List of closed railway stations in Britain: B

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The list of closed railway stations in Britain includes the following: Year of closure is given if known. Stations reopened as heritage railways continue to be included in this list and some have been linked. Some stations have been reopened to passenger traffic. Some former passenger lines remain in use for freight and mineral traffic.




(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Back of Law Dundee and Newtyle Railway 1855
Back O'Loch Halt L&NER 1964
Backney Halt GWR 1962
Backworth NER 1977
Bacton GWR 1941
Bacup L&YR 1966
Badgeworth MR 1846
Badminton GWR 1968
Baggrow Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1930
Bagillt L&NWR 1966
Baglan Sands Halt GWR 1939
Baguley CLC 1964
Bagworth and Ellistown MR 1849
Bailey Gate S&DJR 1966
Bailiff Bridge L&YR 1917
Baillieston CR 1964
(Reopened 1993)
Bainton NER 1954
Bainton Gate MR 1856
Bakewell MR 1967
Bala (New) GWR 1965
Bala Junction GWR 1965
Bala Lake Halt Great Western Railway 1939 reopened 1976
Balado NBR 1964
Balbeuchly (Foot) Dundee and Perth and Aberdeen Railway Junction Company 1855
Balbeuchly (Top) Dundee and Perth and Aberdeen Railway Junction Company 1860
Balchriston Level Crossing Halt G&SWR 1930
Baldersby NER 1959
Balderton GWR 1952
Baldovan & Downfield Caledonian Railway 1955
Baldragon Caledonian 1955
Baldwins Halt GWR 1933
Balerno Caledonian 1943
Balfron NBR 1951
Balgowan Caledonian 1951
Balgreen Halt L&NER 1968
Ballachulish Caledonian 1966
Ballachulish Ferry Caledonian 1966
Ballacraine Isle of Man Railway 1879
Ballater GNoSR 1966
Ballathie Caledonian 1868
Ballaugh IoMR 1968
Ballavolley Halt IoMR 1968
Ballencrieff NBR 1847
Ballifurth Farm Halt BR 1965
Ballindalloch GNoSR 1965
Ballingham GWR 1964
Ballinluig Highland 1965
Balliol Road (Bootle) L&NWR 1948
Balloch Central Caledonian and Dunbartonshire Junction Railway 1988
Balloch Pier Caledonian and Dunbartonshire Junction Railway 1986
Balmore NBR 1951
Balnacoul Halt Highland 1931
Balnaguard Halt LM&SR 1965
Balne NER 1958
Balquhidder Caledonian 1965
Balsham Road Newmarket and Chesterford Railway 1851
Balshaw Lane and Euxton LNWR 1969 reopened 1997
Bamfurlong North Union Railway 1950
Bampton (Devon) GWR 1963
Bampton (Oxford) GWR 1962
Banavie Pier NBR 1939
Banbury Merton Street Buckinghamshire Railway 1961
Banchory GNoSR 1859
Bandon Halt LBSC 1914
Banff GNSR 1964
Banff Bridge GNSR 1951
Banff and Macduff GNSR 1872
Bangor-on-Dee Cambrian Railways 1962
Bangour NBR 1921
Bankfoot Caledonian 1931
Bankhead (Aberdeen) GNSR 1937
Bankhead (Lanarkshire) Caledonian 1945
Banknock Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway 1935 [1]
Banks L&YR 1964
Bannister Green Halt GER 1952
Bannockburn Caledonian 1950
Baptist End Halt GWR 1964
Barbers Bridge GWR 1959
Barbon L&NWR 1954
Barcaldine Caledonian Railway 1966
Barcombe LB&SCR 1955
Barcombe Mills LB&SCR 1969
Bardney GNR 1970
Bardon Hill MR 1952
Bardowie NBR 1931
Bardsey NER 1964
Bargeddie (NBR) NBR 1927
Bargoed Colliery Halt Great Western Railway 1962
Barham SE&CR 1940
Barkston GNR 1955
Barleith LM&SR 1964
Barlow NER 1964
Barmby HBR 1932
Barnack GNR 1929
Barnard Castle NER 1964
Barnbow NER 1924
Barnby Dun GCR 1866
Barnby Moor and Sutton GNR 1949
Barnham (Suffolk) GER 1953
Barnhill (Angus) Caledonian 1955
Barnhill (Perth) Dundee and Forfar Direct Line 1849
Barnoldswick Barnoldswick Railway 1965
Barnsley Court House Midland Railway 1960
Barnstaple Quay L&SWR 1898
Barnstaple Town L&SWR 1970
Barnstaple Victoria Road Devon and Somerset Railway 1960
Barnstone GNR/LNWR Joint 1953
Barnton Caledonian 1951
Barnwell LNWR 1964
Barnwell Junction GER 1962
Baron's Lane Halt GER 1939
Barras NER 1962
Barrasford NER 1956
Barrhead Central G&SWR 1917
Barrmill Glasgow, Barrhead and Kilmarnock Joint Railway 1962
Barrow (for Tarvin) Cheshire Lines Committee 1953
Barrow (Rabbit Hill) Furness Railway 1862
Barrow (Ramsden Dock) Furness Railway 1915
Barrow Hill MR 1954
Barrow Shipyard Furness Railway 1967
Barrow Strand Furness Railway 1882
Barrow-on-Soar and Quorn MR 1968 reopened 1994
Barry Pier Barry Railway 1971
Bartlow GER 1967
Barton (Hereford) GWR 1893
Barton (Lancashire) Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1938
Barton and Broughton L&PJR 1939
Barton and Walton MR 1958
Barton Hill NER 1930
Barton Moss LNWR 1862
Barton Stacey Great Western Railway 1941
Barton-le-street NER 1931
Baschurch GWR 1960
Basford LNWR 1875
Basford North GNR 1964
Basford Vernon MR 1960
Basingstoke GWR 1932
Bason Bridge Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway 1966
Bassaleg Brecon and Merthyr Railway 1962
Bassaleg Junction GWR 1962
Bassenthwaite Lake Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway 1966
Bath Green Park MR/S&DJR 1966
Bath Road Halt North & South Western Junction Railway 1917
Bathampton GWR 1966
Bathford Halt GWR 1965
Bathgate Lower NBR 1930
Bathgate Upper NBR 1956
Batley Carr GNR 1950
Battersea West London Extension Joint Railway 1940
Battersea Park and Steamboat Pier LB&SCR 1870
Battersea Park Road London, Chatham and Dover Railway 1916
Battersea Wharf LB&SCR 1860
Battyeford L&NWR 1953
Bawdrip Halt Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway 1952
Bawtry GNR 1958
Baxenden L&YR 1951
Bay Horse (aka "Bayhorse") L&PJR 1960
Baynards LB&SCR 1965
Bayston Hill GWR 1966


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Beach Road BWA 1917
Beag Fair Siding NRM 1883
Beal NER 1968
Bealings GER 1956
Beam Bridge B&ER 1844
Beamish NER 1953
Beanacre Halt GWR 1955
Bearpark NER 1939
Beattock CAL 1972
Beattock Summit Halt CAL 1926
Beauchief (Sheffield) MR 1961
Beaufort LNWR 1958
Beauly Highland Railway 1960 reopened 2002
Beaumonts Halt MR 1947
Beaver's Hill Halt GWR 1964
Bebside NER 1964
Beckermet Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Junction Railway 1947
Beckermet Mines Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Junction Railway 1923
Beckford MR 1963
Beckhole NER 1914
Beckingham Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway 1959
Beckton GER 1940
Bedale NER 1954
Beddau Halt Taff Vale Railway 1952
Beddgelert Welsh Highland Railway 1936 reopened in 2009
Beddington Lane Halt LBSCR 1997
Bedlington NER 1964
Bedlinog Taff Bargoed Railway 1964
Bedwas Brecon and Merthyr Railway 1962
Bedwelty Pits Halt LNWR 1960
Bedworth LNWR 1965 reopened 1988
Beechburn NER 1965
Beeston (West Yorkshire) GNR 1953
Beeston Castle and Tarporley LNWR 1966
Beeston Tor Halt North Staffordshire Railway 1934
Beighton GC 1954
Beighton North Midland Railway 1843
Beith North G&SWR 1951
Beith Town Glasgow, Barrhead and Kilmarnock Joint Railway 1962
Belasis Lane LNER 1954
Belford NER 1968
Belgrave & Birstall GCR 1963
Belgrave Road (Leicester) GNR regular services 1953; specials ran until 1962
Bell Busk MR 1959
Bellahouston G&SWR 1954
Bellahouston Park Halt LMS 1939
Belle Vue Halt (North Yorkshire) Sand Hutton Light Railway 1930
Bellingham (North Tyne) NBR 1956
Bellshill (NBR) NBR 1951
Belmont (Durham) NER 1857
Belmont, Middlesex LMS 1964
Belses NBR 1969
Belton Axholme Joint Railway 1933
Belton and Burgh GER 1959
Beluncle Halt SECR 1961
Bembridge Isle of Wight Railway 1953
Benderloch CAL 1966
Bengeworth MR 1953
Beningbrough NER 1958
Bensham NER 1954
Bentham Low "Little" North Western Railway (MR)1853
Bentley (Suffolk) GER 1966
Bentley (West Midlands) MR 1878
Bentley Church Eastern Union Railway 1853
Bentley Crossing Halt West Riding and Grimsby Railway c. 1943
Benton Square NER 1915
Bents NBR 1930
Bentworth and Lasham L&SWR 1932
Berkeley Severn and Wye Railway 1964
Berkeley Road MR 1965
Berrington GWR 1963
Berrington and Eye Shrewsbury and Hereford Joint Railway 1958
Berry Brow L&YR 1966 new station opened 1989
Berw Road Halt TVR 1906
Berwig Halt GWR 1931
Berwyn GWR 1964 reopened by Llangollen Rly Society in 1986
Bescot Bridge LNWR 1850
Besford MR 1846
Bessacarr Halt Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway 1924
Bestwood Colliery GNR 1931
Bethesda L&NWR 1951
Betley Road L&NWR 1945
Bettisfield Cambrian Railways 1965
Bettws Garmon North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway/Welsh Highland Railway 1936
Bettws Llangeinor Port Talbot Railway and Docks Company 1932
Beulah Halt GWR 1937
Beverley Road (Hull) Hull and Barnsley Railway 1924
Bexhill West SE&CR 1964


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Bicester London Road LNWR 1968 reopened 1987
Bickershaw and Abram GCR 1964
Bickleigh GWR 1962
Biddenden K&ESLR 1954
Biddick Lane NER 1869
Biddulph North Staffordshire Railway 1927
Bideford L&SWR 1872
Bideford Quay Bideford, Westward Ho! and Appledore Railway 1917
Bidford-on-Avon Stratford-upon-Avon and Midland Junction Railway 1949
Bieldside GNoSR 1937
Bigby Road Bridge MS&L 1882
Biggar CAL 1950
Bilbster Sutherland and Caithness Railway; Highland Railway 1960
Billacombe GWR 1947
Billing L&NWR 1952
Billingborough and Horbling GNR 1930
Billinge Green Halt L&NWR 1942
Bilney GER 1866
Bilson Halt GWR 1944
Bilston Central GWR 1972
Bilston Street, Willenhall L&NWR 1965
Bilston West GWR 1962
Binegar S&DR 1966
Bingham Road (Notts) GNR/L&NWR 1951
Bingham Road (Surrey) W&SC 1983
Binton Stratford-upon-Avon and Midland Junction Railway 1949
Birch Vale GCR/MR Joint Railway 1970
Birchfield Halt GNoSR 1956
Birchgrove (West Glamorgan) MR 1875
Birchills L&NWR 1916
Birdbrook CVH 1962
Birdingbury L&NWR 1959
Birdwell and Hoyland Common GCR 1953
Birkdale Palace Cheshire Lines Committee 1952
Birkenhead Dock Hoylake Railway 1888
Birkenhead Grange Lane Chester and Birkenhead Railway 1844
Birkenhead Junction Golf Club Platform Great Central Railway 1923
Birkenhead Monks Ferry Chester and Birkenhead Railway 1878
Birkenhead Town Chester and Birkenhead Railway 1945
Birkenhead Woodside Birkenhead Joint Railway 1967
Birkenshaw and Tong GNR/L&NWR 1953
Birmingham Curzon Street L&NWR 1854
Birmingham Lawley Street Midland Railway 1851
Birmingham Snow Hill GWR 1972
reopened 1987
Birnie Road Halt NBR 1951
Birstall (West Yorkshire) L&NWR 1917
Birstall Town L&NWR 1951
Birstwith NER 1951
Birtley NER 1955
Bishop's Castle Bishop's Castle Railway 1935
Bishop's Cleeve GWR 1960
Bishop's Court Manx Northern Railway 1935 public
1950 completely
Bishops Nympton and Molland GWR 1966
Bishops Waltham L&SWR 1933
Bishopsbourne SE&CR 1940
Bishopsgate Eastern Counties Railway 1875
Bishopsgate Low Level GER 1916
Bishopstone Beach Halt LB&SCR 1942
Bisley Camp L&SWR 1952
Bittaford Platform GWR 1959
Bitton MR 1966
reopened by Avon Valley Railway


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Blaby L&NWR 1968
Black Bank GER 1963
Black Bull North Staffordshire Railway 1927
Black Dog Halt GWR 1965
Black Island Platform Highland Railway 1959
Black Lion Crossing Halt GWR 1924
Black Rock Halt GWR 1977
Blackburn Bolton Road ELR/L&YR Joint Railway1859
Blackburn Forge Sheffield and Rotherham Railway 1839
Blackdyke Halt NBR 1964
Blackford Caledonian Railway 1956
Blackford Hill NBR 1962
Blackfriars Bridge LC&DR 1885
Blackfriars Road SER 1869
Blackgrange Stirling and Dunfermline Railway 1852
Blackhall Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway 1893
Blackhall Colliery NER 1964
Blackhall Rocks NER 1960
Blackheath Hill LC&DR 1917
Blackhill NER 1955
Blackmill GWR 1958
Blackmoor Lynton & Barnstaple Railway 1935
Blackpill Swansea and Mumbles Railway 1960
Blackpole Halt Great Western Railway 1946
Blackpool Central P&WJR 1964
Blackpool South Shore (later "Lytham Road") P&WJR 1916
Blacksboat GNSR 1965
Blackston Junction NBR 1930
Blackthorn GWR 1953
Blackwall London & Blackwall Railway 1926
Blackwater (Isle of Wight) IoWCR 1956
Blackwell MR 1966
Blackwell Mill Midland Railway 1966
Blackwood (Caerphilly) L&NWR 1960
Blackwood (Strathclyde) Caledonian 1905
Blacon GCR 1968
Blaenau Ffestiniog Central GWR 1960 reopened 1982
Blaenau Ffestiniog North LNWR 1982
Blaenau Ffestiniog Junction (Ffestiniog Rly) Ffestiniog Railway 1939
Blaenau Festiniog(Pantyrafon) LNWR 1881
Blaenavon High Level L&NWR 1941 reopened 2010
Blaenavon Low Level GWR 1962
Blaendare Road Halt (Pontypool) GWR 1962
Blaengarw GWR 1953
Blaengwynfi R&SBR 1968
Blaenplwyf Halt GWR 1951
Blaenrhondda R&SBR 1968
Blagdon GWR 1931
Blaina GWR 1962
Blairadam NBR 1930
Blairgowrie Caledonian 1955
Blaisdon Halt GWR 1964
Blake Hall Eastern Counties Railway 1981
Blakeney Great Western Railway 1887
Blakesley Stratford-upon-Avon and Midland Junction Railway 1952
Blandford Forum S&DJR 1966
Blanefield NBR 1951
Blankney and Metheringham Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway 1961 reopened 1975
Bleadon and Uphill GWR 1964
Blean and Tyler Hill Halt SE&CR 1931
Bledlow GWR 1963
Bledlow Bridge Halt GWR 1957
Blencow CK&PR 1972
Blenheim and Woodstock GWR 1954
Bletchington GWR 1964
Blidworth and Rainworth MR 1929
Blisworth L&NWR 1960
Blockley GWR 1966
Blodwell Junction PS&NWR/Cambrian Railways 1951
Bloomsbury and Nechals L&NWR 1869
Blowers Green GWR 1962
Blowick L&YR 1939
Bloxham GWR 1951
Bloxwich L&NWR 1965
Bluebell Halt Bluebell Railway 1962
Bluestone M&GNJR 1916
Blunham L&NWR 1968
Blunsdon M&SWJR 1924
Bluntisham GER 1931
Blyth NER 1964
Blythburgh Southwold Railway 1929
Blyton GCR 1959


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Boarhills NBR 1930
Boar's Head North Union Railway 1949
Boat Yard Crossing Halt L&YR 1913
Boddam GNoSR 1932
Bodfari L&NWR 1962
Bodiam K&ESR 1954 reopened 2000
Bodmin General GWR 1967
Bodmin North L&SWR 1967
Bogfield (Carlisle) Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1844
Bogside (Fife) NBR 1958
Bogside (Strathclyde) G&SWR 1967
Bogside Moor Halt L&AR 1930
Bold St Helens Canal and Railway 1858
Boldon York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway 1853
Bolham Halt GWR 1963
Bollington GCR/North Stafford Joint Railway 1970
Bolsover Castle MR 1930
Bolsover South LD&ECR 1951
Bolton Abbey MR 1965
Bolton Crook Street London and North Western Railway 1874
Bolton Great Moor Street London & North Western Railway 1954
Bolton Percy York and North Midland Railway 1965
Bolton Road (Blackburn) ELR/L&YR Joint Railway1859
Bolton Street (Bury) L&YR 1980
Bolton-le-Sands L&NWR 1969
Boncath GWR 1962
Bo'ness NBR 1956
Bonnington NBR 1947
Bonnybridge Caledonian 1930
Bonnybridge Central Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway 1935 [2]
Bonnybridge High NBR 1967
Bonnyrigg NBR 1962
Bont Newydd GWR 1965
Bonwm Halt GWR 1964
Boosbeck NER 1960
Boot Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway 1922
Boothferry Park Halt (Hull) British Railways 1986
Bootle Balliol Road LNWR 1948
Bootle Village Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 1876
Bordon L&SWR 1957
Borough Road LC&DR 1907
Boroughbridge NER 1950
Borrobol Platform Highland 1965
Borrowash Midland Counties Railway 1966
Borwick Furness and Midland Joint Railway 1960
Boscarne Exchange Platform British Railways 1967
Boscombe L&SWR 1965
Bosley North Staffordshire Railway 1960
Bossall Sand Hutton Light Railway 1930
Botanic Gardens (Glasgow) Caledonian 1939
Botanic Gardens (Hull) NER 1964
Bothwell NBR 1955
Bothwell Caledonian 1950
Botolph's Bridge Halt Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway 1947
Bott Lane Halt L&YR 1956
Bottesford South L&NWR/GNR Joint Railway 1882
Bottisham and Lode GER 1962
Boughrood and Llyswen Cambrian Railways 1962
Boughton (Nottinghamshire)) LD&ECR 1955
Boughton Halt GWR 1965
Boulevard Recreation Ground GCR/Grimsby and Immingham Electric Tramway 1961
Bourne (Lincolnshire) GNR 1959
Bourne Bridge Newmarket and Chesterford Railway 1851
Bournemouth East L&SWR 1885
Bournemouth West L&SWR 1965
Bournville (Mon) Halt GWR 1962
Bourton-on-the-Water GWR 1962
Bovey GWR 1959
Bow (Devon) L&SWR 1972
Bow (London) NLR 1944
Bow & Bromley London & Blackwall Railway 1850
Bow Road GER 1949
Bow Street Cambrian Railways 1965
Bowbridge Crossing Halt GWR 1964
Bowdon Manchester South Junction and Altrincham Railway 1881
Bower Sutherland and Caithness Railway 1960
Bowers LNER 1951
Bowes NER 1962
Bowhouse NBR 1930
Bowland NBR 1953
Bowling (West Yorkshire) GNR 1895
Bowling (Strathclyde) Caledonian Railway 1951
Bowling Junction (West Yorkshire) L&Y 1951
Bowness Caledonian Railway 1921
Box GWR 1965
Box (Mill Lane) Halt GWR 1965
Boxford GWR 1960
Boyces Bridge GER 1928


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Braceborough Spa Halt GNR 1951
Brackenhills L&AR 1930
Brackley Central GCR 1966
Brackley Town LNWR 1961
Bradbury NER 1950
Braddan Halt Isle of Man Railway 1968
Bradfield GER 1956
Bradford Adolphus Street Leeds, Bradford and Halifax Junction Railway 1867
Bradford Exchange L&YR/GNR 1973
Bradford Peverell & Stratton Halt GWR 1966
Bradley (West Yorkshire) LNWR 1950
Bradley and Moxley GWR 1915
Bradley Fold L&YR 1970
Bradnop North Staffordshire Railway 1935
Bradwell LNWR 1964
Braeside Halt North British Railway 1926
Brafferton NER 1950
Braidwood Caledonian Railway 1962
Braithwaite Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway 1966
Bramber LBSC 1966
Brambledown Halt SE&CR 1950
Bramford GER 1955
Bramley and Wonersh LBSC 1965
Brampford Speke Halt GWR 1963
Brampton Fell Newcastle and Carlisle Railway <1850
Brampton Halt (Staffordshire) North Staffordshire Railway 1923
Brampton Town Brampton Railway/NER 1923
Bramshot Halt LSWR 1946
Bramwith South Yorkshire Railway 1866
Brancepeth NER 1964
Brandlesholme Road Halt L&YR 1952
Brandon and Wolston LNWR 1960
Brandon Colliery NER 1964
Bransford Road GWR 1965
Branston (Staffordshire) MR 1930
Branston & Heighington (Lincolnshire) Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway 1958
Branthwaite Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Junction Railway 1931
Brasted Halt SER 1961
Bratton Fleming Lynton and Barnstaple Railway 1935
Braughing GER 1964
Braunston London Road LNWR 1958
Braunston & Willoughby GC 1957
Braunton LSWR 1970
Brayton Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1950
Brayton Gates (Selby) NER 1904
Breadsall GNR 1953
Breamore L&SWR 1964
Brean Road Halt GWR 1955
Brechin Caledonian Railway 1952
Breck Road (Liverpool) L&NWR 1948
Brecon Free Street Neath and Brecon Railway 1962
Brecon (Mount Street) Mid Wales Railway 1871
Brecon (Watton) Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway 1871
Brecon Road (Abergavenny) L&NWR 1958
Bredon MR 1965
Breidden Shrewsbury and Welshpool Railway 1960
Brendon Hill West Somerset Mineral Railway 1898
Brent (Devon) SDR 1964
Brent Knoll B&ER 1971
Brentford GWR 1942
Brentham for North Ealing and Greystoke Park GWR 1947
Brentor L&SWR 1968
Brettell Lane GWR 1962
Bricklayers' Arms SER 1852
Bridestowe LSWR 1968
Bridge SE&CR 1940
Bridge of Allan Caledonian Railway 1965
Bridge of Dee G&SWR 1949
Bridge of Dun Caledonian Railway 1967
Bridge of Earn NBR 1892
Bridge of Weir Bridge of Weir Railway 1983
Bridge Street (Glasgow) Caledonian Railway 1905
Bridge Street (Northampton) L&NWR 1964
Bridge Street (Thrapston) L&NWR 1964
Bridge Street (Uttoxeter) North Staffordshire Railway 1881
Bridgefoot Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Junction Railway 1931
Bridgefoot Halt GN of S 1964
Bridgeford Grand Junction Railway 1840
Bridgehouses Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester Railway 1851
Bridgend Llynvi and Ogmore Railway 1873
Bridgeton Central (also known as "Bridgeton Cross (Central)") NBR 1979
Bridgnorth GWR 1963 (reopened by SVR)
Bridgwater North Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway 1952
Bridport (also "Bridport (Bradpole Road)") Bridport Railway 1975
Bridport (East Street) Bridport Railway 1930
Bridport (West Bay) Bridport Railway 1930
Brierley Hill GWR 1962
Briery Siding Halt Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith Railway 1958
Brigham LNWR 1966
Brighouse L&YR 1970 reopened 2000
Brightlingsea GER 1964
Brighton Road MR 1941
Brightside (Sheffield)) MR 1995
Brill Metropolitan Railway 1935
Brill and Ludgershall GWR 1963
Brimington GCR 1956
Brimley Halt GWR 1959
Brimscombe GWR 1964
Brimscombe Bridge Halt GWR 1964
Brindley Heath LM&SR 1959
Brinkburn Halt NBR 1952
Brinklow L&NWR 1957
Brinkworth GWR 1961
Brinscall L&YR/LU Joint Railway 1960
Brisco Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 1852
Brislington GWR 1959
Bristol Road (Somerset) Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway 1940
Bristol Road (Stonehouse) MR 1965
Bristol St Philips Midland Railway 1953
Bristol Temple Meads-terminus station GWR/MR Joint Railway 1965
Britannia L&YR 1917
Britannia Bridge L&NWR 1858
Britannia Halt (Kingswear) GWR 1988
Britannia Points Halt Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway 1930
British Museum Central London Railway 1933
British Rhondda Halt GWR 1911
Briton Ferry GWR 1964 reopened 1994
Briton Ferry East Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway 1935
Briton Ferry Road GWR 1936
Briton Ferry West GWR 1935
Brixham GWR 1963
Brixton Road (Devon) GWR 1947
Brixworth L&NWR 1960
Brize Norton and Bampton GWR 1962
Broad Clyst L&SWR 1966
Broad Marston Halt GWR 1916
Broad Street (London) North London Railway 1986
Broadfield L&YR 1970
Broadheath (Altrincham) LNWR 1962
Broadley L&YR 1947
Broadsands Halt Great Western Railway 1929
Broadstone (Dorset) L&SWR 1966
Broadstone (Somerset) Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway 1940
Broadway (Worcestershire) GWR 1960
Brock L&PJR 1939
Brocketsbrae Caledonian Railway 1951
Brockford and Wetheringsett Mid-Suffolk Light Railway 1952
Brocklebank Dock Liverpool Overhead Railway 1956
Brocklesby Great Central Railway 1993
Brockley Lane LC&DR 1917
Brockmoor Halt GWR 1932
Brockweir Halt GWR 1959
Brodie Highland Railway 1965
Bromborough Port Lever Brothers 1929
Bromfield (Cumbria) Caledonian Railway 1921
Bromfield (Shropshire) Shrewsbury and Hereford Joint Railway 1958
Bromford Bridge Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway 1965
Bromham and Rowde Halt GWR 1966
Bromley Halt GWR 1932
Brompton NER 1965
Brompton Road Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway 1934
Brompton Road Halt Catterick Military Rly 1964
Bromshall North Staffordshire Railway 1865
Bromyard GWR 1964
Bronwydd Arms GWR 1965 reopened 1978 by Gwili Railway
Brook Street Halt GWR 1915
Brookfield (Cumbria) Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1845
Brookhay South Staffordshire Railway 1849
Brookland Halt SER 1967
Brooksby MR 1961
Brookwood Cemetery stations London Necropolis Company 1941
Broom Junction MR 1962
Broomfield Junction Halt Caledonian Railway 1877
Broomhill (Highland) Highland Railway 1965
Broomhill (Northumberland) NER 1930
Broomhouse NBR 1927
Broomieknowe NBR 1951
Broomielaw NER 1964
Broomlee NBR 1933
Brotton NER 1960
Broughton (Borders) Caledonian Railway 1950
Broughton and Bretton LNWR 1962
Broughton Astley MR 1962
Broughton Cross LNWR 1942
Broughton Gifford Halt GWR 1955
Broughton Lane (Sheffield) Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway 1956
Broughton Skeog Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway 1885
Broughton-in-Furness Furness Railway 1859
Broughty Ferry Pier NBR/DA Joint Railway 1887
Browndown Halt LSWR 1930
Brownhills LNWR 1965
Brownhills Watling Street Midland Railway 1930
Broxburn Junction EGR/NBR Joint Railway 1849
Broxton LNWR 1957
Brucklay GNS 1965
Brunswick Cheshire Lines Committee 1874
Brunswick (Harrogate) North Eastern Railway (UK) 1862
Brunswick Dock Liverpool Overhead Railway 1956
Brymbo GWR 1950
Brymbo Great Central Railway 1917
Brymbo West Crossing Halt GWR 1931
Bryn (Neath Port Talbot) Port Talbot Railway and Docks 1933
Bryn Teifi GWR 1965
Brynamman East MR 1950
Brynamman West GWR 1958
Bryncelynog Halt GWR 1960
Bryngwyn (Gwynedd) North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway 1914
Bryngwyn Halt (Powys) Cambrian Railways 1965
Brynkir LNWR 1964
Brynmawr LNWR 1962
Brynmenyn GWR 1958
Brynmill Swansea and Mumbles Railway 1960


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Bubwith NER 1954
Buchanan Street, Glasgow Caledonian Railway 1966
Buchanstone GNoS 1866
Buchlyvie NBR 1951
Buckden MR 1959
Buckfastleigh GWR 1958; reopened by DVLR
Buckhaven NBR 1955
Buckhill Colliery Halt Cleator and Workington Junction Railway 1923
Buckie GNoS 1968
Buckie Highland Railway 1915
Buckingham LNWR 1964
Buckley WMCQ/GCR Joint Railway 1895
Bucknall and Northwood North Staffordshire Railway 1956
Buckpool GNoS 1960
Bucksburn GNoS 1956
Buddon renamed Buddon Siding Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1957
Bude LSWR 1966
Budleigh Salterton L&SWR 1967
Buildwas GWR 1963
Builth Road Low Level Cambrian Railways 1962
Builth Wells Cambrian Railways 1962
Buittle GSWR 1894
Bulford LSWR 1952
Bulford Camp LSWR 1963
Bulkington LNWR 1931
Bullers o' Buchan Halt GNoS 1932
Bullgill Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1960
Bullo Cross Halt GWR 1958
Bulverhythe (St Leonards) LBSC 1846
Bulwell Common GCR 1963
Bulwell Forest GNR 1929
Bulwell Hall Halt GCR 1930
Bulwell Market MR 1964
Bunchrew Highland Railway 1960
Bungalow Town Halt renamed Shoreham Airport LB&SCR 1940
Bungay GER 1953
Buntingford GER 1964
Burdale NER 1950
Burdett Road GER 1941
Burghclere GWR 1960
Burghead Highland Railway 1892
Burgh-by-Sands NBR 1964
Burgh-le-Marsh GNR 1970
Burlescombe GWR 1964
Burlington Road Halt (Blackpool) Preston and Wyre Joint Railway 1949
Burlish Halt GWR 1970
Burmarsh Road RH&DR 1950 (reopened for "limited" use 1977-2015)
Burn Halt GWR 1963
Burn Naze Halt Preston and Wyre Joint Railway 1970
Burnbank NBR 1952
Burngullow GWR 1931
Burnham Market GER 1952
Burnham-on-Sea S&DJR 1951
Burnhill NER 1939
Burnmouth NBR 1962
Burrator Halt GWR 1956
Burrelton Caledonian Railway 1956
Burrington Great Western Railway 1931
Burry Port Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley Railway 1953
Burslem North Staffordshire Railway 1964
Burston GER 1966
Burton Agnes NER 1970
Burton and Holme L&NWR 1950
Burton Dassett Halt East and West Junction Railway 1946
Burton Latimer for Isham MR 1950
Burton Point GCR 1955
Burton Salmon York and North Midland Railway 1959
Burwarton Halt Cleobury Mortimer and Ditton Priors Light Railway 1938
Burwell GER 1962
Bury Bolton Street L&YR 1980 reopened 1987 by E.Lancs Rly Society
Bury Knowsley Street L&YR 1970
Bury St Edmunds Eastgate GER 1909
Bushbury L&NWR 1912
Bute Street (Luton) GNR 1965
Butler's Hill GNR 1931
Butterknowle Stockton and Darlington Railway 1859
Butterley Midland Railway 1947 reopened by Midland Rly Trust 1981
Butterton Halt North Staffordshire Railway 1934
Buttington Cambrian Railways 1960
Butts Lane Halt L&YR 1938
Buxton Lamas GER 1952
Buxton Midland Midland Railway 1967
Buxworth MR 1958


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail companyYear closed
Byers Green NER 1867
Byfield East and West Junction Railway 1952
Byker NER 1954


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Winchcombe railway station

Winchcombe railway station serves Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, England, although it is actually located in the village of Greet. It is located on the Honeybourne Line which linked Cheltenham and Stratford-upon-Avon and which was opened by the Great Western Railway in 1906. The station closed to passengers in 1960, although the line itself remained open for freight and diversionary use until 1976, when a freight train derailed near Winchcombe and damaged the track.

Walton & Anfield railway station was located near Goodison Park on the Canada Dock Branch to east side of Walton Lane in Walton, Liverpool, England.

Royton Junction railway station

Royton Junction railway station which opened on 1 July 1864 was a station on the Oldham Loop Line in Greater Manchester, England. It was the junction for the short branch line to Royton railway station. The line to Royton was closed to goods on 2 November 1964, and to passengers on 16 April 1966. A 450-yard section of the line remained in use for freight traffic from Royton Junction to Higginshaw Gas Sidings. This final part of the Royton Junction to Royton line closed on 6 April 1970.

Kildwick and Crosshills railway station Disused railway station in North Yorkshire, England

Kildwick and Crosshills [sic] was a railway station off Station Road in Cross Hills, North Yorkshire, England. It served the villages of Cross Hills, Cowling, Glusburn, Kildwick and Sutton-in-Craven.

The Oxford, Witney and Fairford Railway was a single track railway branch line, 22 miles (35 km) long, in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. It was opened in succession by two companies, the first in 1861 to connect the important woollen town of Witney to the main line network, and the second in 1873 as the rump of an ambitious scheme to connect to Cheltenham, but which ran only between Witney and Fairford. The junction with the main line was at Yarnton, north of Oxford.

Middlewich railway station

Middlewich railway station served the Cheshire, England, salt-producing town of Middlewich between 1868 and 1960. It lay on a branch line from Sandbach to Northwich. The Mid Cheshire Rail Users' Association is campaigning for the reopening of the line to passenger traffic, and the construction of a new station at Middlewich.

Thornhill is a closed station. It served the country town of Thornhill in Dumfries and Galloway. The station site is a mile or so from the town. Four miles north of Thornhill is Drumlanrig Castle, home to the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry. The Glasgow and South Western main line rail route between Kilmarnock and Dumfries is forced to make a long detour to the east of Thornhill and through a long tunnel, rather than the more logical route nearer Thornhill town centre and up the Nith Valley, so as not to be seen from the Buccleuch estate. The distance of the station from Thornhill may be one reason that passenger use was light and stopping services ended in 1965. There was formerly a busy livestock market near to the station, which eventually closed around 2001.

Cassington Halt railway station Former railway station in Oxfordshire, England

Cassington Halt was a single platform halt opened by the Great Western Railway on 9 March 1936 on the Oxford, Witney and Fairford Railway to serve the village of Cassington, Oxfordshire, just south of the A40.