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COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 Outbreak World Map Total Deaths per Capita.svg
Confirmed deaths per 100,000 population,
as of 15 September 2021
  •   555+
  •   100–555
  •   18–100
  •   3.3–18
  •   0.6–3.3
  •   0.1–0.6
  •   <0.1
  •   No deaths or no data
Disease COVID-19
Virus strain SARS-CoV-2
SourceProbably bats, possibly via pangolins [1] [2]
Location Worldwide
First outbreak China [3]
Index case Wuhan, Hubei, China
30°37′11″N114°15′28″E / 30.61972°N 114.25778°E / 30.61972; 114.25778
Date1 December 2019 (2019-12-01) [3] – present
(1 year, 10 months, 1 week and 6 days)
Confirmed cases239,149,329 [4]
4,873,805 [4]
  • 3,777,779,372 [4] (total vaccinated)
  • 2,800,365,343 [4] (fully vaccinated)
  • 6,596,506,633 [4] (doses administered)

This article provides a general overview and documents the status of locations affected by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus which causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. The first human cases of COVID-19 were identified in Wuhan, the capital of the province of Hubei in China in December 2019.


The figures presented on this page are based on reported cases and deaths. While in several high-income countries the ratio of total estimated cases and deaths to reported cases and deaths is low and close to 1, for some countries it may be more than 10 [5] or even more than 100. [6] Implementation of COVID-19 surveillance methods varies widely. [7]


Total cases

World maps showing total confirmed cases, and total confirmed cases per million, by country. Data is from the COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. [note 1]

Total deaths

Data is from the COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. [note 1]

Map of total confirmed deaths per million people by country. [10] [note 1] [note 2]
World map of total confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million people by country.svg
See date of latest upload at the Commons source.
Map of total confirmed deaths by country. [11] [note 1] [note 2]
Cumulative confirmed COVID-19 deaths, OWID.svg
See date of latest upload at the Commons source.

Daily deaths

Data for the map and graphs is from the COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. [note 1] Rolling 7-day average.

Map of daily new confirmed deaths per million people by country. [12] [note 1] [note 2]
Daily new confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million people.svg
See date of latest upload at the Commons source.
Graph of daily new confirmed deaths worldwide per million people. [13] [note 1] [note 2]
Timeline of daily new confirmed COVID-19 deaths worldwide per million people.png
See the date on the timeline at the bottom.
Graph showing the daily count of new confirmed deaths worldwide. [14] [note 1] [note 2]
Timeline of daily new confirmed COVID-19 deaths worldwide.svg
See the date on the timeline at the bottom.

Total vaccinations

Data is collated by Our World in Data from figures that are verifiable based on public official sources. [15] [note 3]

Share of population which is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by country relative to its population. [15] [16] [note 3]
World map of share of the population fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by country.png
See date at bottom of map.
Share of population who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by country relative to its population. [15] [17] [note 3]
World map of share of people who received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine by country.png
See date at bottom of map.
COVID-19 vaccine doses administered per 100 people by country. [15] [18] [note 3]
World map of COVID-19 vaccination doses administered per 100 people by country or territory.png
See date at bottom of map.


Total cases, deaths, and death rates by country (Our World in Data)

The table was updated automatically on 14 October 2021. [note 4] Data source is Our World in Data. [note 5]

See COVID-19 pandemic death rates by country for an expanded table and more information.

All columns are cumulative. "Deaths/million" is deaths per million people.

OOjs UI icon globe.svg World [lower-alpha 1] 6184,873,805239,149,329
Flag of Peru.svg Peru 5,987199,7462,186,246
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,38411,046242,469
Flag of North Macedonia.svg North Macedonia 3,3016,875195,542
Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro 3,1922,005136,322
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria 3,19022,004531,129
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary 3,14830,330830,725
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechia 2,84530,5181,705,532
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil 2,811601,57421,597,949
Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino 2,675915,470
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina 2,534115,5825,268,653
Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia 2,471126,7264,975,656
Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia 2,3449,332645,195
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia 2,33812,772429,886
Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay 2,24416,207460,277
Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia 2,2234,623292,808
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium 2,21125,7261,272,669
Flag of Italy.svg Italy 2,177131,4214,707,087
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico 2,170282,7733,732,429
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia 2,1638,829421,057
Flag of the United States.svg United States 2,161719,52544,683,014
Flag of Romania.svg Romania 2,11540,4611,398,264
Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia 2,09825,053710,322
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom 2,030138,4878,311,851
Flag of Poland.svg Poland 2,00975,9582,928,065
Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania 1,9735,308357,801
Flag of Chile.svg Chile 1,95537,5781,664,725
Flag of Armenia.svg Armenia 1,9025,646275,077
Flag of Spain.svg Spain 1,85886,8694,980,206
Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador 1,83632,848512,071
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal 1,77618,0651,077,186
Flag of Moldova.svg Moldova 1,7657,105310,776
Flag of France.svg France 1,747118,0807,164,924
Flag of Europe.svg European Union [lower-alpha 2] 1,745780,51538,631,662
Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay 1,7406,065390,394
Flag of Andorra.svg Andorra 1,68013015,314
Flag of Suriname.svg Suriname 1,67999445,592
Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo 1,6742,973160,464
Flag of Panama.svg Panama 1,6607,275469,569
Flag of Grenada.svg Grenada 1,6281845,670
Bandera de Bolivia (Estado).svg Bolivia 1,58918,811505,157
Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein 1,568603,576
Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia 1,5192,836175,890
Flag of the Bahamas.svg Bahamas 1,48659021,580
Flag of Russia.svg Russia 1,476215,4387,742,899
Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa 1,47388,4662,913,880
Flag of Greece.svg Greece 1,46915,241684,706
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden 1,46814,9221,160,465
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine 1,45863,4142,697,176
Flag of Iran.svg Iran 1,449123,2755,742,083
Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia 1,3633,529128,187
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg 1,32083879,463
Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica 1,3126,744549,084
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia 1,2878,8921,024,497
Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland 1,27811,146852,658
Flag of Saint Lucia.svg Saint Lucia 1,25823212,095
Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon 1,2408,400631,642
Flag of Austria.svg Austria 1,23111,135766,542
Flag of the Seychelles.svg Seychelles 1,19311821,826
Flag of Germany.svg Germany 1,12594,4074,343,591
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg Trinidad and Tobago 1,1201,57253,216
Flag of Belize.svg Belize 1,09144222,947
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 1,08618,6562,072,255
Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana 1,07685133,973
Flag of Ireland.svg Republic of Ireland 1,0645,306408,021
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia 1,0591,404167,828
Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan 1,05510,841837,255
Flag of Eswatini.svg Eswatini 1,0501,23146,330
Flag of Honduras (darker variant).svg Honduras 1,00010,064371,431
Flag of Botswana.svg Botswana 9932,381181,251
Flag of Albania.svg Albania 9702,788176,172
Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg Antigua and Barbuda 941933,817
Flag of Israel.svg Israel 9057,9591,311,295
Flag of Malta.svg Malta 89245937,393
Flag of Monaco.svg Monaco 885353,337
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan 87016,544988,365
Flag of Palestine.svg Palestine 8674,532445,538
Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia 84127,5932,361,529
Flag of Bahrain.svg Bahrain 7951,390275,862
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey 78566,8417,540,193
Flag of Oman.svg Oman 7854,103304,013
Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala 77614,177583,201
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Canada 74628,4221,678,511
Flag of Fiji.svg Fiji 73466351,648
Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba 7027,956926,320
Flag of Libya.svg Libya 6944,832348,088
Flag of Jamaica.svg Jamaica 6902,05386,507
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Azerbaijan 6566,709495,332
Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus 624560121,700
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka 62313,408528,415
Flag of Cape Verde.svg Cabo Verde 61734737,951
Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait 5672,455412,196
Flag of Iraq.svg Iraq 55022,6552,028,115
Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador 5243,420107,664
Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia 516142,8114,231,046
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark 4602,676367,797
Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus 4594,336563,813
Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolia 4491,497332,789
Flag of Maldives.svg Maldives 43523785,838
Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan 3952,624179,492
Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg Saint Kitts and Nevis 392212,466
Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco 38814,500940,503
Flag of Dominica.svg Dominica 387284,113
Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal 37911,261803,878
Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg Dominican Republic 3724,077367,379
Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines 36040,0692,690,455
Flag of Barbados.svg Barbados 35810311,785
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 341384,096
Flag of Myanmar.svg Myanmar 33218,222482,803
Flag of India.svg India 323451,43534,020,730
Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe 3074,648132,108
Flag of Lesotho.svg Lesotho 30265321,481
Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand 25617,9171,740,428
Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg Sao Tome and Principe 250563,649
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia 2478,753547,761
Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam 21220,869849,691
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates 2112,116738,152
Flag of Qatar.svg Qatar 207607237,662
Flag of Finland.svg Finland 2001,111148,672
Flag of Zambia.svg Zambia 1933,657209,411
Flag of Taliban.svg Afghanistan 1817,234155,627
Flag of Djibouti.svg Djibouti 17817913,347
Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt 17017,806314,977
Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh 16627,7301,564,019
Flag of the Comoros.svg Comoros 1651474,173
Flag of Mauritania.svg Mauritania 16478536,509
Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela 1624,652385,952
Flag of Norway.svg Norway 161884195,029
Flag of Brunei.svg Brunei 151679,665
Flag of Cambodia.svg Cambodia 1512,559115,607
Flag of Japan.svg Japan 14318,0321,713,471
Flag of The Gambia.svg Gambia 1363399,943
Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria 1315,862204,900
Flag of Syria.svg Syria 1292,36637,794
Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan 12528,2011,261,685
Flag of Malawi.svg Malawi 1162,29261,699
Flag of Senegal.svg Senegal 1081,86973,848
Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg Equatorial Guinea 10715612,840
Flag of Rwanda.svg Rwanda 981,31298,926
Flag of Mauritius.svg Mauritius 9612316,472
Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland 963312,342
Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya 945,198251,483
Flag of Gabon.svg Gabon 8920532,576
Flag of East Timor.svg Timor-Leste 8811919,690
Flag of Somalia.svg Somalia 721,18021,269
Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg Guinea-Bissau 691416,123
Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda 673,179124,864
Flag of Sudan.svg Sudan 662,97639,119
Flag of Mozambique.svg Mozambique 591,924151,046
Flag of Yemen.svg Yemen 581,7899,439
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Australia 581,496136,188
Flag of Cameroon.svg Cameroon 561,55098,402
Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti 5664922,731
Flag of Liberia.svg Liberia 552865,802
Flag of Ethiopia.svg Ethiopia 516,103356,772
Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea 512,618337,679
Flag of Angola.svg Angola 481,65062,143
Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg Republic of the Congo 3821915,255
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan 371,276179,371
Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana 361,158128,368
Flag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan 3584616,313
Flag of Madagascar.svg Madagascar 3396043,610
Flag of Singapore.svg Singapore 32192135,395
Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua 3020615,737
Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg Papua New Guinea 2826223,629
Flag of Guinea.svg Guinea 2838530,535
Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong 2821312,275
Flag of Togo.svg Togo 2723725,826
Flag of Mali.svg Mali 2655515,536
Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg Ivory Coast 2467260,878
Flag of the Central African Republic.svg Central African Republic 2010011,469
Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone 141216,396
Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria 132,761208,404
Flag of Benin.svg Benin 1216124,560
Flag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan 1212517,484
Flag of Eritrea.svg Eritrea 11436,764
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Democratic Republic of the Congo 111,08957,269
Flag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania 1172426,034
Flag of South Sudan.svg South Sudan 1113012,168
Flag of Chad.svg Chad 101745,063
Flag of Burkina Faso.svg Burkina Faso 920314,586
Flag of Niger.svg Niger 82046,139
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand 5284,832
Flag of Laos.svg Laos 43529,964
Flag of Bhutan.svg Bhutan 332,615
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China [lower-alpha 3] 34,63696,560
Flag of Vanuatu.svg Vanuatu 314
Flag of Burundi.svg Burundi 33819,441
Flag of Kiribati.svg Kiribati 2
Flag of Samoa.svg Samoa 3
Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg Solomon Islands 20
Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg Marshall Islands 4
Flag of Palau.svg Palau 02
Flag of the Vatican City.svg Vatican City 027
Flag of Federated States of Micronesia.svg Federated States of Micronesia 01
  1. Countries which do not report data for a column are not included in that column's world total.
  2. Data on member states of the European Union are individually listed, but are also summed here for convenience. They are not double-counted in world totals.
  3. Does not include special administrative regions (Hong Kong and Macau) or Taiwan.

Logarithmic plot of confirmed cases from Our World in Data

A logarithmic plot of confirmed cases from Our World in Data using roughly the first 12 months of data from the pandemic.

Cases by country as of 18 April 2021, plotted on a logarithmic scale Trakectproes-Covid-confirmed-cases-since-100th-case.svg
Cases by country as of 18 April 2021, plotted on a logarithmic scale

Cumulative monthly death totals by country (World Health Organization)

The 2020 and 2021 tables below contain the cumulative number of monthly deaths from the pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) reported by each country and territory to the World Health Organization (WHO) and published in the WHO's spreadsheets and tables updated daily. See COVID-19 pandemic deaths for expanded tables and more info. Initial sort order is for latest month in each year.



Cases and deaths by region

Reporting standards vary enormously in different countries. No statistics are particularly accurate, but case and death rates in India (South Asia) and Sub-Saharan Africa in particular are probably much higher than reported. [23] [24]

COVID-19 cases and deaths by region, in absolute figures and rates per million inhabitants as of 11 October 2021 [25]
Region [26] Total casesTotal deathsCases per millionDeaths per millionCurrent weekly casesCurrent weekly deathsPopulation millionsFully vaccin- ated % [27]
North America 46,000,743736,591124,7281,997671,67010,26736957.5
South America 38,051,1871,159,78288,5172,698149,7264,00143044.7
European Union and the UK 46,781,314907,66390,7711,761682,8415,78851564.1
Other Europe 13,151,847187,71679,4281,134383,3784,57416641.1
Central America5,834,414324,23032,4731,80570,3873,88418034.7
Russia and Central Asia10,488,761253,42644,2951,070208,3246,28523728.2
Middle East13,462,229200,74651,581769131,9972,11226125.3
South Asia 38,365,207539,07420,667290161,2492,5171,85618.5
Oceania and islands in East Asia8,915,036204,64615,443355110,2931,75857732.5
North Africa 2,562,10568,01312,69733716,32460420217.1
Sub-Saharan Africa 5,870,603146,2935,16512932,7091,2741,1372.8
East Asia6,420,87195,4243,61254225,1512,6771,77865.3
Totals (or average)237,828,8084,845,74730,6846252,884,51946,3817,75135.9
New identified cases of COVID-19 weekly for top 7 regions in the world.
Regional Covid-19 cases.png
Deaths due to COVID-19 weekly for top 7 regions in the world.
Regional Covid-19 deaths.png


The table was updated automatically on 14 October 2021. [note 4] Number and percentage of people who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine (unless noted otherwise). May include vaccination of non-citizens, which can push totals beyond 100% of the local population.

By continent

As a result of COVID-19 many regions have imposed lockdowns, curfews and quarantines alongside new legislation and evacuations, or other restrictions for citizens of or recent travelers to the most affected areas. [28] Other regions have imposed global restrictions that apply to all foreign countries and territories, or prevent their own citizens from travelling overseas. [29]


Confirmed cases in Africa as of 23 May 2021
1-99 confirmed cases
100-999 confirmed cases
1,000-9,999 confirmed cases
10,000-99,999 confirmed cases
100,000+ confirmed cases COVID-19 Outbreak Africa Map.svg
Confirmed cases in Africa as of 23 May 2021
  1–99 confirmed cases
  100–999 confirmed cases
  1,000–9,999 confirmed cases
  10,000–99,999 confirmed cases
  100,000+ confirmed cases

The pandemic was confirmed to have spread to Africa on 14 February 2020, with the first confirmed case announced in Egypt. [30] [31] The first confirmed case in sub-Saharan Africa was announced in Nigeria at the end of February 2020. [32] Within three months, the virus had spread throughout the continent, as Lesotho, the last African sovereign state to have remained free of the virus, reported a case on 13 May 2020. [33] [34] By 26 May, it appeared that most African countries were experiencing community transmission, although testing capacity was limited. [35] Most of the identified imported cases arrived from Europe and the United States rather than from China where the virus originated. [36]

In early June 2021, Africa faced a third wave of COVID infections with cases rising in 14 countries. [37] By 4 July the continent recorded more than 251,000 new Covid cases, a 20% increase from the prior week and a 12% increase from the January peak. More than sixteen African countries, including Malawi and Senegal, recorded an uptick in new cases. [38] The World Health Organization labelled it Africa's 'Worst Pandemic Week Ever'. [39]

The government of Egypt denied January 2021 allegations that the shortage of oxygen had killed several COVID-19 patients at one of its hospitals. However, an investigation led by The New York Times confirmed that the authorities had lied. The video of one of Egypt's hospitals treating critical patients using manual ventilation methods went viral on Facebook. The video was posted by Ahmed Nafei, the nephew of a 62-year-old woman who died. In addition, the relatives of the dead patients and the El Husseineya Central Hospital's medical staff also confirmed in an interview given to The New York Times that the cause of death had been the shortage of oxygen. [40]


COVID-19 deaths per million residents in Asia as of 10 December 2020
>= 800
<100 COVID-19 deaths per million residents as of December 10, 2020.svg
COVID-19 deaths per million residents in Asia as of 10 December 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic began in Asia in Wuhan, Hubei, China, and has spread widely through the continent. As of 14 October 2021, [41] at least one case of COVID-19 had been reported in every country in Asia except North Korea and Turkmenistan.

The Asian countries with the highest numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases are India, Turkey, Iran, and Indonesia. [42] Despite being the first area of the world hit by the outbreak, the early wide-scale response of some Asian states, particularly Bhutan, [43] Singapore, [44] Taiwan [45] and Vietnam [46] has allowed them to fare comparatively well. China was criticised for initially minimising the severity of the outbreak, but its wide-scale response has largely contained the disease since March 2020. [47] [48] [49] [50]

As of July 2021, the highest numbers of deaths are recorded in India, Indonesia, Iran, and Turkey, each with more than 50,000 deaths and more than 600,000 deaths combined. However, the death tolls in a number of countries[ which? ] are claimed to be significantly higher than those given in official figures. [51] [52]


COVID-19 deaths per million residents in Europe as of 22 May 2021
> 1578.1
< 116.2 Persons died due to coronavirus COVID-19 per capita in Europe.svg
COVID-19 deaths per million residents in Europe as of 22 May 2021

The first case in Europe was confirmed in Bordeaux, France, on 24 January 2020.

By 13 March 2020, when the number of reported new cases of COVID-19 became greater than those in China, the World Health Organization (WHO) began to consider Europe the active centre of the COVID-19 pandemic. [53] [54] By 22 May 2020, the WHO said that South America was now experiencing a worse outbreak. [55]

North America

Confirmed cases in North America as of 18 December 2020
1-499 confirmed cases
200,000+ confirmed cases COVID-19 cases by territories of the countries of North America.svg
Confirmed cases in North America as of 18 December 2020
  1–499 confirmed cases
  200,000+ confirmed cases

The first cases in North America were reported in the United States on 23 January 2020. Cases were reported in all North American countries after Saint Kitts and Nevis confirmed a case on 25 March, and in all North American territories after Bonaire confirmed a case on 16 April. [56]

On 26 March 2020, the U.S. became the country with the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 infections, with over 82,000 cases. [57] On 11 April 2020, the U.S. became the country with the highest official death toll for COVID-19, with over 20,000 deaths. [58] As of 21 November 2020 the total cases of COVID-19 are over 13,942,964 with over 383,084 total deaths. [59]

As of 24 May 2021, Canada has reported 1,361,564 cases and 25,265 deaths, [60] while Mexico has reported 2,396,604 cases and 221,647 deaths. [61] The most cases by state is California with 3,778,711 cases and 62,945 deaths as of 24 May 2021. [62]

As of 3 March 2021, Greenland reported its 31st confirmed case, but none in need of hospitalization. The last infected person had recovered on 9 March and there are no known active cases in Greenland. As of 9 March, there have been no new infections in Greenland. [63] [64] As of 12 July 2021 there are 55 cases in Greenland, no deaths.


Confirmed cases in Oceania as of 31 July 2021
1-9 confirmed cases
10-99 confirmed cases
100-999 confirmed cases
1000-9999 confirmed cases
10,000+ confirmed cases COVID-19 Outbreak Cases in Oceania.svg
Confirmed cases in Oceania as of 31 July 2021
  1–9 confirmed cases
  10–99 confirmed cases
  100–999 confirmed cases
  1000–9999 confirmed cases
  10,000+ confirmed cases

The COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed to have reached Oceania on 25 January 2020 with the first confirmed case reported in Melbourne, Australia. [65] It has since spread elsewhere in the region, [66] although many small Pacific island nations have thus far avoided the outbreak by closing their international borders. Three Oceania sovereign states (Nauru, Tonga, and Tuvalu) and one dependency (Cook Islands) have yet to report a case. Australia and New Zealand were praised for their handling of the pandemic in comparison to other Western nations, with New Zealand and each state in Australia wiping out all community transmission of the virus several times even after re-introduction in the community. [67] [68] [69]

However, by August 2021, the Australian states of New South Wales and Victoria had conceded defeat in their eradication efforts.[ citation needed ] In early October 2021, New Zealand also abandoned its elimination strategy. [70] [71]

South America