COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory

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COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 Outbreak World Map per Capita.svg
Worldwide confirmed cases of COVID-19 per capita as of 3 June 2020
   > 10,000 cases per million inhabitants
   3,000–10,000 cases per million inhabitants
   1,000–3,000 cases per million inhabitants
   300–1,000 cases per million inhabitants
   100–300 cases per million inhabitants
   0–100 cases per million inhabitants
   No reported cases, no population, or no data available
COVID-19 Outbreak World Map.svg
Worldwide confirmed cases of COVID-19 by country and territory as of 3 June 2020
  1,000,000+ confirmed cases
  100,000–999,999 confirmed cases
  10,000–99,999 confirmed cases
  1,000–9,999 confirmed cases
  100–999 confirmed cases
  1–99 confirmed cases
  No confirmed cases or no data
Disease COVID-19
Virus strain SARS-CoV-2
SourceLikely bats, possibly via pangolins [1] [2]
First outbreakChina [3]
Index case Wuhan, Hubei, China
30°37′11″N114°15′28″E / 30.61972°N 114.25778°E / 30.61972; 114.25778
Date1 December 2019 [3]  present
(6 months)
Confirmed cases6,392,319 [4] [lower-alpha 1]
Active cases3,222,496 [4]
Recovered2,786,525 [4]
383,298 [4]
188 [4]

This article provides a general overview and documents the status of locations by continents and conveyance of the world affected by the coronavirus responsible for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the first outbreak of which started in Wuhan, Hubei, China. It may not include all the most up-to-date major responses and measures by individual countries and territories.


Pandemic by country and territory

Confirmed cases

As of 23:16 UTC on 3 June 2020, a total of 6,392,319 cases are confirmed in more than 227 countries [4] and 26 cruise ships. [5] There are 3,222,496 active cases and 383,298 deaths. [4]

Confirmed cases and deaths per million inhabitants calculated from Template:COVID-19 pandemic data and List of countries and dependencies by population on 1 June 2020 16:41 UTC below.


U.S. Air Force airmen unload a C-17 aircraft carrying approximately 1,800 kg (4,000 lb) of medical supplies in Niamey, Niger 23 April 2020. Air Forces Africa delivers medical supplies to Ghana (49829156488).jpg
U.S. Air Force airmen unload a C-17 aircraft carrying approximately 1,800 kg (4,000 lb) of medical supplies in Niamey, Niger 23 April 2020.

According to Michael Yao, WHO's head of emergency operations in Africa, early detection is vital because the continent's health systems "are already overwhelmed by many ongoing disease outbreaks". [290] [291] Advisers say that a strategy based on testing could allow African countries to minimise lockdowns that inflict enormous hardship on those who depend on income earned day by day to be able to feed themselves and their families. Even in the best scenario, the United Nations says 74 million test kits and 30,000 ventilators will be needed by the continent's 1.3 billion people in 2020. [292] Most of the reported cases are from six countries: South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria, but it is believed that there is widespread under-reporting in other African countries with poorer health care systems. [293] Cases have been confirmed in all African countries, with Lesotho the last country to report its first coronavirus case on 13 May 2020. [294] There have been no reported cases in the British Overseas Territories of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. [295]


As of 2 May, Antarctica is the only continent not reached by the COVID-19 pandemic. [296] [297]


Disinfection of Tehran Metro trains against coronavirus. Similar measures have also been taken in other countries. Disinfection of Tehran subway wagons against coronavirus 2020-02-26 09.jpg
Disinfection of Tehran Metro trains against coronavirus. Similar measures have also been taken in other countries.

A cluster of mysterious pneumonia cases was detected in December 2019 in Wuhan and eventually spread to the rest of China. Afterwards, many other Asian countries started to confirm cases, with some of the most affected countries being South Korea, Turkey and Iran. A number of countries such as India and Malaysia also experienced a surge in cases following religious gatherings. As of 30 April, cases have been reported in all Asian countries except for North Korea and Turkmenistan, both of which have suspected cases. The lack of cases in North Korea is disputed, given its shared border with China, while concerns have been raised about the ability for its health system to cope. [297] There have been no reported cases in the Australian external territories of Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands. [299] [300]


France has been transferring COVID-19 patients from overloaded hospitals to ones in other regions via military helicopters, as seen here at Strasbourg Airport. Strasbourg-Entzheim, evacuation patients COVID-19 par un helicoptere de l'armee de terre (NH90 immatriculation EAX) - 3.jpg
France has been transferring COVID-19 patients from overloaded hospitals to ones in other regions via military helicopters, as seen here at Strasbourg Airport.

A small number of initial cases in Europe were reported in France, Germany and other countries. On 21 February, a large outbreak was reported in Italy, mostly in the north near Milan. Cases grew rapidly as the outbreak spread across Europe. Cases have been reported in all European countries after Montenegro reported a case on 17 March, and in almost all European territories after the Isle of Man on 19 March, the disputed state of Transnistria on 21 March [301] and Åland Islands on 22 March reported cases. No cases have been reported in Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands. [297] The WHO declared Europe as the new center of the virus after the situation improved in China. [302]

North America

A nurse prepares a patient for a procedure in the intensive care unit aboard the USNS Comfort, a hospital ship docked in Manhattan COVID-19 Nurse.jpg
A nurse prepares a patient for a procedure in the intensive care unit aboard the USNS Comfort , a hospital ship docked in Manhattan

The first cases in North America were reported in the United States in January 2020. Cases were reported in all North American countries after Saint Kitts and Nevis confirmed a case on 25 March, and in all North American territories after Bonaire confirmed a case on 16 April. [303]

On 26 March 2020, the U.S. became the country with the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 infections, with over 82,000 cases. [304] On 11 April 2020, the U.S. became the country with the highest official death toll for COVID-19, with over 20,000 deaths. [305] As of 15 May 2020 the total cases of COVID-19 were 1,571,908 with 95,764 total deaths. [306]

Canada reported 60,616 cases and 3,842 deaths on 4 May, [307] while Mexico reported 23,471 cases and 2,154 deaths. [308] The Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba are the only Caribbean countries reporting more than 1,000 cases (16,908, 2,507 and 2,092 respectively), while Panama and Honduras led Central America with 14,095 and 5,527 cases, respectively. [309]


Barricades mark a closed border between New South Wales and Queensland in Australia Qld Border Closure - Coolangatta Boundary St.jpg
Barricades mark a closed border between New South Wales and Queensland in Australia

The first confirmed case was in Melbourne, Victoria on 25 January. [310] Many small Pacific island nations have thus far avoided the outbreak by closing their international borders. As of 3 June 2020, [311] no cases have been reported in the sovereign states of Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu. [297] No cases have been reported in the territories of American Samoa (territory of the United States), Christmas Island (external territory of Australia), the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (external territory of Australia), the Cook Islands (associated state of New Zealand), Niue (associated state of New Zealand), Norfolk Island (external territory of Australia), the Pitcairn Islands (British Overseas Territory), Tokelau (territory of New Zealand), and Wallis and Futuna (French overseas collectivity).

As of 5 May, 8,227 cases have been reported in Oceania; the five countries reporting the most cases are: Australia (6,825), New Zealand (1,137), Guam (149), French Polynesia (58), and Fiji (18). 122 deaths have been reported in the region: Australia (95), New Zealand (20), Guam (5), and Northern Mariana Islands (2). [312]

South America

As of 19 March, cases have been confirmed in all South American countries. Cases were confirmed in all South American territories, as cases were confirmed in the Falkland Islands on 3 April.

The coronavirus was first reported in South America on 26 February when Brazil confirmed a case in São Paulo. Since then, governments across the region have taken an array of actions to protect their citizens and contain the spread of COVID-19. [313] Brazil reported 100,000 cases of infection and 7,000 deaths on 3 May, [314] becoming the country with the ninth highest number of cases in the world. As of 22 May, Brazil is the second country in the rank.

The other South American countries with the highest number of cases are Peru (108,928), Ecuador (29,538), Chile (31,663), Colombia (7,668), Argentina (4,783), and Bolivia (1,594). [309] Bouvet Island and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands have not reported any cases as of 2 May. [297]

International conveyances

The outbreak spread to several cruise ships including the Diamond Princess, the Grand Princess , the World Dream , the MS Westerdam and the MS Braemar. [315] [316] [317] [318] [ excessive citations ]

Cruise operators have either cancelled or changed their itineraries as countries across the world implement travel restrictions to curb the disease. Ports are refusing to accept cruise ships that have either been to Chinese ports or are carrying Chinese passengers.[ citation needed ]

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), which represents 90% of cruise operators, announced the various precautionary measures being implemented by its members. All passengers who have traveled to or visited/transited through China (including Hong Kong and Macau) within 14 days before embarkation will be denied entry into cruise ships. Any persons in close contact with either suspected or diagnosed cases of coronavirus infection will also be denied entry. [319]

Timeline of first confirmed cases by country or territory

First cases by country or territory
DateCountry or territory
1 DecemberFlag of the People's Republic of China.svg China
13 JanuaryFlag of Thailand.svg Thailand
16 JanuaryFlag of Japan.svg Japan
20 JanuaryFlag of South Korea.svg South KoreaFlag of the United States.svg United States
21 JanuaryFlag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan [lower-alpha 1]
22 JanuaryFlag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong [lower-alpha 2] Flag of Macau.svg Macau [lower-alpha 2]
23 JanuaryFlag of Singapore.svg SingaporeFlag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam
24 JanuaryFlag of Nepal.svg NepalFlag of France.svg France
25 JanuaryFlag of Australia (converted).svg AustraliaFlag of Canada (Pantone).svg CanadaFlag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia
27 JanuaryFlag of Cambodia.svg CambodiaFlag of Germany.svg GermanyFlag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka
29 JanuaryFlag of Finland.svg FinlandFlag of the United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates
30 JanuaryFlag of India.svg IndiaFlag of Italy.svg ItalyFlag of the Philippines.svg Philippines
31 JanuaryFlag of Russia.svg RussiaFlag of Spain.svg SpainFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenFlag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
4 FebruaryFlag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium
14 FebruaryFlag of Egypt.svg Egypt
19 FebruaryFlag of Iran.svg Iran
21 FebruaryFlag of Israel.svg IsraelFlag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon
24 FebruaryFlag of Afghanistan.svg AfghanistanFlag of Bahrain.svg BahrainFlag of Iraq.svg IraqFlag of Kuwait.svg KuwaitFlag of Oman.svg Oman
25 FebruaryFlag of Algeria.svg AlgeriaFlag of Austria.svg AustriaFlag of Brazil.svg BrazilFlag of Croatia.svg CroatiaFlag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland
26 FebruaryFlag of Georgia.svg GeorgiaFlag of Greece.svg GreeceFlag of North Macedonia.svg North MacedoniaFlag of Norway.svg NorwayFlag of Pakistan.svg PakistanFlag of Romania.svg Romania
27 FebruaryFlag of Denmark.svg DenmarkFlag of Estonia.svg EstoniaFlag of the Netherlands.svg NetherlandsFlag of Nigeria.svg NigeriaFlag of San Marino.svg San Marino
28 FebruaryFlag of Azerbaijan.svg AzerbaijanFlag of Belarus.svg BelarusFlag of Iceland.svg IcelandFlag of Lithuania.svg LithuaniaFlag of Mexico.svg MexicoFlag of Monaco.svg MonacoFlag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand
29 FebruaryFlag of Ecuador.svg EcuadorFlag of Ireland.svg IrelandFlag of Luxembourg.svg LuxembourgFlag of Qatar.svg Qatar
1 MarchFlag of Armenia.svg ArmeniaFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicFlag of the Dominican Republic.svg Dominican RepublicFlag of Saint Barthelemy (local).svg Saint Barthélemy [lower-alpha 3] Flag of France.svg Saint Martin [lower-alpha 3]
2 MarchFlag of Andorra.svg AndorraFlag of Indonesia.svg IndonesiaFlag of Jordan.svg JordanFlag of Latvia.svg LatviaFlag of Morocco.svg MoroccoFlag of Portugal.svg PortugalFlag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi ArabiaFlag of Senegal.svg SenegalFlag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia
3 MarchFlag of Argentina.svg ArgentinaFlag of Chile.svg ChileFlag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar [lower-alpha 4] Flag of Liechtenstein.svg LiechtensteinFlag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine
4 MarchFlag of the Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands [lower-alpha 5] Flag of France.svg French Guiana [lower-alpha 6] Flag of Hungary.svg HungaryFlag of Poland.svg PolandFlag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
5 MarchFlag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and HerzegovinaFlag of France.svg Martinique [lower-alpha 6] Flag of Palestine.svg PalestineFlag of South Africa.svg South Africa
6 MarchFlag of Bhutan.svg BhutanFlag of Cameroon.svg CameroonFlag of Colombia.svg ColombiaFlag of Costa Rica.svg Costa RicaFlag of Peru.svg PeruFlag of Serbia.svg SerbiaFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaFlag of Togo.svg TogoFlag of the Vatican City.svg Vatican City
7 MarchFlag of Maldives.svg MaldivesFlag of Malta.svg MaltaFlag of Moldova.svg MoldovaFlag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay
8 MarchFlag of Albania.svg AlbaniaFlag of Bangladesh.svg BangladeshFlag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria
9 MarchFlag of Brunei.svg BruneiFlag of Cyprus.svg CyprusFlag of Guernsey.svg Guernsey [lower-alpha 7] Flag of Panama.svg Panama
10 MarchFlag of Bolivia.svg BoliviaFlag of Burkina Faso.svg Burkina FasoFlag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg DR CongoFlag of Jamaica.svg JamaicaFlag of Jersey.svg Jersey [lower-alpha 7] Flag of Mongolia.svg MongoliaFlag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svg Northern Cyprus [lower-alpha 1] Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey
11 MarchFlag of Cuba.svg CubaFlag of French Polynesia.svg French Polynesia [lower-alpha 3] Flag of Guyana.svg GuyanaFlag of Honduras.svg HondurasFlag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg Ivory CoastFlag of France.svg Réunion [lower-alpha 6]
12 MarchFlag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesFlag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg Trinidad and Tobago
13 MarchFlag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg Antigua and BarbudaFlag of Aruba.svg Aruba [lower-alpha 8] Flag of the Cayman Islands.svg Cayman Islands [lower-alpha 4] Flag of Curacao.svg Curaçao [lower-alpha 8] Flag of Ethiopia.svg EthiopiaFlag of Gabon.svg GabonFlag of Ghana.svg GhanaFlag of France.svg Guadeloupe [lower-alpha 6] Flag of Guatemala.svg GuatemalaFlag of Guinea.svg GuineaFlag of Kazakhstan.svg KazakhstanFlag of Kenya.svg KenyaFlag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo [lower-alpha 1] Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Puerto Rico [lower-alpha 9] Flag of Saint Lucia.svg Saint LuciaFlag of Sudan.svg SudanFlag of Suriname.svg SurinameFlag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg U.S. Virgin Islands [lower-alpha 9] Flag of Uruguay.svg UruguayFlag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela
14 MarchFlag of the Central African Republic.svg Central African RepublicFlag of the Republic of the Congo.svg CongoFlag of Equatorial Guinea.svg Equatorial GuineaFlag of Eswatini.svg EswatiniFlag of Mauritania.svg MauritaniaFlag of France.svg Mayotte [lower-alpha 6] Flag of Namibia.svg NamibiaFlag of Rwanda.svg RwandaFlag of the Seychelles.svg Seychelles
15 MarchFlag of the United Kingdom.svg Akrotiri and Dhekelia [lower-alpha 4] Flag of the Bahamas.svg BahamasFlag of Guam.svg Guam [lower-alpha 9] Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan
16 MarchFlag of Benin.svg BeninFlag of Greenland.svg Greenland [lower-alpha 5] Flag of Liberia.svg LiberiaFlag of Somalia.svg SomaliaFlag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania
17 MarchFlag of Barbados.svg BarbadosFlag of The Gambia.svg GambiaFlag of Montenegro.svg MontenegroFlag of Sint Maarten.svg Sint Maarten [lower-alpha 8]
18 MarchFlag of Bermuda.svg Bermuda [lower-alpha 4] Flag of Djibouti.svg DjiboutiFlag of El Salvador.svg El SalvadorFlag of Kyrgyzstan.svg KyrgyzstanFlag of Mauritius.svg MauritiusFlag of Montserrat.svg Montserrat [lower-alpha 4] Flag of FLNKS.svg New Caledonia [lower-alpha 10] Flag of Nicaragua.svg NicaraguaFlag of Zambia.svg Zambia
19 MarchFlag of Angola.svg AngolaFlag of Chad.svg ChadFlag of Fiji.svg FijiFlag of Haiti.svg HaitiFlag of the Isle of Man.svg Isle of Man [lower-alpha 7] Flag of Niger.svg Niger
20 MarchFlag of Cape Verde.svg Cape VerdeFlag of East Timor.svg East TimorFlag of Madagascar.svg MadagascarFlag of Papua New Guinea.svg Papua New GuineaFlag of Uganda.svg UgandaFlag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe
21 MarchFlag of Eritrea.svg EritreaFlag of Transnistria.svg Transnistria [lower-alpha 11]
22 MarchFlag of Aland.svg Åland Islands [lower-alpha 12] Flag of Dominica.svg DominicaFlag of Grenada.svg GrenadaFlag of Mozambique.svg MozambiqueFlag of Syria.svg Syria
23 MarchFlag of Belize.svg BelizeFlag of Myanmar.svg MyanmarFlag of the Turks and Caicos Islands.svg Turks and Caicos Islands [lower-alpha 4]
24 MarchFlag of Laos.svg LaosFlag of Libya.svg Libya
25 MarchFlag of the British Virgin Islands.svg British Virgin Islands [lower-alpha 4] Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg Guinea-BissauFlag of Mali.svg MaliFlag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg Saint Kitts and Nevis
26 MarchFlag of Anguilla.svg Anguilla [lower-alpha 4]
28 MarchFlag of the Northern Mariana Islands.svg Northern Mariana Islands [lower-alpha 9]
30 MarchFlag of Botswana.svg Botswana
31 MarchFlag of Burundi.svg BurundiFlag of Donetsk People's Republic.svg Donetsk People's Republic [lower-alpha 13] Flag of Lugansk People's Republic.svg Luhansk People's Republic [lower-alpha 13] Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra LeoneFlag of Sint Eustatius.svg Sint Eustatius [lower-alpha 14] Flag of Somaliland.svg Somaliland [lower-alpha 15]
2 AprilFlag of Malawi.svg Malawi
3 AprilFlag of the Falkland Islands.svg Falkland Islands [lower-alpha 4] [lower-alpha 16]
4 April Western Sahara [lower-alpha 16] [lower-alpha 17]
5 AprilFlag of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.svg Saint Pierre and Miquelon [lower-alpha 3] Flag of South Sudan.svg South Sudan
6 AprilFlag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg São Tomé and Príncipe
7 AprilFlag of the Republic of Abkhazia.svg Abkhazia [lower-alpha 1] Flag of Artsakh.svg Artsakh [lower-alpha 11]
10 AprilFlag of Yemen.svg Yemen
11 AprilFlag of Saba.svg Saba [lower-alpha 14]
16 AprilFlag of Bonaire.svg Bonaire [lower-alpha 14]
30 AprilFlag of the Comoros.svg ComorosFlag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan
6 MayFlag of South Ossetia.svg South Ossetia [lower-alpha 1]
13 MayFlag of Lesotho.svg Lesotho
  1. 1 2 3 4 5 Non-member of the United Nations with limited recognition by some UN member states.
  2. 1 2 Special administrative region of China
  3. 1 2 3 4 Overseas collectivity of France
  4. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 British Overseas Territory
  5. 1 2 Autonomous territory of Denmark
  6. 1 2 3 4 5 Overseas department of France
  7. 1 2 3 Crown dependency
  8. 1 2 3 Country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  9. 1 2 3 4 Territory of the United States
  10. Sui generis collectivity of France
  11. 1 2 Non-member of the United Nations with limited recognition only by other non-UN member states.
  12. Autonomous region of Finland
  13. 1 2 One of two mutually recognized proto-states established by Russia-backed rebels also recognized by South Ossetia.
  14. 1 2 3 Special municipality of the Netherlands
  15. Non-member of the United Nations not recognised by any other state.
  16. 1 2 Subject of territorial dispute
  17. The case was confirmed in the Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra region in the Moroccan-controlled part.

Countries and dependent territories without confirmed cases

Below is a list of countries and territories with no confirmed cases of COVID-19, in order of greatest population.

UN member states

As of June 2020, 12 sovereign states (10 in Oceania and 2 in Asia) have not confirmed any cases of COVID-19. Below is a list of these countries, ordered by population.

States with no confirmed cases
1 Flag of North Korea.svg North Korea [lower-alpha 1] 25,778,816 Asia [311] [320]
2 Flag of Turkmenistan.svg Turkmenistan [lower-alpha 1] 6,031,200 Asia [321] [311]
3Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg  Solomon Islands 686,884 Oceania [311] [322]
4Flag of Vanuatu.svg  Vanuatu 307,145 Oceania [311] [322]
5Flag of Samoa.svg  Samoa 198,413 Oceania [311] [322]
6Flag of Kiribati.svg  Kiribati 119,451 Oceania [311] [322]
7Flag of Federated States of Micronesia.svg  Federated States of Micronesia 115,030 Oceania [311] [322]
8Flag of Tonga.svg  Tonga 105,695 Oceania [311] [322]
9Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg  Marshall Islands 59,190 Oceania [311] [322]
10Flag of Palau.svg  Palau 18,094 Oceania [311] [322]
11Flag of Tuvalu.svg  Tuvalu 11,793 Oceania [311] [322]
12Flag of Nauru.svg  Nauru 10,823 Oceania [311] [322]
  1. 1 2 Cases are suspected, but none have been officially reported. [320] [323]

States with limited recognition

Partially recognized states with no confirmed cases
#CountryPopulation Status De jureContinentRef.
1Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic [lower-alpha 1] 100,000recognised by at least one UN member state Disputed Africa
  1. Part of Western Sahara controlled by Morocco has confirmed cases. [324]<