Ali Pilli

Last updated
Ali Pilli
Minister of Health of Northern Cyprus
Assumed office
22 May 2019
President Ersin Tatar
Preceded by Filiz Besim
Personal details
Paphos, Cyprus
Political party National Unity Party
Education Çukurova University
Alma mater Medicine

Ali Pilli (born 1955) is a Turkish Cypriot doctor and politician. He is the minister of Health of the 41st government of Northern Cyprus. He is from Paphos.

Early life and career

Ali Pilli was born on 1955 in the village Falya of Paphos. He completed his primary education in Falya and secondary education and high school in Paphos. After graduating from Çukurova University Medical School he received the title of medical doctor. After the 2013 general elections Pilli was appointed as the Minister of Health. [1] [2] [3]

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