanton Highland Railway 1960
Evenwood NER 1957
Evercreech Junction Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway 1966
Evercreech New Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway 1966
Everingham NER 1954
Evershot GWR 1966
Evesham (Midland) MR 1963
Evesham Road Crossing Halt GWR 1916
Ewesley NBR 1952
Ewood Bridge and Edenfield L&YR 1972
Exminster GWR 1964
Exning Road Halt GER 1962
Eyarth L&NWR 1953
Eydon Road Halt GCR 1956
Eye GER 1931
Eye Green Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway 1957
Eyemouth NBR 1962
Eynsham GWR 1962
Eythorne East Kent Light Railway 1948 reopened 1993



(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Facit L&YR 1947
Fairfield Halt L&NWR 1939
Fairfield Siding NBR 1866
Fairford GWR 1962
Fairlie Pier G&SWR 1972
Fakenham East GER 1964
Fakenham West M&GNJR 1959
Falkirk Camelon Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway 1967
new station opened 1994
Falkland Road NBR 1958
Fallgate Ashover Light Railway 1936
Fallodon North Eastern Railway 1935
Fallowfield GCR 1958
Falls of Cruachan Caledonian Railway 1965 reopened 1988
Fallside Caledonian Railway 1953
Falstone NBR 1956
Fangfoss York and North Midland Railway 1959
Faringdon (Oxfordshire) GWR 1951
Farington (Lancashire) North Union Railway 1960
Farley Halt GWR 1962
Farlington Halt LB&SCR 1937
Farnell Road Caledonian Railway 1956
Farnley and Wortley LNWR 1952
Farnsfield Midland Railway 1929
Farnworth and Bold LNWR 1951
Farringdon Halt (Hampshire) LSWR 1955
Farrington Gurney GWR 1959
Farthinghoe LNWR 1952
Faslane Platform LM&SR 1940s
Fauldhouse and Crofthead Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway 1930
Fawcett Street (Sunderland) NER 1879
Fawley (Hampshire) Southern Railway 1966
Fawley (Hereford and Worcester) GWR 1964


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Featherstone Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1967
(reopened 1992)
Featherstone Park NER 1976
Feering Halt LNER 1951
Felin Fach GWR 1951
Felin Fran Halt GWR 1956
Felin Hen Halt LNWR 1951
Felindyffryn Halt GWR 1964
Felixstowe Beach GER 1967
Felixstowe Pier GER 1951
Felmingham Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway 1959
Felsted GER 1952
Fen Ditton Halt GER 1962
Fenay Bridge and Lepton LNWR 1930
Fencehouses NER 1964
Fencote GWR 1952
Feniscowles Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway & Lancashire Union Railway joint1960
Fennant Road Halt GWR 1915
Fenn's Bank Cambrian Railways 1965
Fenny Compton GWR 1964
Fenny Compton West East and West Junction Railway 1952
Fenton North Staffordshire Railway 1961
Fenton Manor North Staffordshire Railway 1956
Ferndale Taff Vale Railway 1964
Fernhill Heath GWR 1965
Ferniegair Caledonian Railway 1917 reopened 2005 as Chatelherault
Ferry-(Cambridgeshire) Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway 1959
Ferry-(West Sussex) West Sussex Railway 1935
Ferrybridge Swinton and Knottingley Joint Railway 1965
Ferryhill (Aberdeen) Aberdeen Railway 1854
Ferryhill (Durham) NER 1967
Fersit Halt LNER 1934
Festiniog GWR 1960


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Ffridd Gate Corris Railway 1931
Ffrith Wrexham and Minera Joint Railway 1950
Ffronfraith Halt Cambrian Railways 1931
Fidlers Ferry and Penketh LNWR 1950
Fighting Cocks NER 1887
Filey Holiday Camp LNER 1977
Filleigh GWR 1966
Finchley Road Midland Railway 1884
Findhorn Highland Railway 1869
Findochty Great North of Scotland Railway 1968
Finedon Midland Railway 1940
Fingask Great North of Scotland Railway 1931
Finghall Lane NER 1954 reopened 2004
Finmere Great Central Railway 1963
Finnieston North British Railway 1917
Finningham GER 1966
Finningley Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway 1961
Firsby GNR 1970
Fisherrow North British Railway 1847
Fishguard and Goodwick GWR 1964 reopened 2012
Fishponds (Bristol) Midland Railway 1966
Fittleworth LBSC 1955
Five Mile House GNR 1958
Five Ways Midland Railway 1944 reopened 1978
Fladbury GWR 1966
Flamborough NER 1970
Flax Bourton Bristol and Exeter Railway 1893
Flaxton NER 1930
Flecknoe LNWR 1952
Fledborough LD&ECR 1955
Fleet (Lincolnshire) Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway 1959
Fleetwood Preston and Wyre Joint Railway 1883
Fleetwood (formerly Wyre Dock) Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1970
Flemington Caledonian Railway 1965
Fleur de Lis Platform GWR 1962
Flordon GER 1966
Floriston Caledonian Railway 1950
Flow Moss Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1842
Flushdyke GNR 1941


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Fochabers Town Highland Railway 1931
Fochriw Brecon and Merthyr Railway 1962
Fockerby Isle of Axholme Joint Railway 1933
Foggathorpe NER 1954
Foleshill LNWR 1965
Foley Park Halt GWR 1970
Folkestone East SER 1965
Folkestone Harbour SER 2001 (to regular services) 2009 to all services)
Folkestone Warren Halt SER 1939
Fontburn Halt North British Railway 1952
Ford (Devon) LSWR 1964
Ford (Merseyside) Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1951
Ford and Crossgates Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales Railway 1933
Ford Bridge Stratford-upon-Avon and Midland Junction Railway 1954
Ford Green & Smallthorne North Staffordshire Railway 1927
Ford Halt (Plymouth) GWR 1941
Forden Cambrian Railways 1965
Fordham GER 1965
Fordingbridge LSWR 1964
Fordoun Caledonian Railway 1956
Forest Hall NER 1958
Forest Hall Blyth & Tyne Railway 1871
Forest Mill North British Railway 1930
Forest Row London, Brighton and South Coast Railway 1967
Forfar Playfield Arbroath and Forfar Railway 1848
Forfar Caledonian Railway 1967
Forgandenny Caledonian Railway 1956
Forge Crossing Halt GWR 1951
Forge Valley NER 1950
Formby Power Station Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1944
Forncett GER 1966
Forrestfield North British Railway 1930
Fort Augustus Highland Railway 1933
Fort Augustus Pier Highland Railway 1906
Fort Brockhurst LSWR 1953
Fort George Highland Railway 1943
Fort Gomer Halt LSWR 1930
Forteviot Caledonian Railway 1956
Fortrose Highland Railway 1951
Foryd LNWR 1885
Foryd Pier LNWR 1885
Foss Cross Midland and South Western Junction Railway 1961
Fotherby Gate House GNR 1872
Fotherby Halt GNR 1961
Foulis Highland Railway 1960
Foulridge Midland Railway 1959
Foulsham GER 1952
Fountain Bridge Halt Brecon and Merthyr Railway 1956
Fountainhall North British Railway 1969
Four Ashes Grand Junction Railway 1959
Four Crosses Cambrian Railways 1965
Four Oaks Halt GWR 1959
Fourstones NER 1967
Fovant Fovant Military Railway 1924
Fowey GWR 1965
Foxdale (Isle of Man) Foxdale Railway 1940
Framlingham GER 1952
Frankton Cambrian Railways 1965
Fransham GER 1968
Fraserburgh Great North of Scotland Railway 1965
Free Street (Brecon) Brecon and Merthyr Railway 1962
Fremington LSWR 1965
French Drove and Gedney Hill Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway 1961
Freshfield Halt Bluebell Railway 1988
Freshwater Isle of Wight Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway 1953
Friargate (Derby) GNR 1964
Friars Walk (Lewes) London, Brighton and South Coast Railway 1857
Frickley Swinton and Knottingley Joint Railway 1953
Friezland LNWR 1916
Friockheim Caledonian Railway 1955
Frisby Midland Railway 1961
Frittenden Road Kent and East Sussex Light Railway 1954
Fritwell & Somerton GWR 1964
Frizinghall Midland Railway 1965 reopened 1987
Frizington Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Junction Railway 1931
Frocester Midland Railway 1961
Frodingham and Scunthorpe Great Central Railway 1928
Frongoch GWR 1960
Frosterley NER 1953
Fugar Bar Branding Junction Railway <1844
Fulbar Street (Renfrew) Glasgow and South Western Railway 1967
Fulbourn/Fulbourne GER 1967
Fullerton LSWR 1885
Fulwell and Westbury LNWR 1961
Furness Abbey Furness Railway 1950
Fushiebridge North British Railway 1943
Fyling Hall NER 1965
Fyvie Great North of Scotland Railway 1951

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Lydd Town was a railway station which served the town of Lydd in Kent, England. Opened on 7 December 1881 by The Lydd Railway Company. It closed to passengers in 1967 but the line through the station remained open for freight.

Kildwick and Crosshills railway station Disused railway station in North Yorkshire, England

Kildwick and Crosshills [sic] was a railway station off Station Road in Cross Hills, North Yorkshire, England. It served the villages of Cross Hills, Cowling, Glusburn, Kildwick and Sutton-in-Craven.